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Keith Marshall Jones III Author & Publisher- Connecticut Colonel Publishing Company

Keith Marshall Jones III Author & Publisher- Connecticut Colonel Publishing Company

Connecticut Colonel PublishingCompany  was established in 2000 as the home of select American micro-histories from the inquisitive pen of Keith Marshall Jones III.   Working with historical societies and foundations, Connecticut Colonel produces scrupulously researched non-fiction publications.

Work in Progress:

In Hamilton’s Shadow: John Laurance, New York’s Other Founding Federalist.  Seminal biography of the sixteen-year-old English immigrant who crashed pre-war New York’s exclusive legal fraternity, became George Washington’s Judge Advocate General, prosecuted Benedict Arnold and Major John Andre, then went on to become New York City’s influential first Federal Congressman, Alexander Hamilton’s legislative right-hand man, Federal Judge, Senate ramrod for President John Adams’ defense build-up during “quasi-war” with France, and wildly successful land speculator!.  Planned publication date: Spring 2015.

New!  Revised Third Edition of  Farmers Against the CrownOur definitive account of the April 27, 1777 Revolutionary War Battle of Ridgefield came off the press April 1,  just in time for the bloody day’s 237th anniversary.

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