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Mattie Lennon Irish Author/Poet- HABIT FORMING


by Mattie Lennon

A novel fundraiser will be held in Listowel County Kerry on Sunday 30th June. It involves such celebs as Billy Keane, Tadhg Kennelly, Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh and “Hector.” And it hasn’t much got to do with Gaelic football although up to 2000 people will be “togging out.”

To date the greatest number of people dressed as nuns in the one place, anywhere in the world, is 250. The good people of the “culture capital of Ireland” plan to beat that record by several hundred and put Listowel in the Guinness Book of Records.

Nunday is the brainchild of Listowel woman Cora O’brien. Her son David was a victim of suicide in 2007 and she is leading the campaign to establish a Pieta House centre in Kerry. “I want to urge as many people as possible to get involved in Nunday,” Cora said. “It’ll be brilliant fun and it’s a great way for the community to come together and raise awareness and funds for Pieta House. I’m very confident that we can break the world record here in Listowel and it would be a fantastic thing to be a part of,” she said

The gregarious, fun-loving and multi-talented Billy Keane paid tribute to Cora and her husband Martin for their efforts. “Cora and Martin are an inspiration to us all; anyone who can get me to dress up in a nun’s outfit has to be! It’s a serious cause but we’re going to have lots of fun.”

This worthy cause has everyone’s support. One Former Nun/ journalist says, “ I wish the Nunday all the best and hope they raise a lot of cash for a worthy charity.”

Registration costs €20 and all participants will receive a nun’s habit in strict compliance with the official Guinness World Record guidelines. You have to provide your own black shoes (hobnailed boots would, I feel, be frowned on.) Nuns are required to gather in one place for 10 minutes. The official count will begin at 6pm.

This will be followed by parade through the town with Nun’s Beat on the Street in The Square Listowel.

Wannabe nuns can register now on http://www.nunday.eventbrite.ie or through various businesses in Listowel.

I have it on good authority that the aforementioned Billy Keane will be attired as a senior Sister and as the late J.M. Synge might say, “Won’t he make the fine Reverend Mother, surely.”

Mattie Lennon

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Mattie Lennon Poet- Donerail Literary & Arts Festival

Donerail Literary & Arts Festival

Rambling poets, bards and eccentrics will descend on the beautiful
estate town of Doneraile on the 5th,6th and 7th of August 2011 for their
inaugral Literary & Arts Festival. Sit back and enjoy readings at the
magical Creagh Castle, atmospheric St Mary’s Church or the grandeur of
Creagh House by guests such as Michael D. Higgins, Ulick O Connor,
Billy Keane, Leane O Sullivan, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Donnacha O
Duilaing, Dr Andrew King and many more. Treat yourself to a fantastic
night of drama by Lasra Drama group performing “I do not like thee Dr
Fell” or throw on your glad rags for a very special classical concert
performed on the evening of Sunday 7th by The Degani Ensemble. Renown
raconteurs Mattie Lennon and Billy Keane will bring out the Brendan
Behan or W.B Yeats in all of us each evening in the pubs with
impromptu poetry, song and witty anecdotes whilst on Sunday afternoon
the pleasure Gardens of Doneraile Court will be the venue for readings
by Children’s authors, Pauline Devine and Kieran Mark Crowley. If you
would like a relaxing weekend of literature and arts in the beautiful
surroundings of Doneraile with a hint of theatre and a dash of Pride &
Prejudice then the Doneraile Literary & Arts Festival on August 5th,
6th and 7th 2011 must be a date on your summer diary. For tickets contact
Diarmuid on 087 167 5809 or visit http://www.historicdoneraile.ie

The following rhyme is to commemorate the occasion.


By Mattie Lennon.

Come Harvest Moon or Autumn gale
It’s show time now in Doneraile.
Now you, like Raftery, heist your sail,
If you can write, hit Doneraile.
If you want to sing or tell your tale
The place for you is Doneraile.
If your partner’s left and you’re a male
No better place than Doneraile.
If you’re interned or locked in jail
Break out and head for Doneraile,
If on remand apply for bail
And meet your friends in Doneraile.
The Philistines can whinge and wail;
They have no place in Doneraile.
Of the action here you must avail
At this culture-fest in Doneraile.
Not wind or rain or driving hail
Will keep the scribes from Doneraile.
And farmer/poets will leave their kale
To reap the fruits of Doneralie.
To Chareleville they’ll go by rail
And head with glee to Doneraile.
If your inspiration has gone frail
Rejuvenate in Doneraile.
If your Muse has gone and your talent stale
‘Twill be revived in Doneraile.
I watched as Gandal fanned his tail
When he heard mentioned “Doneraile.”
His boss then smartly hit the trail
With Failte Isteach, for Doneraile.


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