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John Wright Author- COUNT TO A TRILLION


by John Wright

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

“In COUNT TO A TRILLION, John Wright takes up the great themes of classic science fiction.  His hero, Menelaus Montrose, is a member of the first human-crewed starship, whose goal is to investigate the Monument, an alien artifact a nearby star.  The Monument is a cypher, inscribed with gyphs of unknown significance.  To read them, Montrose dares to boost his intelligence artificially, and so discovers the secrets of the galactic overlords, and of their plans for insignificant humanity.  Like the best science fiction, COUNT TO A TRILLION, is a novel of ideas.  Wright is concerned about affirming human freedom against the dead necessity dictated by science, technology, and daunting power of super-intelligent aliens with a galaxy at their command.  To this mix, Wright adds the appeal of his own inimitable sensibility: a fascination with intelligence, mathematics, European history, classical virtues, Catholicism, and all things Texan!  Above all, COUNT TO A TRILLION is rip-roaring good read, told with immense exuberance and optimism.  I loved reading this book … so will you!”- DJ

Tor, $25.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books


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