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Catherine Ann Jones Award Winning Author, Screenwriter -The Way of Story, & Freud’s Oracle: A Play Based on the Life of H.D.

Catherine Ann Jones

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January 10, 2017 Freud’s Oracle: A Play Based on the Life of H.D.Written & Performed by Catherine Ann Jones

Ojai, CA – Krotona Institute, 46 Krotona St, Ojai, CA 93023
1/10/2017, Tues, 7pm (Donation only)

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41pllhcttcl-1Freud’s Oracle: Based on the life of H.D. and Freud

Freud’s Oracle, a new play by award-winning author/actor Catherine Ann Jones, is a one-person play about the American poet H.D. and her relationship with Sigmund Freud. H.D. suffered great personal losses and a nervous breakdown due to the Great War and became Freud’s patient in 1933 because of an increasing paranoia about the rise of Hitler and the fear and certainty that another world war was coming.
The themes are the travesty of war and the triumph of the individual spirit.

Discover today! Available on Amazon.

Quotes from workshops

The Way of Story workshop is absolutely amazing! Worth every penny. Catherine’s insightfulness, sensitivity, and intuitive nature brings both wisdom and direction to the craft of writing. Bravo, Catherine! – Trudy Town, Ojai, CA
As you know I have been writing the book about my cross country road trip to walk labyrinths. I highly recommend a wonderful writing teacher & consultant to anyone working on a book-project: Catherine Ann Jones. – Dorit Brauer, Germany
Thanks again for a superb workshop. Being in Catherine’s workshop is like watching a master chef at work. She has all the recipes and knows her ingredients, but she trusts her instincts to tell her when to add a dash of this, a pinch of that, or to turn up the flames to make the dish completely hers. She presents a feast for the imagination. With appreciation, – Gary C, Austin, TX
Thank you for opening my soul to see what is still within me. – Mary B, Hope Town, Abaco – Bahamas
A journey every writer should embark upon! Experienced or not, published or just self-exploration writing, the benefits are shared by all. Catherine gives of herself, openly and honestly, and pushes us as far as you allow her to go. – Ali E, Seattle, WA
An invigorating immersion in the structure and soul of good storytelling. – Karen G, Friday Harbour, WA
The most valuable aspect was your instant revision suggestions: clear, understandable, and always spot on! – Pauline M, Victoria, B.C.
This workshop awakened “aha” moments not only for my writing but for my life as well. Thanks you for giving me the freedom to write and write and the courage to make mistakes and feel. – Carol Ross, Bellevue, WA
Just what I’ve been asking for! Practical, supportive, and yet challenging. – Joan M., Bend, OR
A breakthrough workshop. I wanted to extend it for another week- if not a month! – Alan L, Vancouver, WA
The Way of Story has allowed me to finally get going and start making my story real. – David R, Olympia, WA
This class was so much more than writing. Thank you for expanding my vision. – Mary S., Redmond, WA
Catherine has a gift for inviting the imagination and soul to speak, as well as providing very useful practical tools. I was able to write from the “inside out” for the first time in years. – Hyla R, Eugene, OR
The weekend was a real gift. Catherine has a wonderful way of combining the practical with the spiritual, which is just what I’d been looking for in a seminar. The size of the group, the setting, lunch together made for an intimate event. Not only did I leave having learned some useful new techniques, I also left feeling centered, focused and validated in my pursuit of writing. – Jo Ann, Half Moon Bay, CA
A comfortable and safe place to risk the territory of writing. Her non-judgmental support provided great technique and fun exploration at the same time. – Nadia N.
The Way of Story de-mystified the writing process and has given me a comfort with my own writing, allowing me to come out in full. Your personal stories are wonderful! – Vonder G.
Catherine Ann has an uncanny ability to hear the kernel of truth and play it back as new and refreshing. She has opened a door for me to begin my journey, awakening my sleeping self. – Carol L.
The Way of Story is the beginning of a journey to the stories within me. With Catherine Ann, we are in safe hands. She teaches us how to drive the bumpy terrain. – Julie C., singer-songwriter
An amazing journey and now I know I can sit down and start writing. You are a wonderful teacher as well as kind and compassionate. Thank you! – Fern B.
Your direction of the group helped me awaken to the connection with my experience and the words. I am inspired to continue the journey. – Thom L.
