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Alicja Mann Author-LOOKING AT THE WORLD TWICE, a newly published collection of essays and poems and SON OF MASHPEE, a book dedicated to the Wampanoags, their heritage, and culture

      Alicja Mann is a writer of creative nonfiction who divides her time between Tucson, Arizona  and Cape Cod.

      Her social and political commentaries, feature stories, and personality profiles have been published in regional and national magazines, including the Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod Life, In These Times, and the New Leader.

      She is a former op-ed columnist for theCape Cod Times and co-author of Son of Mashpee, a book dedicated to the Wampanoags, their heritage, and culture. 

      LOOKING AT THE WORLD TWICE is her newly published collection of essays and poems.  These essays and poems take the reader on a journey through space and time addressing issues of identity, alienation, belonging, and responsibility.  Sometimes funny, sometimes tearful, but always thoughtful, this book charms and provokes.  It invites the reader to sit and reflect, as symbolized by the art on the cover of the book.

      Alicja Mann writes from the perspective of “the other European” (from Eastern Europe) and “the other American” (an immigrant).  She came to the States from Poland at a time when it was still dominated by Soviet-style Communism.  In her new country she transformed herself from a scientist to a writer.

      SON OF MASHPEE is a distinctive and nostalgic book that presents Mashpee as it once was, and is today.  In 2007, the Wampanoag, tribe of Mashpee, Cape Cod, received federal govenment recognition as a sovereign American Indian nation, after a legal battle wated by the tribe for more than three decades. 

      The book is richly illustrated with photographs dating back to the 1800’s.  Alicja Mann, who befriended the Wampanoags and worked with them for decades, is co-author of the book (co-author is Earl Mills Sr.).

      SON OF MASHPEE is used in anthropology classes at the University of Massachusetts and is recommended as a resource for students and teachers from middle school through university.



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