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Holden & Arts Associates – 2019-2020 touring productions

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Hello! Happy days of summer!

Here at HAA, the hot summer days are flying by and we are looking ahead to the fall with great excitement.

We are so proud to announce our roster for the 2019-2020 touring season. In these offerings, you’ll find incredible productions based on new and classic literature. You’ll find innovative use of technology and opportunities for audience engagement and participation. You’ll find live music, movement, and dance.  And you will find extraordinary stories.

Stories of love and family, like the bond between two male penguins and their baby chick in Penguins from Cahoots NI. Stories of kindness, like when Sophia seeks to help her friend fill her empty fridge in Childsplay’s Maddi’s Fridge. Stories of acceptance, like when a strange alien robot finds a new home, far from her own planet, in Beep from Windmill Theatre Co. Stories with ideas like these are meant to be shared far and wide – a value that is beautifully illustrated in Inlet Dance Theatre’s What Do You Do With an Idea?  

We believe these productions will bring joy to your audiences just as they have to all of us.  Please check out our website, which now reflects the 2019-2020 touring productions and is fully uploaded with materials such as videos, photos, reviews, and more.

We’ll be at the fall regional conferences (WAA #803, AMW #713, and PAE #105) but don’t hesitate to be in touch at any time. Give us a call or email to set up a conference appointment or to start talking about your interests and available dates.

We’re excited to speak with you about all our artists and work with you to build a successful 2019-2020 season for your community.

Best Regards,
Spring, Sarah, Stacy, Theresa and Michael

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