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The Writers Studio- 2017 New Writing Opportunities Such As Workshops

I get angry about things, then go on and work. — Toni Morrison
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What are you going to make of this new year?
“Now more than ever”
This year The Writers Studio received a record number of holiday greetings from current and former students, teachers, and members of the larger literary world. Along with the seasonal warm wishes, there was an outpouring of gratitude for the literary community we have built over the past thirty years.

With no corporate or university affiliations, no big donors or opulent fund-raisers, we have been able to follow our conscience and provide serious, technique-oriented workshops in a safe, supportive environment to thousands of of writers, in classrooms and online.  Not surprisingly, many of the notes included that phrase that we use in tough times, “now more than ever.”

Might you benefit from our unique workshops? To learn more about what sets us apart, click here. To get a deeper understanding of our method, click here. To see a complete list of offerings, click here. To ask us a question, write to us here or give us a call: 212-255-7075.

Where And When Would You Start?

Online I starts
January 9 <2 spots open>
January 14 <4 spots open>
January 17 ❤ spots open>

NYC I in the West Village starts
January 18 <2 spots open>
January 23 

NYC I in Brooklyn starts
January 19 <5 spots open>

Hudson Valley Workshop starts
January 5 <4 spots open>

Tucson Workshop starts
January 17

San Francisco Workshop starts Thursday
January 5 ❤ spots open>

Amsterdam Workshop Starts
January 9,    January 10,  January 11

Online Advanced Poetry Starts Thursday
January 5
If you have an MFA in Poetry or have taken four or more post graduate poetry classes, take this class

Tutorials Start Whenever

Whether you are just starting out and want one-on-one support in expressing your thoughts, or you have an existing project you’d like to work on, we have a Writers Studio teacher that is right for you. Tutorials are available for adults and teens. Please write to info@writerstudio.com OR just reply to this email, and let us know what you would like to work on. More info is here.
Please Share
Now is a time to come together to share our writing and strengthen our voices. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and use the link below to forward this.
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Inspiration, Opportunities
Events, Offers
‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’-that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to to know. — John Keats


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The Writers Studio @ 30- Classes, Workshops. Tutorials

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” — Socrates
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Don’t Let Your Dream Of Writing Go Up In Smoke
Ideas for Writers and Those Who Wish To Write
Listen to nine historic discussions of the techniques used to make writing successful. If you are in NYC, class meets in the West Village. Over 90% of the class subscribes to the audio file, which is available until spring. This session Robert Pinsky, three-time U.S. Poet Laureate visits the Craft Class to discuss his new book, At The Foundling Hospital. We also discuss work by Ian Mc Ewan, Lorrie Moore, and others. More info here. Register here.

Tutorials are the Big Thing

Whether you are just starting out and want one-on-one support in expressing your thoughts, or you have an existing project you’d like to work on, we have a Writers Studio teacher that is just right for you. Tutorials are available for adults and teens. Please write to info@writerstudio.com OR just reply to this email, and let us know what you would like to work on.
More info is here.

in Brooklyn, West Village,  Online,  Hudson Valley,  Tucson,  San Francisco,  and  Amsterdam
Let us guide you through a series of writing exercises that will encourage and support your writing. Join a community of writers in a safe, nurturing environment.

Register for a workshop this week and get a $25 discount.

Use Discount Code: MustWrite <try it, it really works>
Discount for workshops must be taken at time of registration, online or by phone (212)255-7075, and cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid while supplies last. Expires 12/17/16.
Register Now.


You can give a Tutorial, Workshop, or Craft Class as a gift!
Register, and shoot us a note letting us know who it’s for: liz@writerstudio.com. Read more answers to questions you haven’t asked yet here.
More Questions? Reply to this email, or call us: 212-255-7075

The Writers Studio Hudson Valley Presents Its Inaugural Reading

This Saturday, December 10
4:30 – 6 PM
at The Shaker Bar
119 Warren St., Hudson, NY

Hear the work of Writers Studio Writers in an intimate setting, enjoy the camaraderie of friendly, literary folks

For more information: ThereseE@writerstudio.com

Ever Wonder Who Is On Our Advisory Board?
We have a National Book Award Winner in fiction, Pulitzer Prize Winners in fiction and poetry, a former US Poet Laureate, three leading book editors, a MacArthur-winning poet, two distinguished professors, and more. See if you can match the faces with the accolades. The full list is here.

