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Carroll Rinehart Author- TO LOVE AGAIN


by Carroll Rinehart

Carroll Rinehart’s new book, TO LOVE AGAIN, has just been published by Ghost River Images.  Martin Roberts saw himself as a loser, not achieving things he believed were important in his life.  Despondent, he tried to hide from life, running away from his problems.  However renting a cheap one-room apartment in his attempt to hide eventually led him toward a rich, full life.  He chanced to meet Dr. Beatrice Bonner, a wheelchair-bound psychologist and ordained minister.  As the book develops, Martin experiences unconditional acceptance and an invitation to rejoin the flow of life.  Grace often appears unexpectedly in the midst of storms and challenges.  As he full explores the meaning of caring, he discovers the ability TO LOVE AGAIN.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42, No. 5  October/November 2013

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