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Judith Kerman Poet- ALEPH, BROKEN poems from my diaspora

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by Jim Cox

Jim Cox has created a Kindle e-book from the chapbook that he donated to Tucson schools.  It has 34 poetic forms and properties identified.  ALL THAT RHYMES sells for 99 cents.

Jim’s new e-book, RUBAI GEMS, is also available on Kindle for 99 cents.

Check out his website at http://allthatrhymes.squarespace.com.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42, No. 5  October/November 2013

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Eleanor Lerman Author- STRANGE LIFE


by Eleanor Lerman

It’s as if you are alone in a room
in an empty house and there’s music
playing somewhere, the kind of
music that you always knew would
accompany a moment like this
The air is heavy. The water in
the pool outside looks like glass
The color of everything can be
described as in the blue hour,
which eventually fades to gray
Yes, it’s a strange life
But wait. It’s getting stranger still


ELEANOR LERMAN’s first book of poetry, Armed Love (Wesleyan University Press, 1973), published when she was twenty-one, was nominated for a National Book Award. She has since published four other award-winning collections of poetry: Come the Sweet By and By (University of Massachusetts Press, 1975); The Mystery of Meteors (Sarabande Books, 2001); Our Post-Soviet History Unfolds (Sarabande Books, 2005); The Sensual World Re-Emerges (Sarabande Books, 2010), along with Observers and Other Stories (Artemis Press, 2002), a collection of short stories. She received the 2002 Joy Bale Boone Award for Poetry, the 2006 Milton Dorfman Poetry Prize, and was the recipient of the 2006 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets and The Nation magazine for the year’s most outstanding book of poetry, Our Post-Soviet History Unfolds. In 2007, she received a NEA Fellowship in Poetry and her work is included in the 2008 Pushcart Prize Anthology. Her novel, Janet Planet, was published in 2011, the same year she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Rare Bird Lit
453 South Spring Street, Suite 531
Los Angeles, CA 90013


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Marci Martin Author- THE MUSE ON MY SHOULDER, Stories and Such


      Stories and such by Marci Martin

      A collection of short stories, essays, articles, and poems.  Also included are excerpts from GO TO HELL AND MAKE A U-TURN, the author’s true story about her son’s plunge into addictions. 

      Available at www.xlibriscom

      BarnesandNoble.com, amazon.com or your local bookstore.


      Rivised Edition by Marci Martin 

      “I closed my eyes and felt the needle go in.  My ears started to ring and I was off to the races.”  This introduction to cocaine plungled Cassey Harper into a decade o f self-destruction.  His mother tells her side of this true story while Casey tells what really happened.  Two voices with different compelling views of a family torn apart by a boy hell-bent to go his own way, right or wrong. 

      Other Books by Marci Martin






      Also available from xlibris.com 




      Local Bookstores or From The Author

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David Ignatow- on NOT FAR FROM THE RIVER, Poems from THE GATHA SAPTASATI translated by David Ray



      Translated by David Ray

      “It should be said at once that in NOT FAR FROM THE RIVER, David Ray has brought to life and breath verses of two thousand years ago, written in a long since disused peasant dialect of Sanskrit, Prakrit.  The manuscript, a total of 700 verses, had been lying mute in one of India’s modern libraries, until David Ray, invited to examine it, was struck by the subject of one verse in particular, already translated into almost unreadable English.  We now have 356 of these veerses fashioned into beautifully crafted quatrains and given a present-day voice and presense, pointedly in the American idiom.  As might have been anticipated, they invoke the universals of love and passionate loss, of domestic happiness and dissensension, of nature worshipped and praised, of women looked upon as goddeses or slanded enviously for their pleasures in love.  There is much more, all of which we live over and over in our time.  But the charm of these quatrains is in the color, tone and rhythms.  David Ray has captured in his translations, adapted from the archaic modes of their origninals.  They leave the reader to sit and wonder at the variety to life, yet always with the same themes and subjects.  It is to David Ray’s credit and in praise of his insight that he has discerned their difference from our contemporary hard surface, with the effect of revealing to us in our sophistication that we are not so far removed from this ancient peasant culture as we would pride ourseolves in believeing.  One may read this book, fascinated by its strangeness, yet deeply known to us- ourselves in the voice we once spoke in the forests and villages of our own history”

       David Ignatow

      About the Translator

      David Ray spent 1981-82 in India on an Indo-U.S. Fellowship.  In addition to his versions of the Prakrit, he recently published a volume of poems, THE MAHARANI’S NEW WALL (Wesleyan University Press), which also draws on his experience in India.  He is the author of many books of poetry, including SAM’S BOOK and GATHERING FIREWOOD:NEW POEMS AND SELECTED.  He has won the 1989 Nebraska Review Poetry Award, the 1988 Maurice English Poetry Award, the William Carlos Williams award from the Poetry Society of America for THE TRAMP’S CUP, a National Endowment of the Arts fellowship for fiction, and several PEN/NEA Syndicated Fiction awards for short stories.  Since 1971, he has been a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


      ISBN 1-55659-034-2

      Copper Canyon Press

      Post Office Box 371   Port Townsend  Washington 98368

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Anita (Buaton) Brockman- VERSES AND VISIONS: TIMELESS PURSUIT, published by Eber & Wein, “a most beautiful poetry book”

Hello once more.

