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Sara Jenlink Author- KILLING ANGELS


by Sara Jenlink

Published One-Act Plays

Masters of English

Teacher: College, Secondary Drama & Composition

Storytelling as HomeSpun Voices


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The Telling Room- THE PLACE WHERE STORIES GROW in Portland Maine

The Telling Room Portland Maine THE PLACE WHERE STORIES GROW

The Telling Room is a nonprofit writing center in Portland, Maine, dedicated to the idea that children and young adults are natural storytellers. Focused on young writers ages 6 to 18, we seek to build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for our students’ stories. We believe that the power of creative expression can change our communities and prepare our youth for future success.

What We Do
Our fun, innovative programs enlist the support of local writers, artists, teachers, and community groups. At our downtown writing center we offer free afterschool workshops and tutoring, and host field trips for school groups from all over Maine. We also lead workshops at local schools and community organizations; bring acclaimed writers to Maine to give public readings and work with small groups of students; publish bestselling anthologies of student work; and carry out community-wide storytelling projects and events.

Who We Serve
We serve those who are reluctant to write as well as those who already identify as writers, including: children and young adults who are a part of Maine’s growing community of immigrants and refugees, those with emotional and behavioral challenges, students struggling in mainstream classrooms, homeschoolers enthusiastic to join a creative community, and passionate young writers who need additional support beyond what their schools are able to provide.

Our Method
At The Telling Room, the students we work with are our fellow writers and artists. We know that everyone has a story to tell, and through our programs for young storytellers our cadre of adult writers and artists come together with young writers and artists to tell these stories and share them with each other, and ideally also with a greater community audience as well. This is our vision, and our baseline; we love to invent new ways of finding and finessing and then unleashing our words into the world. Often we marry words to other art forms—to photography, or song, or video. We are open to your ideas, too, and linger over those methods we turn to often like well loved books that keep us surprised and inspired, no matter how many times we turn the pages.

What We Give Back
Children and young adults who work with The Telling Room increase their self-confidence and strengthen their creative skills, which are vital in the 21st century. A growing body of research demonstrates that students who participate in programs like The Telling Room’s, which integrate the arts and writing and emphasize small group work and one-on-one attention:
* Are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
* Can raise their grades by one letter in the course of a school year
* Strengthen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills
* Are two times less likely to engage in risky behaviors


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Story Porridge- Children’s Books, stories that will stick to your heart…and nourish your soul


       Stories that will stick to your heart…and nourish your soul! 

      “Story Porridge” celebrates the imagination of every child by engaging them in interactive storytelling.  It encourages children to appreciate the power of words through vocabulary building and the pleasure of designing stories of their very own! 

      If living in the Tucson Arizona vicinity

      Invite STORY PORRIDGE into your classroom, home or other venue to enjoy a story hour with you and your children!  When you arrange for a visit from STORY PORRIDGE participants will be eligible to purchase books at 50% off the retail price!  Other special items will be available to the hosting party as a free “thank you” gift for inviting STORY PORRIDGE to visit. 

      A small fee of $20.oo is requested for groups of 30 or less.  This fee will be waived with purchase of a minimum of three books (at half the price!)

      Books are also available for purchase online at our website: http//storyporridge.homestead.com

      or you may contact us at: BirdieOBrien222@aol.com

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Finding Voice Project-Poetry and prose about the lives of refugee and immigrant students

      Finding Voice Project Reading & Digital Storytelling Presentation Tuesday, May 5, 6:30-8:30pm Catalina Magnet High School Auditorium, 3645 E. Pima Street (Between Country Club & Alvernon) Tucson.   Join the Finding Voice Project (www.findingvoiceproject.org) and listen to refugee and immigrant students read poetry and prose about their lives and experiences from their newly-published Finding Our Voice magazine.   Finding Voice is a literacy and visual arts program in Tucson dedicated to helping refugee and immigrant youth in ESL classes at Catalina Magnet High School develop their literacy skills by researching, photographing, writing, and speaking out about critical social issues in their lives. 

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