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CB McKenzie Author- BAD COUNTRY



by CB McKenzie

Winner of the Tony Hillerman Prize from St. Martin’s Press


Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association “Best of” 2014.

ESQUIRE MAGAZINE’S “Best Christmas Picks” 2014

“One of the strongest debuts to come along in years.”  Best of 2014- Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“Top 6 of 2014,” Mystery People, Austin.

“An outstanding first novel writen with clarity and authority and featuring a Southwest whose spare beaaty covers unspeakable crimes and a detective who’s tough, honorable and authentic to the core”  Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

” … like that perfect arrowhead you stumble onto out on the trail, and then notice that it has bloodstains on it – a charged and unique southwest story that rings with an authenticity rarely seen in crime fiction”- Craig Johnson

“Bleak but elegantly told …”  Marilyn Stasio New York Times Book Review

CB McKenzie has through-hiked the Appalachian Trail, modeled for Giorgio Armani, worked on an organic farm and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.  Like him on Facebook.


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Lala Corriere Author- EVIL CRIES


by Lala Corriere

“Corriere builds tension like a master and creates a psychopath that will make your skin crawl.”- CI West Author, THE END OF MARKING TIME

“Corriere can turn a scene from a everyday-like setting into a twisted evil-filled action-packed crime novel.”- The Virtual Scribe

Best-selling author of WIDOW’S ROW and COVERBOYS & CURSES, Corriere was endorsed by the late Master of Suspense, Sidney Sheldon

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Jamie Mason Author- THREE GRAVES FULL


by Jamie Mason

A Mysterious Galaxy Review

“The gallows humor of THREE GRAVES FULL isn’t for everyone, but if you can see hilarity in the circumstances of a man driven to impulsive murder who is suddenly the subject of a police investigation because of the not one but two murder victims whose bodies are discovered in his yard … neither of which is the corpse he buried … this dark crime novel may be for you.  Mason has deft little touches in her debut, like the main police detectives’ home lives and insights into the kinds of lies we tell ourselves to manage the occasional horrors of day-to-day life, that make her an author to watch.”- Maryelizabeth

Gallery Books, $24.99.  Signed copies available while supplies last.


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Kathy Bennett Author- A DEADLY BLESSING


      by Kathy Bennett 
 A Deadly Blessing by Kathy Bennett

  1. 51GBYT2DVjL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-61,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_[1]$2.99

    LAPD Detective Maddie Divine, Book One

    The critically ill daughter of the governor of California has been kidnapped. LAPD Detective Maddie Divine is assigned to find her before it’s too late. But this high-profile case comes with secrets on every side: cops, politicians, even the innocent.

    A Deadly Blessing is a lightning-paced story of suspense that will keep readers on edge from beginning to end


    Book Reviews:

    Barnes and Noble chose A Deadly Blessing as a Best Nook Book Original for 2012.

    “I’ve read quite a few crime novels and “A Deadly Blessing” is one of the best. I’d never heard of Ms Bennett, but after reading this book, I place her name on the list of my favorite crime novelists. As any top author should, she’s created a story that is fast paced, exciting, and realistic. She seamlessly blends the crimes with political intrigue and a look at the inner turmoils of her main character, Maddie Divine. The book is written in what I feel is a very unique way in that Ms Bennett tells the story through the eyes of the characters involved in each “scene”. This gives the reader a better look at the motivations behind the actions as well as allowing the reader to form a bond with the people in the story. I wish there was a higher rating. This is definitely a must read book.” – Sheila Rae Myers

    “LAPD is always a favorite, and this one is sure to please. A great story and surprise ending makes Kathy Bennett’s second novel a clear winner. Put this one on your reading list.” – Edward Pinhey

    Taken from  


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Mark Robbins Author- THE COFFIN BLIND, Outstanding Fiction


      by Mark Robbins 

      “Overheard at a sportsman’s show:

      ‘What is a coffin blind?’

      ‘Something that hunters hide in when they hunt.  The blinds are very deadly.’

      ‘For the ducks or the hunters?’

      ‘Sometimes for both.’ ”

      Following a high-profile prisoner debacle, U.S. Federal Marshal Brant Sherman is assigned to join a task force in Concord, Mass., where a secretive group of animal rights terrorists has begun to carry out harrowing acts of retribution.  But as the attacks escalate, Brant starts to question his role in the chain of terrible events.  THE COFFIN BLIND a page-turner filled with engaging characters who work their way through a tightly plotted, memorable thrill ride for any reader willing to take it. 

      “Mark Robbins’ debut starts out with a bang and never lets up.  THE COFFIN BLIND combines non-stop outdoor action, horrific violence, smartass humor, some surprisingly touching moments, and an engaging protagonist named Brant Sherman in a pedal-to-the-metal and joyfully non-PC crime novel.”- C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author BLUE HEAVEN and BLOOD TRAIL 

      304 Pgs  ISBN 978-1-932636-42-0  $32.95 Cloth

      304 Pgs ISBN 978-1-932636-33-7  $19.95 Trade Paper

       Pronghorn Press 


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