Thank you for providing the understanding that the power of writing comes from the things not said. You are a knowledgeable & a wonderful teacher! – Jeff H., Ojai, CA
This has been great the second time. I got another jump start which is what I came for. Thank you. – Phyllis S., Palm Springs, CA
Catherine, you’re definitely a master of your craft. It’s intriguing to see how you draw from the world. I’ll seek your advice in future! – David S., Ojai, CA
Catherine, your workshop was a spiritual experience as well as practical. Thanks so much! – Gard J., Boulder City, NV Catherine does the wonderful thing of connecting your soul to your writing and that is truly priceless. – Danny Leong, Singapore
Catherine Jones makes writing accessible. Her approach encourages deep honesty in storytelling. Thank you for showing how to write a good story! – Leana M, psychologist and writer
Thank you so much, Catherine. I was at first intimidated by the very experienced writers in the room but found it was an opening up process for me, especially at this time in my life. – Kai, actress, singer, songwriter
A safe, sweet, well thought out presentation, more than worth the money! Inspirational! Just right! I greatly thank you. – Richard R., writer-producer of The Night of the Living Dead
It’s uplifting to see someone who’s had a successful career in Hollywood be dedicated to helping others bring heart and soul into writing. – Kate B., WGA screenwriter
Catherine Jones’s focus, clarity, and gentle but spot-on reactions help identify the weak or lazy spots in your writing. Thank God! She is the elevator of purpose. – Joan B, journalist & novelist
A safe place to discover oneself as a writer. Exercises to open up the process and to learn the essential steps of story structure. – Linda Leonard, Jungian analyst and author of Wounded Woman (Healing Father-Daughter Relationship)
An eye opening class thanks to Catherine’s vision and experience. – Sharon Tan, Dream Forest Productions, Singapore
I came out of the workshop with a better script and a clearer idea of how to achieve that. The best part was your one-to-one sessions. With your clarity and vision, you were able to sift out what I wanted to say and add more ‘meat to my bones.’ I look forward to your next workshop! – Dora Tan, Singapore
Your insights were keys that gave me a new perspective on how to write for an audience and for Hollywood. My heartfelt thanks! – Ron , Los Angeles, CA
After many years I feel that I’m speaking the truth when I say I am a writer. – David M., Los Angeles, CA
This seminar gave space and encouragement to touch and ultimately cradle the protected creative within. – Caroline Privileged to have had you. Amazed how much you gave in so short a time. Far exceeded expectations. – Jill, Oakland, CA
Catherine Ann Jones will help you discover the gold hidden within. More importantly, she gives you the tools to write and shape your internal treasure. – Connie
Beyond my expectation! Thank you, Catherine, for opening a new door into the creative process! – Elaine M, Ojai, CA
Where for the first time, I discovered the shadow of human character hidden in the word. Thank you, thank you, Om! – Nadine M, Ventura, CA
Inspirational! Awakening my long sleeping creativity. A great course! – George T, Ventura, CA Inspirational! I now know what a muse is. – Kara M., MarVista, CA
Dynamic and inspirational! The Way of Story is more than just about writing. It is about spirituality and life opening the way and providing the courage to look into your very soul. – Andrew R, San Diego, CA
The Way of Story is is simply the best writing course I’ve ever experienced. Catherine Ann Jones is a teacher unique, blending superb writing craft, soul-connection, and psychological expertise. – Nan Henderson, M.S.W. – Ojai, CA
The workshop helped me trust what I instinctively knew about the form and essence of a great story. By making this understanding conscious, I can now access and apply it more fully and with confidence. – Jennifer W, Mill Valley, CA
Catherine invites the sacred characters from the Soul and then gives you the grounded tools of craft and structure to write the story. – Reda R, Carmel Valley, CA Catherine is an exceptional teacher. She knows how to make each feel important and bring our their story. – Ruth Kundert, Reedley, CA
An amazing experience! A magical and memorable class. – Scott E, San Rafael, CA I came with my fingers crossed and left knowing all I needed to know. I am forever grateful. – Cat M, Fairfax, CA
A beautiful revelation! You articulate how life and art become one with luminous clarity. My life is transformed. I can only thank you for your generosity of spirit. – Paul S., Campbell, CA
I came empty, and now my story toolbox is full. Can’t wait to get home and go to work! – Richard R, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA You make everything seem possible. – Doreen H, Selling to Hollywood Conference, Los Angeles,CA
