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Croatian Drama- Premiere of Rona Zulja’s play THE SUN LAUGHS

      Theatre Deze Kostolanji from Subotica in Vojvodina had a premiere performance of Rona Zulj play THE SUN LAUGHS, directed by Attila Antal, on October 22.   The leading roles were played by Andrea Erdelj, Kristina Vago, Imre Elek Mikes, Gabor Mesaros, Arpad Mesaros. About the play: Rona Zulj’s The Sun Laughs is a political piece. Its plot situated around the production of bread. The main theme being the questions that surrounds human rationale.

      For more information about Croatian drama go to www.croatianadrama.wordpress.com

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Croatian Drama- Croatian Playwright Ivor Martinic’s play THE TITLE OF THE DRAMA ABOUT ANTE IS WRITTEN HERE premiere in London

      The Blue Elephant Theatre from London will give a premiere performance of Ivor Martinic play THE TITLE OF THE DRAMA ABOUT ANTE IS WRITTEN HERE on September 22nd.   It will be directed by Rebecca Tortora.   The leading roles will be played by Naomi Bullock, Marko Cindric, Maggie Daniels, Nadja Mitidiero and Daniel Simpson.


      Ivor Martinic is awardwinning Croatian Playwright.   For his play Simply: (unhappy) he was given the Marin Drzic award (main Croatian drama award) by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.   For play The Title of the Drama About Ante is Written Here  he won the Fabriqué en Croatie award by the REZ association.   The play was first produced by City Theatre Split in May 2009.

      About the play: 1,280 children were wounded during the Croatian War of Independence.   Written in a playfully dramatic style and based on a true story, The title of the drama About Ante is Written Here tells of one such child.   Ante turns twelve today.   Less than a year old when a missile killed his mother, can he grow up to forget the past or will his country’s history scar him forever?

    Link of the theatre: http://www.blueelephanttheatre.co.uk/whatson.htm

Dates: Tuesday 22 September – Saturday 10 October

     For more information about Croatian drama go to www.croatiandrama.wordpress.com

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Croatian Drama- FRAKCIJA, theatre magazine in English and Croation

You can buy new issue of theatre magazine Frakcija (in English and Croatian). Go to this link: http://www.cdu.hr/frakcija/shop/description.php?br=49

About: This issue of Frakcija does not address a new topic; instead, it is dedicated to the new era on the local scene of performing arts, which is reflected on its own pages. It contains texts written by a new generation of authors who think and write about a wide range of topics related to the performing arts. The first bloc in this issue includes an interview with theatre director Anica Tomic and dramaturge Jelena Kovacic, which has been conducted by Lana Saric, a representative member of the new generation of Frakcija’s collaborators, as well as two contributions on Oliver Frljic’s work.

The second bloc features three contributions to A Glossary of Poetic Terms, which has evolved in the framework of What to Affirm? What to Perform? , a project launched by East Dance Academy. The third and last bloc in this new issue of Frakcija announces the 15th conference of Performance Studies international, which will take place in Zagreb from 24-28 June, 2009 with the topic of Misperformance: Misfiring, Misfitting, Misreading. Texts by Branislav Jakovljevic, Lada Cale Feldman, John Mullarkey, and Matthew Goulish point to various possible directions in the research, analysis, and theoretical reflection of performance within the paradigm of performing studies. The three final texts were originally written as conference papers for Performance Studies international in New York (2007) and Copenhagen (2008).

June 20, 2009
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For much, much more go http://www.croatiandrama.wordpress.com

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Croatian Drama- Elvis Bosnjak, featured playwright

ELVIS BOSNJAK (1971.), Split

      Elvis Bosnjak studied acting at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.   By the end of the nineties he starts to write for the theater.   His first play Father, was produced by National Theatre Split by the end of 2000, and was followed by The River Takes Us in 2002, and Let’s Go Jumping on Those Clouds in 2004.   All his texts were directed by Nenni Delmestre and these productions received fifteen awards.   For his text The River Takes us, he received the most important annual award Vladimir Nazor which was given to him by Ministry of Culture of Croatia, and the award for best drama in festival of national drama Days of Marulic. His plays were produced in Croatia, Chile, Slovenia and Republic of Macedonia.

web site: http://www.elvisbosnjak.com/eng/plays.htm

         For more information about Croatian drama go to http://croatiandrama.wordpress.com

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