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Sharon Hamilton Author- HONEYMOON BITE & MORTAL BITE


by Sharon Hamilton

Golden Vampire Paolo Monteleone begins raising a son he did not know he fathered, after the murder of the boy’s mother.  He meets a beautiful human college professor, Carabella Sampson, at a Halloween costume ball.  She is an expert on vampire lore, but doesn’t believe in their existence.  Paolo dresses up as himself: a vampire.

A dark coven leader has targeted her for elimination, before she can reveal secrets of the Golden Vanpire lineage she has obtained from an ancient book.  Can there be a happily ever after if either his lover or his young son has to pay the ultimate sacrifice to proect the Golden Vampire race?  And will he be able to live with himself if he has to choose between them?



by Sharon Hamilton

Anne caught her husband cheating with the maid of honor before their wedding cake was cut.  She decided to take her planned, and paid for, honeymoon in Tuscan, alone.  On the evening of what was to be her wedding night, she gets bitten by a female vampire.

Marcus Monteleone has waited three hundred years to find his fated female, only to discover her dying in his arms.  He saves Anne’s life by turning her, and then works to gain her trust, to cope with being a newly formed golden vampire.

But when Anne finds out Marcus has not been completely truthful about his past, she vows to live as a human, and shuns the vampire world.  Alone and unprotected, she falls prey to the very villainess who took her human soul, and who now takes the only man she’s ever loved.

Which lover will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other before they both are lost?

“Life is one fool thing after another.  Love is two fool things after each other.”


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