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Jenna Elizabeth Johnson Author- FAELOREHN


by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

The newOtherworld Trilogy series! 

     Meghan Elam has been strange her entire life: her eyes have this odd habit of changing color and she sees and hears things no one else does. When the visions and voices in her head start to get worse, she is convinced that her parents will want to drag her off to another psychiatrist. That is, until the mysterious Cade MacRoich shows up out of nowhere with an explanation of his own.
Cade brings her news of another realm where goblins and gnomes are the norm, a place where whispering spirits exist in the very earth, and a world where Meghan just might find the answers she has always sought.

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read the first chapter for free:http://www.jennaelizabethjohnson.com/p/otherworld-trilogy.html

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