And just imagine studying in the independent school that one of them calls
“one of the best creative writing programs I know, at once serving excellence and inspiring the individual. The ambiance is warm and invigorating, making it joyful to be there.”
Read more here.

NYC – Tucson – San Francisco – Amsterdam   Online – Kids Write – Hudson Valley

You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list

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THE WRITERS STUDIO- One More Week! $40 Discount for New Students

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. — Maya Angelou
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One More Week! $40 Discount for New Students

NYC Level I starts January 11 and January 20. $40 discount*
–Use referral code: New16NYC   Register now

Online I starts January 13 and January 28. $40 discount*
— Use referral code: Happy16  Register now

*Discount must be taken at time of registration and cannot be combined with any other offer. Discount expires January 20, 2016.

Forward this email
New Student Guide
If you are new to The Writers Studio and have earned an MFA in creative writing, have published in literary journals, or have taken three or more workshops beyond the college level, you may register for these classes:

Online Level II begins January 25. Use code: Happy16 for discount*Register now

NYC Level II begins January 11. Use code: New16NYC for discount*Register now  <You may register up to two weeks late>

Online Intermediate Poetrybegan January 7. Use code: Happy16 for discount* Register now  <You may register up to two weeks late>

Upcoming Readings
Eleanor Kedney will be reading withLiquid Light Press on Saturday, January 16 from 4-6 PM at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore in Boulder, Colorado. Eleanor is a former teacher and director of The Writers Studio Tucson. Her chapbook The Offering is forthcoming through Liquid Light Press.

Lesley Dorman will be reading withWriters Read NYC on Sunday, January 24 from 5:30-7:00 PM at theSlipper Room in NYC. Lesley is the author, most recently, of The Best Place to Be, and she teaches NYC Level IV and is the Associate Director of The Writers Studio.

Tutorials are now available. Write to lisabadner@writerstudio.com or reply to this email to find the best teacher for you.
Publication News
Doug Sovern’s short story “Almost Every One of Us” appears in the January issue of J Lit. Doug is a student in the San Francisco Advanced Workshop.

Sherine Gilmour’s poem “4 am Feeding” is forthcoming in All We Can Hold, an anthology to be published in 2016 by Sage Hill Press. Sherine Gilmour is a student in the NYC Master Class and teaches tutorials.

Jem Macy’s personal essay “Love, Italian Style” is forthcoming in the February issue of Vogue Magazine.Jem is a student in Lisa Bellamy’s Online Level III Workshop.

Marlene Molinoff’s story “The Late Train” was recently accepted by Crack the Spine for a forthcoming digital issue and its annual print anthology. Marlene is a tutorial student with Therese Eiben.

Eleanor Kedney’s poem “Identifying My Brother’s Body” has been accepted by Little Lantern Press for their Poems on Loss anthology. Eleanor is a former teacher and director of The Writers Studio Tucson.

Branch News

Tucson Workshop starts 1/7 <2 spots open>
Amsterdam Workshop starts 1/12
San Francisco Workshop starts 1/13, 1/16 <2 spots open>
Hudson NY Workshop starts 1/12 ❤ spots open>
Register now

Questions? Concerns? Reply to this email or call us @ 212-255-7075
Kindly update your preferences and let us know which branches and type of information you wish to receive from The Writers Studio.
NYC – Tucson – San Francisco – Amsterdam –  Online – Kids Write – Hudson Valley / The Berkshires
Copyright © 2016 The Writers Studio. All rights reserved.

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Writers Studio News July 8, 2015- Last Summer Class begins 7/16/2015


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Writers Studio- Writing Classes or Tutorials and Read!

