What does MAPLESS mean to me?

What does MAPLESS mean to me?

by Randy Ford

Mapless to Randy means living without planning and means he gets to live.  It has  led him to the DALLAS THEATER CENTER, BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, TRINITY UNIVERSITY, THE PEACE CORPS, and to the idea of a trip around the world by bicycle.  It has led him and his wife to many different places, to many different experiences, and to the many different places they have lived.  It continues to be how Randy lives.  He knows he does not have a choice about it.  Sometimes he has been the engine and sometimes Peggy, his wife, has been the engine.  They have traded  places.  Sometimes it has worked for him and sometimes not.  Randy has always sought attention and fame.  Sometimes it has worked for him, sometimes not.  This could go on and on.  And it has in Randy’s mind.  Therefore if anyone tries to write a book about him a suggested title would be MAPLESS.

This site is an attempt to tell this story.  It has been MAPLESS.


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