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Rajendra Kumar Author -THE DEVILS AND THE DAMNED


by Rajendra Kumar

“The Devils and The Damned” is a gripping war story, suspenseful and thrilling, anchored in realism. The novel provides a true, although disturbing, picture of our prisons and the white supremacist organizations, largely unknown to people in general.
Order from Amazon.com, Pages 594, List Price $27.99; or from the author, $16.00, including postage and handling.

Author: Memories of a Distant Star: Love Stories from Heaven and Hell (Expected availability in January 2013)
“Memories of a Distant Star” is a collection of short stories woven around the theme of love invoking a wide range of emotions. although the stories are set in several different countries with varied cultures, in essence, the are about people who are the same when it comes to everyday struggles and joys of life. They are also about ideas, primarily in defiance of the failed traditional values such as the ones based on religious dogma, social control, and political expediency. Most importantly, they are a realistic portrait of the human condition.

Available from Amazon.com, and on Kindle, Pages 333, Price to be announced. Price will be discounted, if purchased form the author.

Author contact information:
e-mail: srivastava2@cox.net

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