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Richard Coan Author- LOST IN ANOTHER WORLD

by Richard Coan

Richard Coan’s latest book, LOST IN ANOTHER WORLD, is a dream fantasy in the tradition of Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis. It will appeal to children from 9 to 95. Actually is is suitable for children 9 to 12, but any adult who remains in touch with their inner child, forever part of each of us, will enjoy it.

Abandoned in the woods by his parents, a young boy named Teddy slides downward into a dream world where he is faced with many challenges to his ingenuity and courage. In a realm that is home to a variety of animals and ruled by a gigantic jackrabbit, the king puts him through three major tests to determine whether he is worthy of remaining there. Passing the tests, Teddy moves to a neighboring realm, where he meets a girl named Mindy, whom he would love to have as a sister. She disappears, and he encounters many other creatures as he endeavors to find her. They include a family of mischievous imps, an overpowering and controlling mother, a brutal giant, and a little bluebird who serves as a guide. At the end of an elaborate journey, Teddy awakens to a promising new life.

The books is available at Mostly Books (Tucson) and Antigone Books (Tucson) as well as from the author. A Kindle edition is available on Amazon.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors October, 2014

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Beverly Eschberger Author- THE ELEPHANTS TOUR ENGLAND


by Beverly Eschberger      Illustrator: Jim Gower

978193292693 (Paperback) – $3.99 – 104 pags

An Adventure in England!

The Elephant Family is taking a short family holiday touring southern England.  It starts out as a quiet bus tour.  The family visits the city of Bath and Stonehenge.  Then Harold and Penelope get on the wrong bus.  Will Harold and Penelope find their way back to their parents?  Will Harold be forced to learn French?  And can Mr. and Mrs. Elephant find a convertable to rent?

Order from: Ingram, Baker & Taylor,

Follett Library Resources, or directly from the publisher.

Kinkajou Press, an impring of

Artemesia Publishing

9 Mockingbird Hill Rd

Tijeras, New Mexico 87059


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Lauryn Marie Burks Author- MY 100 HANDS


by Child Author Lauryn Marie Burks

A Children’s Book

calender of events or purchase a copy at http://www.my100hands.com

also available on




Kindle and Apple


Munchkin Power

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by Rudolfo Anaya

with illustrations by Nicolas Otero and translation by Nasario Garcia

HOW HOLLYHOCKS CAME TO NEW MEXICO is a fanciful folk tale that helps explain the beautiful flowers that can be seen in all parts of New Mexico in the summer and fall.  Escaping Herod’s wrath, Sueno, the angel, by mistake takes the Holy family to New Mexico.  Acclaimed author and teacher Rudolfo Anaya blends history in this tale that shows how different cultures can work together peacefully and respect the land we all need.

46 pages 45 color illustrations, 8×10

ISBN978-1-936744-12-1  ($24.95 hb)


LPDPRESS@q.com    www.LPDPress.com

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Brian T. Yates Author- YALU AND THE PUPPY ROOM


by Brian T. Yates

illlustrated by Tieron Chaney

This Golden Retriever needs to find a forever home
YALU AND THE PUPPY ROOM is the first in a series of books involving a Golden Retriever name Yalu.

Book Synopsis: The Puppy Room is the place where dogs in go to meet people. Most puppies leave with new parents, while other dogs are rejected and have to try again. This Golden Retriever needs to find a forever home and must stand out from the other dogs in her kennel.


ISBN 978-1-934051-42-9

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Milton “Doc” Lipson Author- TWO ARIZONA BLACK BIRDS, illustrated by David Fitzsimmons


      by Milton “Doc” Lipson

      illustrated by David Fitzsimmons 

      A portion of the profits from the sale of the book will go to the Opening Minds through the Arts Foundation (OMA).  The OMA Program in the Tucson Unified School District is an innovative, nationally-renowned arts integration program which has been shown to help improve the academic achievement of elementary school children. 

      Available now at www.wheatmark.com

      Milton “Doc” Lipson was born on July 5, 1920, in Detroit, Michigan, and died on April 28, 2007 in Tucson, Arizona.  He received the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1944 from Michigan State University and was the owner of the Harvey Animal Hospital in Detroit for over 35 years.  He loved nature and spending time outdoors. 

      David Fitzimmons is the editorial cartoonist for the Arizona Daily Star. 

      The story of two little black birds who look different and fly differently, but still learn from each other. 

      ISBN: 978-1-60494-166-1

      Wheatmark Books, Paperback, 8 x 10 in, 28 pp., $15.95 

      Wheatmark.com  1-888-934-0888 Ext. 100

      Also available at other online retailers or special order at your local bookstore.

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James F. Weinsier Author- WHERE DO WE GO? A Child-friendly about Death


      By James F. Weinsier

      The award-winning book, Where Do We Go?, delicately explores the theme of death in a comforting, child-friendly fashion with reassuring, thought-provoking text and cheerful illustrations. Its non-secular approach compatibly blends with any religious, spiritual or nondenominational framework, opening a pathway for a discussion about the hereafter. Weinsier conceived the book after his tragic loss of three immediate family members over a nine-month period. As he lovingly responded to his young grandchildren’s questions about their loved ones’ fates, the book naturally evolved, becoming an invaluable tool for parents, caregivers and other adults challenged with talking about death with little ones.

Publisher: Wondrous Publications L.L.C.
Fernandina Beach, Florida Price: $12.95 U.S.
Softbound / Nonfiction Size: 9.3″ by 9.01″ / 44 pages ISBN: 978-0-61523-805-0 Pub Date: 2008 Website: www.WondrousBooksOnline.com

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