Writers Studio- Writing Classes or Tutorials and Read!
>> “READ, READ, READ. READ EVERYTHING — trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it. Then write.” –William Faulkner


Level I, taught by Whitney Porter, began October 10 <1 spot remains>
Level I, taught by Brian McDonald, began October 21 ❤ spots remain>
Level I, taught by Elliot Satsky, begins November 18

>> “I TRY TO GET STUDENTS TO READ THE EXERCISES AND EACH OTHER’S WORK AS WRITERS. To ask themselves why a narrator is using a particular tone or technique and whether it’s effective for the material they’re addressing. Then to apply the same faculties when they’re writing.” –Brian McDonald


TAKE OUR CRAFT CLASS.  In this popular 9-week program, you learn to recognize the techniques writers use to achieve their literary goals and how to apply these techniques to your own writing. This session, we will be reading works by Dana Goodyear, Suzanne Rivecca, Ben Lerner, nobel-prize winning author Herta Muller, and many others. Register now, and you can attend these classes in person in NYC or listen to the podcasts. Check out our current reading list.

* TRY A ONE-ON-ONE TUTORIAL. For established writers, it is a great way to bring specific projects to completion. For beginners, a tutorial can be an intensive introduction to craft and technique. Tutorial teachers meet with students in NYC or by phone. Call to inquire.

www.writerstudio.com / 212-255-7075 / TWITTER / FACEBOOK / YOUTUBE / question@writerstudio.com


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The Writers Studio- Kudos, survey, and summer workshops

The Writers Studio- Kudos, survey, and summer workshops

May 15, 2012

“Celebrating 25 years of helping writers reach their potential”

CONGRATULATIONS TO JILL BIALOSKY, EDWARD HIRSCH, JULIE OTSUKA (FORMER WRITERS STUDIO STUDENT), AND JEAN VALENTINE FOR A MOVING CELEBRATION OF THE WRITERS STUDIO’S 25th ANNIVERSARY AND OF THE BRAVE WORK OF GLOBAL GOODS PARTNERS. The event, held in New York’s prestigious Players Club this past Friday, included commissioned stories from the women artisans from the Global South, who have started small independent businesses thanks to the help of Global Goods Partners. Keep supporting the work of Global Goods Partners and join us as we embark on our next quarter century of helping writers reach their potential. Summer session begins May 23, 2012.

–> THERE IS STILL TIME TO TAKE OUR SURVEY. In order to continually improve The Writers Studio, you are invited to complete a brief survey about our school. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions. Answers remain anonymous. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/83MY2MTwriterstudio

KUDOS TO JORDAN BLAIR, INES FATZINGER, CRAIG VAN ROOYEN, AND ALISON CARB SUSSMAN FOR THEIR NEW PUBLICATIONS. Jordan Blair’s short, “Pathfinder”, inspired by Jennifer Egan’s persona narrator and powerpoint technique, will be published by the online publication Hoot. Ines Fatzinger’s “The Ballad of Maggie Rose,” will appear in the next issue of The Electric Poet. Craig Van Rooyen’s “Take, Eat”, that started as a Dorothy Barresi exercise, has been accepted in the January 2013 of Pank. Alison Carb Sussman’s “Zion Unblooming,” published in 2006, is scheduled to be read on WIOX Radio (91.3 FM) in Roxbury, NY. Craig and Alison are students in Lisa Bellamy’s Advanced Poetry Class, Jordan in Lucinda Holt’s Online Level V, and Ines in Nancy Matsunaga’s Amsterdam Workshops. Read more success stories.

STAYING IN TOWN THIS SUMMER? STIMULATE YOUR CREATIVE ENERGY WITH A SUMMER WORKSHOP. Whether you’ve stopped writing because of the demands of a job and would like to start again, or whether you’d like to benefit from a constructive method in order to finish the story or poem you’ve started, we can help you. Choose from more than fifteen 10-week workshops offered in NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, TUCSON, AMSTERDAM, AND ONLINE. Although personal attention is a trademark of our school, you’ll get more of it in the summer, as classes tend to be smaller. To register, call us at 212-255-7075 or visit our website. http://www.writerstudio.com

TUTORIALS ARE AVAILABLE. Work on an existing manuscript by working one on one with one of our trained teachers in person or over the phone. Read more or contact lisabadner@writerstudio.com

http://www.writerstudio.com / 212-255-7075 / TWITTER / FACEBOOK / question@writerstudio.com

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