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by Barbara Mayer

A Former Nun Speaks Out

As more people find themselves questioning or actually leaving religions of their youth and adult life, BEYOND RELIGION provides answers for spiritual seekers of our time.

From her thirteen years as a Roman Catholic nun and a lifetime of studying relgions and belief sytstems from eastern and Western sides of the world, Barbara Mayer now offers a reader-friendly book to encourage and enlighten those who believe “there must be more” to the search for prsonal spirituality.

Reaching beyond simplistic doctrines and dogmas, Mayer shares her own yearning for Ultimate Truth beyond religion. She offers hope and meaning to those who are ready to move beyond patriarchal religious dictates, considering the rise of spiritual feminine energy in today’s social and religious atmosphere. BEYOND RELIGION also covers topics such as understanding one’s religious roots, a new perspective on the historical Jesus and the Christ Mind, better understanding a different religions throughout the world, the quantum and non-linear thought, meditation, healing and wholeness.

BEYOND RELIGION rejects self-limiting ideas about Truth, leading the reader easily through new concepts in the current landscape of belief. With rising consciousness now demanding more answers in today’s chaotic world, this book offers clear ideas for attaining a more meaningful life. As studies show many now consider themselves more spiritual than religious, BEYOND RELIGION is the perfect guide or gift for those ready to move beyond blind faith and religion by rote.

From her own spiritual journey Barbara Mayer offers personal insights into religious doubt and the dark night of the soul. By having taken the road less traveled, she is able to help lead others toward spiritual maturity and personal transformation.

BEYOND RELIGION is the only book of its kind, coming at a time when it can offer help and wholeness to a waiting world.

$18.95 ISBN 13:978-0-9785334-4-1 ISBN 10:0-9785334-4-1

“This book focuses on what really matters. It is an empowering source of joy!”- Barbara Litrell, Former Publisher, Working Woman

“Mayer puts her finger on the pulse of American spirituality.” Kathleen McGrory, Phd., President Emerita, Hartford College for Women

From early days as a singing nun, through years as a teacher, then editor of a Midwestern newspaper, Barbar Mayer has followed a lifetime spiritual path. With degrees in education and journalism, she also holds certification in theology. Since leaving her religious community Mayer has continued extensive study of worldwide religions and belief systems, also offering workshops on various concepts such as Reiki, meditation, consciousness development and personal spirituality.

Dedicated to finding Truth beyond the teachings of patriachal hierachies and self-styled religious pundits, Mayer also champions the role of rising feminine energies in social advancement and growing spiritual maturity. Her writings include discussion of more feminine influence within institutionalized religions, in addition to emphasis on rising consciousness and addressing the needs of a changing culture of belief.

Barbar Mayer is a spiritual facilitator, meditation guide, Reiki Master and poet who now resides and writes in Sedona, Arizona. There she champions personal spirituality in a caring, compassionate lifestyle and a deeply spiritual personal practic.

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