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Sabrina Devonshire (Susan Dawson-Cook) Author- THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER


by Sabrina Devonshire (Susan Dawson-Cook)

Susan Dawson-Cook is excited to announce that her first book, a romantic suspense released in e-book format on September 15, 2012. The publisher is Extasy Books She is writing her romance titles under the pen name of Sabrina Devonshire (www.sabrinadevonshire.com). A fitness and sports writer as well as a novelist, Susan is a contributing editor for AMERICAN FITNESS, the travel specialist for Swimmer, and an associate editor for TRAIL WINDS. She is also employed as a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer at Miraval and SaddleBooke and is a nationally ranked competitive swimmer. Many of her articles can be read on her other web site- http://www.susandawson-cook.com

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Author Vol. 41. No. 5 October/November 2012

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