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Melissa Crytzer Fry Author- THE QUICKNESS OF LIFE


by Melissa Crytzer Fry

Melissa Crytzer Fry’s literary novel, THE QUICKNESS OF LIFE, was named a semi-finalist in the 2014 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Writing Competition for the novel.  Under the previous title, BEDSIDE, it also was named a top-ten finalist for the Columbus Creative Cooperative’s Great Novel Contest 2014.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 43, No 6  December 2014/ January 2015

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Lois Bauer-Kay Author- DEATH RIDE


      by Lois Bauer-Kay 

      Lois Bauer-Kay’s five HILLARY KING novels and her new one with Jonathan Hawk as the protagonist in a book based in Albuquerque called DEATH RIDE are all on Amazon’s Kindle Edition for $2.99 each.  “My grandson just updated my webside bauermysteries.com and all can be viewed there showing my homepage and each book with descriptions.” 

      Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42.  No. 3  June/July 2013

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Molly McKinney Author- IN PLAIN SITE

Molly McKinney’s new cozy mystery novel, IN PLAIN SITE, stars amateur detective Mrs. Mildew in a variety of interntional venues. Nothing is predictable in McKinney’s book except offbeat characters, engaging plots and whimsical humor. Authographed copies available at mtmwriter@gmail.com Discounts end 12/1/10

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 39 No. 5 Oct./ Nov. 2010

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Marilyn Pate Author- New book EVERYDAY EVIL and her short stories

      Marilyn Pate invites you to visit her newly completed website, www.marilynannepate.com to learn about herself, her new book, EVERYDAY EVIL and read some of her short stories. 

      Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the news letter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 38.  No. 5  Oct/Nov. 2009

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D. R. Ransdell- THE SECRET LIVES OF THE PINK HOUSE CATS, fifty cat poems just published

D. R. Ransdell has just published a set of fifty cat poems in THE SECRET LIVES OF THE PINK HOUSE CATS. Each of her five cats takes time to share philosophies or confess to pranks. For example, Mei Mei was forced to tear down the ugly shower curtain because it offended her sense of aesthetics. Ping pounced on the ankles of the house guest so that she would never come back. Bandit pretended that he couldn’t use the cat door so that D. R. would have to keep jumping up to open the door. The collection was inspired by Billy Collins’ speech at the Wrangling with Writing conference in 2006. Find out more at http://www.pinkhousecats.com. The volume is available from Amazon or Outskirts Press ($14). “Buy a copy for all your friends who are cat lovers!”

Taken from the WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 38. No. 3 June- July 2009

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Peter Baird-success-interviewed about his new novel

      Peter Baird was interviewed by Professor Ron Carlson about his novel BEYOND PELELIN, on his KAET, channel 8, BOOKS & CO. show which aired on Aprilk 27, 2008.   To watch a repeat of the program, go to YouTube and type in “Peter Baird.”

      His next book, PROTECTING MOSCOW FROM THE SOVIETS, will be released by National Writers Press in September, 2008.   “It is a collection of pieces I have written for THE NEW YOUK TIMES MAGAZINE, NEWSWEEK, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, MENS HEALTH, THE CHACAGO TRIBUNE MAGAZINE, WRITERS DIGEST, ROSEBUD, THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER MAGAZINE, THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, AMERICAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE, PHOENIX MAGAZINE, SHARK TALES (Simon &Schuster), CRIMINOLOGY (Harcout Brace Jovanovich), MY BRUSH WITH HISTORY (Black Dog & Leventhal) and dozens of other publications.”

       The Phoenix NPR station, KJZZ, chose both BEYOND PELELIN and PROTECTING MOSCOW FROM THE SOVIETS for a fundraising drive.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD the newsletter of the


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Randy-a writer’s quest Or what is with writers?

Today I sat in a room full of writers.   I went for one reason but didn’t find much of that.   It mattered, but it didn’t.   What matters, I guess, was my being in a room full of writers…some published, some not, one ninety-four year old gentleman and babies compared to him…that’s all.   I shouldn’t have expected more.   I thought before I went that there was a good chance I wouldn’t find it.

In 1971, or thereabouts, I left the theater to gain experience.   This decision was meant to give me more to write about, and it would be years before I got back on track.   It would take a long time for me to decide what that track was.   I didn’t want to teach; I wanted to travel and see what I could see; and I thought I could always pick up my writing career anywhere and at least be as successful as I had been.

I lost my connections in the theater.   I became aware of the importance of the connections I had had.   I hadn’t actually written a lot, was only a beginner…in the nurturing, creative environment in which I got my education and my start, I never realized that.   I never faced rejection in that environment, when rejection is so central to a writer’s fate and growth.   By then, I had read a few books and authors I liked and had been forced to read a few more.   Read I did, but my staying on course didn’t particularly fit me.   It would’ve required more sacrifice and less caprice.   (Besides I had other things to consider, such as a wife and a son.)   You see I was full of excuses.   Now that I have more material than I will ever need (and can write when I’ve run out of something to say), I really don’t have excuses now.   So I’m writing, writing this blog now.

So back to today when I sat in a room full of writers.   I’m much older than when I left the theater to gain experience.   And I’m no longer tormented by a lack of connections.   That’s not as important as it once was.   I never found what I was looking for today when I sat down in a room full of writers; I preferred not to focus on what are you writing; in my mind I wanted something more.   My need, more than how to fill my brainpan when it’s empty, was as simple as digging a little deeper in this business of writing, but the conversations never went that far.   Not that deep.   Not that extended.   Not that free.   Not that personable.   What is with writers?

At the end of the day I’m not interested in going back to school.   I’m not looking for a critique or an idea or help with my writing (to me comradeship is always nice, but I don’t have to be around writers for that.) That something (a busy theater today seems like the last place that I’ll find it) hasn’t really come.   I hold memories of having it once before at Baylor when my friend Ray Hubner and I would spend hours sharing (yes, sharing is the word I’ve been looking for) our thoughts about writing and ourselves as writers.   We weren’t trying to impress each other.   I think he looked up to me.   I know I looked up to him.   I wish we had stayed in touch.

I’ve googled him and haven’t gotten very far.   He can easily find me by googling me (Randy Ford, playwright).   I hope he’s still alive…and hope, just as on a day in front of the Gate of India so long ago, he’ll appear again out of nowhere, waving and smiling.   But this time, I bet you, I won’t have the rising sun in my face and I’ll recognize him in an instant.   Or I hope so.   Hope we haven’t changed that much.   So my friend where the hell are you?   I could use a good dose of your medicine now.

But I’m not looking for lost times.   I just want to compare notes.

Randy Ford, playwright

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