A truly inspiring weekend that encouraged me to think deeply about the way I write, what I write and why I write. Catherine is a supportive and enabling tutor with a wealth of professional experience and wisdom for emerging and more seasoned writers. Buy her book too and forget about Robert McKee, John Truby et al. Excellent value for money! – Anne Woods, UK
This course was a wonderful surprise. Catherine’s style is intimate, safe, inspiring. I loved that we learned a lot by “doing” – and this was the pleasant surprise- by physical exercises. This course will remain with me for a long time for all these reasons. I thoroughly recommend it! – Theresa S., Gloucester, UK
Thank you for a weekend of thought-provoking, challenging and valuable insights. I leave freshly inspired! Looking forward to your playwriting seminar at Stanford in 2007! – Alice Carter, Stanford University
A most generous tutor. It would be difficult to imagine a more involving, productive, and truly educational workshop weekend. Ms. Jones gives tools, encouragement, and ideas in a warm and insightful manner. I will never forget this weekend workshop! – Chris H., Winchester
Thank you for providing the understanding that the power of writing comes from the things not said. You are a knowledgeable & a wonderful teacher! – Jeff H., Ojai, CA
A very worthwhile weekend. I take with me ways of working with story from a new perspective. Thanks so much. – Ellie N., Springville, CA This has been great the second time. I got another jump start which is what I came for. Thank you. – Phyllis S., Palm Springs, CA.
Catherine, you’re definitely a master of your craft. It’s intriguing to see how you draw from the world. I’ll seek your advice in future! – David S., playwright, NYC
I loved this! Most useful was the freedom of structure. Your ideas were clear, concise, easily understood. Appreciated, too, your gentle supportive approach. I’m encouraged to continue writing. – Amanda M. Ojai, CA (writer of hit song, The Rose)
By reminding us over and over about the basics, you help us stay the course, giving us tools easy to remember and use. – Helga S. Ojai, CA
Your structure gave my story wings. I’ve never been so clear on what I want to write. – Linda L., Ann Arbor, MI At last, a working, professional writer who teaches writing! – Joe S., San Francisco, CA
A wonderful workshop, Catherine! I learned about the craft of structure as well as accessing the soul of a story. A weekend well-spent. I am enriched. – Maggi M., Newbury Park, CA
Very inspiring. Good knowledge of structure, a gentle process of learning pushing us forward, inviting creativity to flow. Thank you! – Lee S, Hollywood, FL This class is amazingly effective for its revelation of story structure & timing, the trajectory of characters, and most importantly how character drives plot. I wouldn’t change a thing! – Helga S, Ojai, CA
Anyone taking this workshop with an interest in writing would benefit greatly. I simply want to express my gratitude to you. I will remember most your eyes, the way they light up when one of us had a breakthrough. This happened to each and everyone in the room. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – David N., Chicago, IL
A valuable experience for anyone and everyone! Just the right focus on story structure, giving us the necessary tools to delve into our individual truths. – Bill H., Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
Catherine is a gentle, encouraging soul. I was fearful of making mistakes and of sharing with a group of strangers. What a relief to learn that both fear and making mistakes are part of the creative process! – Denise A, Thousand Oaks, CA
Enlightening with plenty of tools you can use over and over again. A splendid release of creativity and to get in touch with your emotional self while honing your writing skills. Invaluable, life-changing! – Andi S, Ventura, CA
I don’t want this workshop to end! I’m standing on the crest of my life and you have given me the courage to jump! Thank you! – Karen R, Ventura, CA A psychological break-through! Now having crystallized my life theme, I am able to release my long-suppressed creativity. – Tracy L., Ventura, CA
I have been reading your book, The Way of Story, and it is so refreshing to see what it is you do with all your heart and soul. I like the style of the book a great deal and how you weave the personal autobiographical elements with the illustrative examples of myths and cycles of being and archetypal roles that we each experience. You write with understanding as having transcended the most challenging cycles. – Jane Samuels, UK
This course has been a turning point in my life, awakening the creative self and teaching me how to feel. – Martin, M, retired psychiatrist, age 92