I see that there are still negative postings about this Eber & Wein poetry contest.
The only positive comments about this publishing opportunity have been my own and one other.
Three weeks ago, I received my copy of VERSES AND VISIONS: Timeless Pursuit…published by Eber & Wein. ( the book promised in the original poetry contest )
It is a most beautiful poetry book. My poem, THE MULTIPLICITY OF ME, is on page 197.
There are 349 poems in this book. It is magnificent reading and I am very proud to be a part of it.
I also received a statement showing all of the entrants names and where they placed in the contest. The list showed all of the cash prizes awarded and also those who received a Certificate Of Achievement In Poetry awards. One of which, now hangs proudly framed on my wall.
This Book is available through Amazon.com or BN.com (Barnes and Noble).

A few days ago, I received another letter from Eber & Wein. They are in the process of putting together another poetry book and have ask my permission to enter ( two) more of my poems.

With great pride and pleasure, I can say that this opportunity to be published is an honor.

Eber & Wein followed through with all that was promised in their contest rules. Even though I did not win a cash prize, I have nothing negative to say about this publishing company.

This is the first time that my poetry has been recognized and published. It is a thrilling experience!

And once more, just to ease the minds of those of you who still have your doubts…I do not nor have I ever worked for or been associated with anyone who has worked for Eber & Wein.
I had never heard of the name of this publishing company before this contest.

If you venture to read further back into this…you will see that I kept an open mind and positive attitude towards this contest from the very beginning.

Perhaps, per say…I reached for the moon but received only a hand full of stars…but how magnificently they shine.:-)


Anita (Buaton) Brockman…

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      My name is Tarsilla Moura.  I am 18 years old, and I just arrived in the US 4 years ago from Brazil.   Long story short, I basically left most of my family and friends behind, and writing has been the only thing that has stopped me from succumbing to loneliness.   I do apologize for any imperfections in my writing.

Thank you very much for caring.  



 “Mad Love”

There is a force in her look;

 A feverish light in her eyes

That shines them black and doomed.

There is greatness to her voice;

It reverberates in the night, day

And on forever, angry and loud.

Unknowing misery inside her lives,

Creeping around and about

Those who near her stand.

Through screaming, pitying, and damning,

Invisible fingers of guilt squeeze

My heart, beat by beat, until there are none left.

Jerk, jerk, tap, punch;

A never ending dance her

Wild arms and legs perform on me.

Unconsciously done,

She does not understand, but sees

That little by little,

Her Mad Love is killing me.

Tarsilla Moura

 “The Library”
A huge place where there is something that

 Defines you.

Behind every bookshelf, you will find a whole new world;

A whole new culture that will

Identify you.

There, you will grow.

Ages of information there lie.

Knowledge there rules, as do dreams.

You live the past, the future,

And you create a whole new present.

Imagination is your weapon,

For one who does not dream is not alive.

You will never be alone.

It is your home.

Thousands of worlds collide

In the library.

Tarsilla Moura


 “Ray of Light”

Until, the open field, she reaches.

Out of breath, across the pavement, she runs

 Up and across, never stopping;

The air, she notices, strokes the leaves.

Despaired, past the tired animals pasting, she goes

Until, in the soft teary grass, her feet sink.

Looking for the special ray, about she turns;

Turns until Her ray of light she finds.

On she walks

As the Light softly bathes her skin –

As the Leaves gently pat her face –

As the Clouds lovingly blow her a kiss –

As the Wind kindly arranges her hair –

In the mid of the ray of light,

Music she finds, safe she feels, love she tastes;

Her face, she tips, towards the bright blue sky –

There, finally there, She is –

Old, rough, strongly tender, bright Hands –

Peace trails down her face –

she smiles, for Herself she has found.

Tarsilla Moura

“Where Dreams Lie”
Up mountain Imagine,

An old being lives.

He tells the tales to passersby;

Tales about the underworld wars.

For many ages, good has clashed evil,

And blood has run across the land.

Oh, great Gods, where is the salvation

For the killing thirst of men?

Across the landscape of the green,

A young being breathes.

She tells the tales to lodgers;

Tales of how the world came to be.

For many centuries past, and for many yet to come,

Lives have struggled to arise from the pit.

The Divine has looked down while raising a hand up,

For humans on Earth die their eternity.

Down a river full of running life –

Pure life, within me – I reside.

I tell the tale of great god Poetry;

Tale of where Heavenly dreams lie.

 Tarsilla Moura

 Editor’s note: If you would like to have your poetry posted on this blog, simply email the work to info@randyfordplaywright.com.  Please include a little information about yourself.   Randy Ford


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