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Sharon Skinner Author- THE HEALER’S LEGACY


by Sharon Skinner

Running from an abusive relationship with a powerful Warlord, Kira flees toward the land of her mother’s people.

She is harried by mercenaries and finally forced to fight, not only for her freedom, but for the lives of those she comes to love.

Kira visits her dying mentor, the healer Heresta, who, with her death, offers Kira a chance to escape from Toril, the local hero turned Warlord, and Kira’s abusive mate.  Pursued by Toril’s men, Kira rides west, escaping toward the sea with her two animal companions, a miniature wyvern named Vaith and a large hunting cat, Kelmir, with whom she has the ability to communicate telepathically.

“Definitely recommend you check out this book if you are in adventure and supernatural fantasy.”- Amazon Reviewer

“It made me feel as if I was one of Kira’s Companions along side her during this journey.  Throughout the book, I was constantly comparing characters to people I knew.”- Goodreads Reviewer

Available through retail or distributor outlets (Ingram, Baker & Taylor and others)

ISBN: 1938190025



healerslegac y.com

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