Find a online weekly workshop that is a good fit for you!


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Catherine Ann Jones Author- HEAL YOUR SELF WITH WRITING Winner of the Nautical Book Award 2014


by Catherine Ann Jones

“Heal Your Self with Writing is an elixir for the soul.”
– Psychology Today

Announcing a new book by Catherine Ann Jones:
Heal Your Self with Writing (Divine Arts, August 2013)

Winner of the Nautical Book Award, 2014

Nautilus Book Awards is an annual accolade of books in the genre of social and environmental justice. Established in the U.S. in 1998, it is considered a “major” book award and has been conferred to prominent authors including The Dalai LamaDeepak ChopraBarbara KingsolverThich Nhat HanhAmy GoodmanCharles, Prince of Wales and Desmund Tutu.

Our lives may be determined less by past events than by the way we remember them. Expressing and listening to one’s own life story is an ancient mode of healing. How do we learn to listen more to the stories that heal? How do we put together the pieces of our past? How can we rewrite our life story so that pain becomes meaningful and actually promotes growth and transformation? Heal Your Self with Writing offers a step-by-step journey of discovery and re-visioning through focused journaling, a practice that can enable healing and empowerment. In this way, each reader is able to make meaning out of memory and put the past where it belongs — behind them. Heal the world one individual at a time.

CATHERINE ANN JONES holds a graduate degree in Depth Psychology and Archetypal Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she has also taught. She is an award-winning playwright, author, & screenwriter whose films include UNLIKELY ANGEL, THE CHRISTMAS WIFE, and the popular series, TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. Fulbright Research Scholar to India studying shamanism, winner of the National Endowment for the Arts Award, author of The Way of Story: the craft & soul of writing and Heal Your Self with Writing, Catherine works as a writing consultant, keynote speaker, and teaches both here & abroad. For online courses, schedule, blog, and consultant service visit http://www.wayofstory.com



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Catherine Ann Jones Author – an inspirational two-day workshop -THE WAY OF THE STORY presented by Catherine Ann Jones

Catherine Ann Jones Author – an inspirational two-day workshop -THE WAY OF THE STORY presented by Catherine Ann Jones

Join award-wining writer Catherine Jones for an inspirational two-day workshop

“We’ve become lopsided living only in our heads.
Writing, in order to serve the soul, must integrate outer
craft with inner world of intuition and feeling.”
-Catherine Ann Jones, New York Times

April 26th, 27th 2014
at Rancho del Malibu

I attended Catherine Ann Jones’ workshop on the
top of a mountain in Malibu on a glorious Indian
summer day. Ms Jones has the knack of saying
just the right words to bring out your dreams, desires,
hopes and failures through the writing process.
Oh, and the food the setting are divine!
Linda Lee Bell

http://www.rdmalibu.com info@rdmalibu.com

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Catherine Ann Jones Author- THE WOMAN WHO TALKED TO STONES


by Catherine Ann Jones

Her name was Jennie. She towered tall as some lone pine and stout, resembling more a 19th century pioneer woman. Jennie had thick strawberry blonde hair flecked with fire that cascaded down her shoulders, highlighting her face with a quiet halo bespeaking unknown, even mysterious origins. She had piercing blue-green eyes resembling the sea near Capri, which of course she had never seen. Her eyes saw right through, for, like Cassandra, Jennie was a seer. From an early age, she had the gift-or the curse-of knowing what others are thinking. She lived up north in the Canadian wilds, somewhere near Uranium city. Her parents were trappers, disappeared when she was twelve during one particularly harsh winter. Since then, she has fended for herself. With her face smooth and ageless, she could be anywhere between thirty and fifty. She lived alone with a dog who was part wolf. She names the dog, Wolf, honoring his lineage. Wolf responded to Jennie, who possessed the odd mixture of strength and gentleness sometimes found in such women. They lived in harmony; woman and wolf, far removed from what others call civilization.

