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Randy-a writer takes another look at form

      There is no step by step formula that I know of for writing anything.  But form is important and necessary.   Something always begins and ends.   There’s always something in between.   Okay, there’s nothing new here.   It’s obvious, isn’t it?

      But without form, I think, a work feels incomplete.   Is this always so?   Honestly, I don’t know.   But I do know clarity of form not only enhances the work but it also makes creating it easier.   And form is either intrinsic or imposed.

       At my theater soon I plan to create a long improvisational drama with an actor.   We have an idea for it.   We like our idea, ample motivation for us to dive into it.   And the very first thing I started thinking about was how to put it together.   Does the piece need this or that?   Yes, a beginning, a middle, and an end, but we will also need to be more specific than that.   Thanks to Mr. Eugene McKinney’s playwriting classes I had stored in my brain this form: Preparation (filled with exposition or the back story) and the introduction of characters (also back story), Attack (or the point of attack), Struggle (internal or external, between two people or more and more revelation), Turn (or climax), and finally Outcome (or resolution).   And a satisfying resolution is helpful.   But please, no stated moral.   I don’t need it spelled out.   Nor does any modern audience, unless they’re watching a Mystery play from long, long ago. 

       Good night, Randy Ford

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