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Lauren B. Grossman Author- ONCE IN EVERY GENERATION


by Lauren B. Grossman


Eleven-year-old Angelina Mariano’s spectacular singing voice was incomparable. But a traumatic incident created a debilitating phobia that destroyed any dream of pursuing her passion.

As an adult, Angelina teaches private voice lessons and takes on a student she recognizes as astonishing, one who possesses the career potential that eluded her. Lisa Forester is that student.

Relying on one another’s strength, both women will learn to face their own challenges. ONCE IN EVERY GENERATION is a story of relationships, courage, and dreams interrupted.

Now available for purchase at Amazon.com, BHN.com, Wheatmark.com/bookstore and many other fine booksellers, or by phone at 888-9354-0888 x 3

ISBN: 978-1-60494-025-1

Visit Lauren at http://www.laurenbgrossman.com


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Judy Ray- TO FLY WITHOUT WINGS, a new book of poems published

      TO FLY WITHOUT WINGS by Judy Ray

      Judy Ray’s new book of poems, TO FLY WITHOUT WINGS, was published by Helicon Nine Editions (Missouri).  The poems range from family memories related to a childhood in southern England; experiences of travel and sojourns in such diverse places as Uganda, Australia, and France; concerns for the environment and peace; and moments that illuminate our relationships.  Of this book, the poet, Richard Wilbur writes: “Judy Ray is a true daughter of Mnemosyne…Such a power to evoke the past depends, of course, on passionate noticing in the present.”  More information can be found at www.davidraypoet.com/JudyRay.

      Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 38.  No. 4  August/Sept. 2009

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Linda Leonard- Author and Jungian analyst

      Linda Leonard is a Jungian analyst trained in Zurich and the author of best-selling books, including THE WOUNDED WOMAN: HEALING THE FATHER-DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP, CREATION’S HEARTBEAT, MEETING THE MADWOMAN: EMPOWERING THE FEMININE SPIRIT, THE CALL TO CREAT: CELEBRATING ACTS OF IMAGINATION, WITNESS TO THE FIRE: CREATIVITY AND THE VEIL OF ADDICTION, and FOLLOWING THE REINDEER WOMAN: ON THE WAY TO THE WEDDING: TRANSFORMING THE LOVE RELATIONSHIP has been translated into twelve languages.  She is founding member of the inter-RegionalSociety of Jungian Analysists and is in private practice in Boulder and aspen, Colorado.


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Randy Ford Author-the Maoist professor and the American Commander’s daughter

      A little while after that, Ted saw Nick sitting alone in the lunchroom, slurping soup from a spoon.   They now regularly met for lunch.   But on this particular day Nick hadn’t invited him, which suggested that he wanted to eat alone, or he was waiting for someone else.   That someone turned out to be his girlfriend, and Ted couldn’t get over it when she turned out to be white.

       Ted hadn’t known Nick had a girlfriend.   They had been seeing each other off and on for quite a while, and that surprised Ted too.   From her blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, it was apparent that she wasn’t a Filipina; only later did Ted learn her connection with the commander in charge of the American Naval Station on Cavite, the peninsular that formed the southern portion of Manila Bay.   Elaine was the Commander’s daughter.   And here she greeted Nick by kissing him on the forehead before sitting down across from him.   There they displayed affection, in public, more specifically in the lunchroom.   Why was this more shocking to Ted than seeing how the Texan treated the Filipina that day in the American Embassy compound?   Neither situation had anything to do with the other; neither one on the surface had anything to do with him; and Ted could relate but superficially.   He couldn’t have known all of  the implications.  

      Ted, however, knew about the American Naval Station on Cavite, and could see why that didn’t sit well with his students.   On campus Elaine could’ve easily pass for a foreign exchange student; that alone, given the display of affection Ted witnessed, was enough to cause a scandal, but that compared to Nick dating an American commander’s daughter: the Nick Ted knew.   The Nick who espoused the dogma of Mao.   Yes, and he had been to Red China and look! what he brought back: songs, a flag, and The Little Red Book.   That he gave to Ted to read.   And when the big debate then was “who lost China,” with the Domino Theory very much in tact.   So Ted was startled by what he saw.   He knew it looked odd, very odd when you thought about it, but he seemed to be the only person in the lunchroom that noticed.  

      Now after he saw Elaine and Nick together and discovered who she was, he was amazed.   Ted  said, “This doesn’t make sense.”   He could understand why students around him were demonstrating, but he didn’t understand why Nick would date Elaine.   He knew too little about his colleague.   He was definitely more complex than Ted had realized.   Understanding him would’ve required more skills than he had then.

Randy Ford

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