Jennie had been a sniper up north in the hills. That’s what they call miners who have no claim-they just go hither and thither ‘sniping’ the gold in the hills. “Just have to keep a look-out or you’ll likely get shot,” she’d say, with a crooked grin resembling more a ten-year old. She worked timber too, cutting the fallen trees, and could hold her own with any man. Generally, the men respected her. That is, until the foreigners came. Sikhs from India migrated to Canada and, being soldiers, were well suited to the strenuous life in the Rockies. They were a rough bunch, however, and short of women. After two days of threatening glances, divining the men’s lewd thoughts, Jennie tracked down a pay phone and called her friend Troy, telling him to bring Wolf. Troy drove the three hundred miles to deliver Wolf. The next morning, Jennie joined the men, with Wolf protectively at her side. The biggest of the Sikhs again threatened her, this time by grabbing her breast, while the others clustered, ready to join in the fun. As if on cue, Wolf wandered over to the man who was well over six foot, sniffing. Then Wolf raised a leg and pissed right on the big Sikh’s leg, marking his territory. He then returned nonchalantly and stood guard near Jennie, all the while keeping a fixed gaze on the big fellow. The message was a clear one, and those Sikhs never bothered her anymore after that.

When Jennie had saved enough from timberwork, she bought two thoroughbreds. Before long, she had a small herd of them, which she trained well then sold. Jennie had a way with horses, indeed with all animals, but horses were her favorites. “I could spend the better part of a day just lookin’ at them, eh? They could appreciate every little thing; you do for ‘em, a kind word, a pat, or even a whistle. Yes, I guess, them thoroughbreds are the finest things God ever made.”

Soon she became known as a gifted trainer, and folks came from all around to have her train theirs. From then on, the stories multiplied. People, bored with the monotony of their own lives, would often ferret out someone special to focus on. And it didn’t take an Einstein to see at once that Jennie was special, not that she ever took notice of it herself. Life seemed to claim her complete attention. Still, the stories multiplied and people being people, well, they liked to pass them on. One of the stories went something like this.

Once she was hiking high in the Rockies and came across twin bear cubs. She went close to admire the babes. Soon she sensed something coming up behind her, and glanced back over her shoulder. There stood the largest female grizzly she had ever seen. Now one thing everyone knows is that, come what may, you never, ever get between a grizzly and her cubs. Certain death. Not many men would have had her courage or pluck. Run? Fight? Not Jennie. She just stood admiring those cubs for a spot of time then slowly turned around to face the mother. “Your babies are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. You must be so proud of ‘em.” That grizzly just stood and took it in, then ambled on, as polite as you please. What mother doesn’t like to hear her young ones praised?

There were some who thought Jennie odd or even mad. One of the hunters who came into the trading post told the owner there, “Do you know, that woman is crazy. She talks to stones.” Jake, who ran the post, just nodded, for he knew that wasn’t what mattered. What mattered was that any time he or anyone else was ailing, they would seek out Jennie and her cures. She had herbs hanging all over her place that could cure horse or man. A few centuries ago, they would have burned her just like those women in Salem. Now folks just call such women mad or even eccentric and let them be. Guess we’ve come that far anyway. But it was true about her talking to stones.

“It’s best if you place them on your forehead, and just listen. Then they’ll speak to you and tell you their stories.” And that’s just what she would do-that is, after talking to it for a spell. “You’re a pretty one, aint ya?” Then she would sit absolutely still, holding the rock to her forehead, sensing an open portal through which the rock would reveal its story. And it would do just that. The story was long and far away. First, she would hear the geological evolution of the stone going back millions of years. “A long time ago there was a volcano here, then a flood, and this rock saw it all.”

