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Margaret S. Boone, Ph.D. Author- RED REVOLT The Story of Hank Chin and the Founding of Martian Society

RED REVOLT The Story of Hank Chin and the Founding of Martian Society

by Margaret S. Boone, Ph.D.

Hank Chin barely survives the Second Chinese Revolution, in which 200 million people die. When bombs begin dropping, he finds himself sheltered with Hu Mei, a young revolutionary who becomes his first wife. When she leaves him, pregnant with their twins, he immigrates to America as the sexual partner of a retired admiral who gives him his freedom and becomes a lifelong friend. He resettles in Southern Arizona, marries a Spanish beauty, Francesca, and creates the first planned agricultural community based on nanotechnology. They achieve levels of productivity never before seen on Earth. Hank is lead engineer on the 2094 Mars expedition, and builds a large and profitable bunker of New Arizona, overlooking the largest canyon in the solar system. Almost four decades later, he fights the Martian Rebellion with his third wife, Carolyn.

Hank evolves into an almost sacred figure … revered and feared, with a charisma that draws others to him. He and his now-adult children build a stable economy, form a new society, and lobby for Martian independence. When Chinese Earth forces blow up the Martian moon Phobos, the first inter-planetary war breaks out. The Chinese enforce a ten-year-long embargo and repel the Martian Militia’s best efforts to defeat them. The Martians eventually drive off Earth forces with help from distant sentient beings who provide them a very special advantage. Love, tragedy and holy things follow human beings from the third, to the fourth planet from the sun.

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