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Sandra Farris & Dan Farris Authors- OBITUARY COLUMN


by Sandra Farris & Dan Farris

Tracy Chapman owns and manages an antique shop, but her true passion is locating missing families of the deceased. Mystery and murder surrounds her latest assignment from the coroner’s office: the death of a ninety-six year old Jewish gentleman, Samuel Levine.

What did Samuel own that was so valuable someone will willing to kill to obtain it? Did Samuel still have family in Germany, or would she locate them in America? Tracy hopes all answers will be revealed in the journal she finds hidden in a secret drawer in Samuel’s desk.

Other Books by Sandra Farris: CAN YOU HEAR THE MUSIC?, LADY ACE, and WIND DANCERS – with Darlene McKeen.

Order from your local bookstore. Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com


Member: Society of Southwestern Authors and Arizona Mystery Writers

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Gail Gibbs Author- Short Story “The Hung Gun” First Place Winner in the Jim Martin Memorial Writing Contest

“The Hung Gun”

by Gail Gibbs

Gail Gibbs’ short story “The Hung Gun” was the First Place Winner in the Jim Martin Memorial Writing Contest held by the Arizona Mystery Writers. The award included a cash prize, and a special publication of winning stories in the MYSTERY MANIA. Gibbs encourages all those interested in mystery writing to check out the Arizona Mystery Writers, and to watch for the next contest in the spring of 2012.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 40. No. 4 Aug/Sept 2011

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H. Jean Bushnell Author- FORTUNE IN H.E.L.L.


by H. Jean Bushnell

Successful mystery writers, Matt and Abbie Tartingale, created a popular series of books about a clever legal secretary/sleuth named Fortune Cassidy. But when Matt dies, Abbie’s perfect world crumbles. Short on funds and grieving, she moves in with her sister and soon accepts a temporary job at a Denver law firm with the unforunate acronym of HEl&l. And then a beautiful young associate is murdered and life begins to imitate art as Abbie finds that investigating a death in the real world is much more dangerous than writing about it. This compelling novel introduces an engaging heroine who is bound to become on of the genre’s favorite sleuths.

340 pgs ISBN: 1-9326-36-26-9 $19.95 Trade Paper


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