Jennie might tell you everything about a stone, but she took a long, long time before revealing much of herself. Mainly she just sat and listened and looked right through you. I thought she might suddenly place my hand or head on her forehead to hear my story. I’m certain that only a certain shyness prevented her doing so. After some time, however, she told me more of her story and how she had met her shaman guide three years before. “Something was missing and I woke up one morning and knew I had to go looking for it. I carried this thought around for a few days then had a dream which told me what to do. I had to go to Peru.” Peru? When she had never left Canada! “That’s where I found him, my teacher, Jose. It took me two weeks of listening and feeling where to go, but I kept on and found him sitting under a tree smoking a clay pipe. “He just looked up as if he had expected me all along.” Jennie said, with smiling eyes. “Jose is in his eighties now so don’t know if I’ll get to see him again.” She gave him a stone and he kept it on his mesa for a time. Three months later, the stone told Jose. “Now, I must go and live with her.” So he gave it back. She understood that it was Jose’s way of telling her it was time to go back home. She left the next day but has kept that stone with her ever since. When she places it on her forehead, she can listen and hear and hear the stone speak of Jose, of his lineage centuries before his ancestors. The stone tells of when starships carried some two million people from an exploding planet to safety on Earth—to Peru, long, long ago. She heard it all and never doubted what he said because he was her teacher and she trusted him.

Jose told her it was all true, yet warned however not to speak of these things else people would think her mad. “Remember, my girl, never speak the truth – unless there are ears to hear. People aren’t ready to know – not for a long while.” Jennie would just laugh and toss her red hair and say. “Jose, they already think I’m crazy, so it don’t really matter, eh?” She felt the same harmony with Jose that she had experienced with Wolf. As if they were recorded from the heart. Their eyes did most of the talking and silence was the only language necessary. For long periods, she and Jose would sit together, silent as stones, watching a fire, occasionally looking up at a falling star.

Recently, Jennie attended a gathering of shamans who had also studied with Jose in Peru. They met in southern California at a lake retreat and spent a week together. Jennie stayed mostly to herself, looking and listening not to what they were saying but, what they were thinking. George, full of ambition, came from Chicago and explained how he would become a corporate shaman. He would go into corporations and be paid large fees to teach shamanic ways to corporate executives. This caused Jennie to retreat further into herself, resembling more the silent pines than the others in the group. In fact, she never spoke another word all week.

Unlike George, Jennie won’t become a corporate shaman, nor will she become rich (though her horse ranch is doing well and she’ll want for nothing). She won’t be seen on television and she won’t write books about becoming a shaman, preferring simply to live as one like her teacher, old Jose. More likely, Jennie will remain in the Rockies with Wolf, talking to stones, dancing with bears, and rendering unassuming miracles.

Catherine Ann Jones

      © Catherine Ann Jones


Catherine Ann Jones holds a graduate degree in Depth Psychology and Archetypal Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she has also taught. After playing major roles in over fifty plays, she became disappointed by the lack of good roles for women and wrote a play about Virginia Woolf (On the Edge) and her struggle with madness in a world gone mad, ie, WWII. The play won a National Endowment for the Arts Award. Ten of her plays, including Calamity Jane (both play and musical) and The Women of Cedar Creek, have won multiple awards and are produced both in and out of New York. Her films include The Christmas Wife (Jason Robards & Julie Harris), Unlikely Angel (Dolly Parton), Angel Passing (Hume Cronyn & Teresa Wright) which played at Sundance and went on to garner fifteen awards here and abroad, and the popular TV series, Touched by an Angel. A Fulbright Research Scholar to India studying shamanism, she has taught at The New School University, University of Southern California, and the Esalen and the Omega Institute. Ms. Jones is often invited as a keynote speaker to various writing conferences as well as the Merrill & Lynch sponsored Women, Wealth, & Wisdom Conferences. Her recent book, The Way of Story: the craft & soul of writing, is used in many schools, including New York University writing programs. Ms. Jones lives in Ojai, California, and leads The Way of Story and Heal Yourself with Writing workshops throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. For online courses visit http://www.dailyom.com. For blog, workshops, and consultant services please visit http://www.wayofstory.com.

