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Richard J. Hooper Author- END OF DAY Predictions of the End From Ancient Sources

END OF DAYS Predictions of the End From Ancient Sources

by Richard J. Hooper

Is the world going to end? Yes and no. The good news is that the planet Earth will be around for another seven billion years. The bad news is that the world as we know it is ending now:

Global warming, deforestation, drying oceans, the massive extinction species, the death of coral reefs, air unfit to breath, water unfit to drink, uncontrolled population growth, environmental disasters, political corruption, world-wide economic collapse, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and the ever present threat of nuclear annihilation. This is not our future; this is our present reality. But is there hope?

Former Lutheran pastor, Richard Hooper, once again descends into the dusty archives of ancient scripture to find the answer. And the answer may surprise you. Even though eastern and western religions have opposing world-views, their eschatological traditions have amazing similarities:

. The end of this age will be announced by a messiah figure: The Persian Saoshyat; the Jewish Messiah; the return of the Christian Jesus, the Islamic Sunni Muntazar, Shite Mahdi and Sufi Khidr; the return of the Aztec/Mayan Quetzalcoatl; the appearance of the Buddhit Maitreya and Amida Buddha; and the Hindu Kalki, or Javada.

. Time and history are cyclical and made up of a set number of “ages.” We live in the last age of the current cycle. While destruction follows creation, creation follows destruction. This age will end, but there is a new age to come.

. Before the end of this age, there will be an eclipse of spiritual teachings and human morals. There will be extreme violence, natural catastrophes, environmental disasters, and a final battle between the forces of good and evil.

. The old world will pass away, and a new, far better, world will takes its place.

The process has begun!

Topics include: The history of Judeo-Christian Apolcalyptic History .
Understanding and Misunderstanding John’s REVELATION . Radical dualism and the supernatural world . The Cosmic Drama . Creation and Destruction in Eastern Philosophy . At the Movies: Dystopian and Apocalyptic Futures. Numerous Photographs of the End.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9843754-3-1 ISBN 10:0-97843754-3-0 $14.95

Richard Hooper is a former Lutheran pastor who holds degrees from universities and seminaries in both the Philosophy of Religion as well as Theology. His other books include: THE CRUCIFIXION OF MARY MAGDALENE; THE GOSPEL OF THE UNKNOWN JESUS; and JESUS, BUDDHA, KRISHNA; LAO TZU: THE PARALLEL SAYINGS. HYMNS TO THE BELOVED: THE POETRY, PRAYERS AND WISDOM OF THE WORLD’S GREAT MYSTICS.

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