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Denise Bjornson Author- DEFINING GRAY, a novel


      by Denise Bjornson

      Order on line at: www.soaringturtlepress.com or through your local or online bookstore. 

      ISBN: 978-0-9817832-0-8

      For more information about DEFINING GRAY, please visit defininggray.com

      For more information about the author, please visit www.denisebjornson.com 

      Published by Soaring Turtle Press, LLC

      P. O. Box 35403, Tucson, Az  85740


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Frederjck J. Masterman Author- THE WHICH ENDURES, a new novel


      a new novel by Frederjck J. Masterman

      A dedicated paleontologist and professional call-girl find a date with destiny in the prehistoric past and infinite future…. and together discover what truly endures….

      Available on-line, from your bookseller, and www.orchardhousepress.com

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J.M. “Mike” Hayes Author- Novel SERVER DOWN Chosen as one of “Library Journal’s” five best mysteries of 2009

       J.M. “Mike” Hayes is thrilled to “share with you the fact that my latest novel, SERVER DOWN, has been chosen as one of the five best mysteries of 2009 by Library Journal.  The zany English family moblilizes when Mad Dog’s house is blown up and he is wanted for the murder of a Tucson cop.  Hayes blends humor, unforgettable characters, and a clever plot that is sure to stymie even the most astute reader.”  From www.libraryjournal.com,/article/CA6707422.html  (scroll down to Best Genre Fiction).  Also feel free to visit www.jmhayes-author.com

      Taken from The Write Word, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors   Vol. 39.  No. 1  Feb- Mar. 2010

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      by Charles Bock.     Random House 

      “In this auspicious debut novel, Bock paints a vivid and harrowing portrait of life in the shadows of the Las Vegas Strip.  A missing child opens the door to an underground world in which the lines betwen victims and prey blur as a cast of runaways, hustlers, and desperate survivors intersect in often surprising, but always revealing ways.  Bock’s ear for street dialogue and sensitivity to the despair of rootlessness are spot on.  The vivid rendering of life in modern West offers cause for both hope and despair.”- Bruce Dinges

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Russ Graham- DEADLY DIVERSIONS, a murder/mystery

      DEADLY DIVERSIONS by Russ Graham

      DEADLY DIVERSIONS is a murder/mystery novel set in the unique world of all-cargo airlines and the crews that fly their planes.   When three airline captains die in mysterious mishaps on layovers in different European cities, alarm bells go off at the International Pilots Federation’s headquarters.   Enter Don Carling, a private investigator and former airline pilot.   His task is twofold: one, to determine if the accidental verdicts are valid, and two, look for any evidence the deaths are connected.   There are disturbing similarities, he finds, but no concrete evidence of a link.

      For more information go to www.russgrahamnovel.com

      Email russ.graham@yahoo.com

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Carol Costa- THE MASTER PLAN, A Dana Sloan Mystery

      THE MASTER PLAN by Carol Costa, A Dana Sloan Mystery   www.carolcostaauthor.com

      “Snappy dialog and likeable characters enliven this whodunit, the second in a series.  A quick, enjoyable read.”  Booklist (May, 2009)

      Two wives suspected of their husbands’ murders have investigative reporter Dana Sloan working to prove their innocence and at odds once again with her boyfriend, homicide detective Al Bruno.  Dana quickly learns that one of the wives, a talented artist, was abused by her husband.  The other wife, Dana’s friend and employee Casy Jordan, admits that her recent wedding was part of a crazy scheme to marry into wealth. 

      But Casey isn’t the only one with secrets.  Dana uncovers evidence that Casey’s bridegroom had his own hidden agenda for marrying.  What Dana doesn’t know is that the murders are all part of another plan, this one the most sinister and dangerous of all, divised by a killer who won’t hesitate to add Dana to the list of victims.

       Don’t Miss The First Dana Sloan Mystery! A DEADLY HAND

      Investigative reporter Dana Sloan has gone undercover at an upscale retirement home to look into the suspicious death of Leona Rosetti, a retired reporter.  Shortly before she died, Leona had called the newspaper claiming to have uncovered a sensational story. 


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Ken Weene- Poems, Short Stories & Novel published

      Ken Weene’s poetry was featured in Sol Magazine, a couple of his short stories were accepted by The Legendary, and his novel, WIDOW’S WALK, was accepted for publication by All Things That Matter Press. 

      Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors, Vol. 38, No. 4  August/Sept. 2009

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