Catherine Ann Jones

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Catherine Ann Jones Author- HEAL YOUR SELF WITH WRITING


by Catherine Ann Jones

Book launch, a trip to Esalen Institute, and hitting #2 worldwide at the Daily Om

New review at Amazon.com for the book “The Way of Story”

“Insights are more powerful than the reader first realizes.”

– by Patriece McGuinnis, Aug. 21, 2013
…read more

Buy “The Way of Story” on Amazon.com

Book launch, a trip to Esalen Institute,
and hitting #1 worldwide at the Daily Om

Just back from teaching at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA – a very special place to heal and expand.

Dolphins, whales, otters, slow flying groups of pelicans who fly pass so close, you can almost reach out your hand and touch them!

Hot Sulfur Spring Hot Tubs where you sit and dream over looking the Pacifica while hummingbirds dart and drink nectar from red and gold flowers. No cell phone coverage nor easy internet connection.

Feel very fortunate to be invited every August to teach there. Yes, Life is good!

Just heard that my online course at http://www.dailyom.com, “Heal Yourself with Writing”, has just reached #1 worldwide. Couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you for the support.

And now, the book version is launched and awaiting a response. If you enjoy the book, please visit http://www.facebook.com/WayofStory and click ‘like’ for Heal Your Self with Writing. I promise to write more about writing as soon as the whirlwind calms.

“Heal Your Self with Writing”
Buy now on Amazon.com

Heal Your Self with Writing offers a step-by-step journey of discovery and re-visioning through focused journaling, a practice that can enable healing and empowerment. In this way, each reader is able to make meaning out of memory and put the past where it belongs — behind them.

“The Way of Story”
Buy now on Amazon.com

Offering an integrative approach to writing all forms of narrative, this illustrated book contains evocative insights from the authors own professional journey. The emphasis on the integration of both a solid craft and an experiential inner discovery makes this writing book unique.
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Catherine Ann Jones Author- THE WAY OF THE STORY Writing Workshops For 2011 & 2012

Catherine Ann Jones THE WAY OF THE STORY Upcoming writing workshops 2011- 2012

For online courses: http://www.wayofstory.com

Nov 11, 2011 Ojai, CA Finding Your Voice in Memoir http://ojaiwritersconference.wordpress.com/friday-nov-11/

Nov 12 Ojai, CA Heal Yourself with Writing

Nov 18-20 San Francisco, CA, The Way of Story, http://www.ciis.edu/News_and_Events/Event_Calendar/Jones_Way_of_Story_FA11_(wk).html
Feb 4, 2012 (Sat) Los Angeles, CA, Gate Story Conference/ Keynote Speaker, Wadsworth Theatre

March 10 (Sat) Encino, CA, Joseph Campbell Roundtable

April 7 Ojai, CA, The Way of Story catherinejones@wayofstory.com

April 29-May 4 Big Sur, CA, http://www.esalen.org, The Power of Story: The Healing Art of Focused Journaling
Aug 21-26 Big Sur, CA, http://www.esalen.org The Way of Story: the craft & soul of writing

?Nov Cruise to Viet Nam & Ang Gor Wat

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Catherine Ann Jones- New book, THE WAY OF STORY: THE CRAFT AND SOUL OF WRITING Released

Catherine Ann Jones’ new book, THE WAY OF STORY: THE CRAFT AND SOUL OF WRITING is released!
 June 9 The Way of Story online course launches at http://www.dailyom.com

The Way of Story offers an integrative approach to writing narrative, combining solid craft with experiential inner discovery. Craft alone is not enough. No other writing workshop offers the solid craft to guarantee a good story along with the intangible inner dimensions of writing. The transformation of good writing depends on making it one’s own from within.
 For writers of all levels & all narrative forms including plays, screenplays, stories, novels, & memoir
 Seven Steps to Story Structure
 Create memorable characters & dialogue
 Balancing craft with intuitive skills
 Access and free your potential story

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