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Randy-an author says, I should’ve known better than to bring up politics

      But we were once best friends.   It was so throughout elementary school and high school.   When we were children, we played together everyday.   He tolerated me more than I did him.   I didn’t have many friends but was friendly to everyone.   We had since gone in different directions: he had stayed in Texas and I had been around the world.   When I later looked him up, our conversation was strained; and what we talked about quickly told us that we no longer had much in common.   I had a liberal bias that took me further left than our sitting Democratic president.   He wanted me to know now, before we sat down for supper, what football team he thought would end up in the Super Bowl. He wanted me to know that he didn’t want to talk about politics.

      We didn’t talk about how we really felt.   We talked about specifics, not feelings.   He had been converted; and what was important to me was that I no longer practiced a faith that placed a high priority on conversion.   When he spoke of his past mistakes in life, I didn’t mention mine, which were as serious as his.   He wanted me to know what God meant to him.   That was when I decided to go against my better judgement and bring up politics.   This was a recipe for disaster and definitely wouldn’t have led to a civil discussion.   Then my friend made a suggestion that at that point worked for me: “let’s watch a football game.”   Let’s watch instead of talk.

      I’m not a pundit.   I say that knowing that I lose most arguments.   And I like to talk…so I’ve often found myself engaged in arguments that I couldn’t win.   So when my old friend used his clicker to find the Texas-Texas A&M football game, he did us both a favor and saved me from certain ridicule. Ridicule comes to people who haven’t thought their argument out.   Thankfully, I don’t find myself in that situation today because for the first time in many years, instead of voting against someone for president, I voted for someone.   Obama!   I still get misty eyed.

        A good place to stop for now.  Randy Ford

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