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by Madeline Roux

The Review was taken from THE PLOT TIMES, a publication of Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore

“Ok, are we burned out yet on zombie apocalypse stories? Well, my surprising answer is a hearty NO! Madeline Roux has written a unique, funny, and thrilling adventure with a twist. Her heroine, Allison is trapped, just like the title suggests, facing a zombie outbreak. She works in a chain bookstore, Brooks and Peabody, and is trapped along with her manager and four others in the break room. These back rooms, for those not in the know, are usually depressing enough already. But being trapped with nothing Mountain Dew and nacho flavored Doritos to consume is a real challenge. Allison turns to her laptop and uses the military emergency wireless network to start a blog. While she and her companions face orange lips and fingers, along with a caffeine high, Allison reaches out to others, finding comfort and much needed information about the world outside the stifling break room, which by the way, lacks adequate reading material for being in a bookstore. Allison is desperate to find information about her mother, and soon realizes that she and her companions will have to venture out to face the ravenous, but slow moving zombiies and the sometimes even more dangerous humans. Luckily Allison’s axe wielding skills improve with time and practice. I higly recommend this unique take on the popular zombie genre. St. Martin’s Griffin, tpo, $14.99”- LNT

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