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Jenn McKinlay Author- DEATH BY THE DOZEN


by Jenn McKinlay

A Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

“Another madcap, over-the-top baking and sleuthing adventure featuring the owners of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes bakery does not disappoint, even if it is more of the same fun we have read before.  You will still want to find out how much trouble Melaine Cooper and Angie DeLaura can cause when they look into the latest murder of someone in their circle, how they are screwing up their love lives, and what new interesting characters will be introduced into the feeding frenzy!  The third book in this series revolves around the competition for the first prize in the Scottsdale Food festival and the death of Mel’s mentor from culinary school.  Don’t miss the fun … and lucky for us there is more to come.”- tlg

Berkley Prime Crime pho, $6.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books   800-811-4747


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