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Richard Ellmann: JAMES JOYCE The First Revision of the 1959 Classic

      “In the midst of writing ULYSSES he (Joyce) confided in Ezra Pound, ‘I have little or no inspiration or imagination and work very laboriously, exhausting myself with trifles.’  Later he (Joyce) said to Jacques Mercanton, “Why regret my talent?  I haven’t any.  I write so painfully, so slowly.  Chance furnishes me with what I need.  I’m like a man who stumbles: my foot strikes something, I look down, and there is exactly what I’m in need of.’  On the other hand, he often agreed with Vico that ‘Imagination is nothing but the working over of what is remembered,’ and said to Frank Budger, ‘Imagination is memory.'”

         Footnote pp. 661 JAMES JOYCE The First Revision of the 1959 Classic by Richard Ellmann Oxford University Press Copyright 1959

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