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Mattie Lennon Irish Author-IS IT WISE TO ASK?


By Mattie Lennon.

     When I go into the voting booth, do I vote for the person who is the best President or the slimebucket who will make my life as a cartoonist wonderful?

    With a Presidential election coming up in October the above quotation, from American cartoonist Mike Peters, came to mind and speaking of cartoonists.  Since 2005 I have been Hon Sec  of CIE Writers’ Group. We were, and still are, completely dependent on sponsorship and artists and corporate bodies have been very generous with us down the years. 

   I recently sent the following request (and it was a request and not a demand) to Allan Kavanagh one of our better known cartoonists;

 “We need a simple line drawing, for in-house distribution to Dublin Bus employees, during the Pope’s visit. Unfortunately we won’t be in a position to remunerate you but if you are willing to do it I’ll send you the details.”

 Was Mikhail Bulgakov right when he said, “You should never ask anyone for anything. Never- and especially from those who are more powerful than yourself?”   I don’t know.  All I know is that Mr Kavanagh was underwhelmed to say the least and replied as follows;

Explain to me why you think I’d work for free? How long would I get to stay on a Dublin bus if I didn’t pay?

   That was fair enough and I explained, as best I could, that I had no way of knowing that he wouldn’t be prepared to do a small job for free.  I went on to explain, “We are not Dublin Bus; we are a writing group made up of Dublin Bus employees and retired employees.”

   To which he replied; “You contacted a professional about engaging his professional services and you had no way of knowing I’D CHARGE FOR MY WORK? What other line of business would you contact and expect free work? My time and skill have value. Stop expecting artists to work for free.”

Notice the instruction at the end?

   I was soon told that Mr Kavanagh had published my original request on a networking service.   (He also posted our email address (ciewriters@gmail.com) which had an unexpected benefit but that’s a story for another day.) 

  Mr Kavanagh did   get a large volume of support from his fellow tweeters, some of whom used the “vernacular of the soldier” and the crutch of the crippled conversationalist a lot. Have a look for yourself;   pic.twitter.com/hkSi4mTWXx

  One Nigel Bell from Brisbane managed to establish that I was, “Not brought up properly”. And somebody called  “Fuster” suggested that Mr Kavanagh  send me  a well- executed line  drawing of a “middle-finger salute” which “Fuster” posted.


 If Mr. Kavanagh feels like going to the wider media with his complaint   about  illustrators and cartoonists being asked to do work for free and if he wants a list of artists who did work for our group free of charge I can supply it. He refers to red mist being on him and according to himself he has, “. .  . A zero-tolerance name-and-shame policy when it comes to this.”  It is not clear to me who he is going to shame.


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From Mattie Lennon- AN LAR TV (Irish Internet TV Network)

From Mattie Lennon- AN LAR TV (Irish Internet TV Network)

       Since you are reading this you probably have some interest in Ireland and/or things Irish.

       I suggest that as soon as you finish reading  this you  go to www.anlar.tv  There you will find an internet TV network that will tell you all you want to know about our green and misty island and its people.

    An Lar TV embraces all aspects of Irish life.   If you are interested in culture, heritage, history, language music and the arts they have something for you.

   It’s available on your computer, laptop, smart or android device, through media streaming players and XBMC technology.

  An Lar is on the air 24/7. On the main channel you’ll find Irish drama and comedy.  The Rock channel brings you the best Rock musicians on the planet and you can visit www.rockmusic.anlar.tv

   The Trad Music Channel  broadcasts Ireland traditional and folk music which is famous around the world.

   And . . . the next generation is not forgotten. There is a channel designed specifically for children and young people featuring programmes made for and by Irish kids. Cartoons, documentaries and all kinds of fun is available on www.kids.anlar.tv

   www.arts.anlar.tv deals with literature, poetry and dance and anything that could be deemed art.  It’s all there; from the Irish Museum of Modern Art to Siamsa Tire to the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra.

   It regularly brings live broadcasts from a variety of events around Ireland and upcoming events are listed.

    Operations Director, Susanne Carpenter and her team are not resting on their laurels. They have more channels in the pipeline and, in conjunction with CIE Writers’ Group, they are now working on a documentary The Famine Pot.  Much has been written about the potato famine in Ireland in the 1840s.  However, up to now, one aspect of it has been almost ignored by authors and film makers. The part played by Christian Churches in setting up “Soup-kitchens” has been largely air-brushed out of our history.   This documentary will be shown on An Lar and it is planned to put it into schools at home and abroad.  The producers would welcome the help of readers.  If anyone has a picture or drawing with an “Irish famine flavour “  they are asked to scan it and email it to;ciewriters@gmail.com

   They are also depending on sponsorship and donations would be welcome from any member of the Irish Diaspora.

All contributors will be listed in the credits.

   The Motto of An Lar is; Watch it, Be Part of It or in Irish Feach Air, Bi mar Chuid de!. They always welcome new contributors and information on how to become involved is on their website. And the good news is there are more channels on the way.





   And they are waiting to hear from you. Here’s their invitation;



   As our name suggests, An Lár TV is TV with an Irish Flavour.  Our aim is to provide a platform for Irish communities to share information and entertainment.  Our ethos is one of inclusiveness, and we are open to work with anyone who wishes to share their message with our audience. Our primary caveat is that content should be suitable for a general audience and should not contain any offensive material. If you have programming content that you would like to broadcast, or have interesting proposals for new content, please contact ; info@anlar.tv  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 00 353 1 486 55 66           Thanks again,   An Lár Tv

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