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by Dr. Erik Eriksson

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Fr. Papandreou reminded the conference of the question which had bothered the ‘composer’ so much. ‘Had he been talking to Beethoven in heaven? If not, to whom was he talking?’

The western bishop could not contain himself any longer. ‘So now the walking dead are targeting the walking living and giving them ready-made symphonies announcing the end of the world, in this case written by Beethoven but not before he died. You must be joking! Where do you get this from? Even the inspector sounds now like he is losing it.’

All over the world people are buzzing about a symphony that seems divinely inspired. But even more intriguing is the statement made by the conductor that he didn’t use any music to direct the orchestra. Charged with investigating the mystery for the the Times newspaper, Inspector Michael Lewis travels across the world to engage in a summit discussion about the source of the mystical piece of music. Join author Dr. Erik Eriksson for a spiritual epiphany of historic proportions, and the profound impact of Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony.

184 pages – $12.99 (paperback)

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Randy-How to stick with a writing project

      It was not easy for James Joyce…with failing eyesight and a daughter with major mental problems…to finish FINNEGANS WAKE.   It had been an impossible task to begin with.   But he never gave up, and without much encouragement at that.   Then it hadn’t been easy for many other creative geniuses with similar problems: take for instance Beethoven and what he accomplished after he lost his hearing.

      Then there are the rest of us.   This has nothing to do with our trying to accomplish an impossible task.   It has everything to do with sticking with something which, because we were dissatisfied with the results or having listened to criticism, we set it aside for a while; and, after a little while longer, we had to admit we weren’t going to pick it up again.   The project had excited us once.   We had started it with a great amount of enthusiasm and spent many hours on it in front of a computer.   The story took form; it had a beginning, middle, an end; we had every intention of finishing it; then something happened.   It could be as vague as that.   And it would not have been all that hard for us to start again…even after losing momentum…but the story remained unfinished, destined for the closet.   This scenario has been all too common.   But it didn’t need to turn out that way.   Only a change here and there, getting back to the routine, was all that would’ve been needed; sitting down, finding the manuscript, reading what’s there, and changing a sentence or two.   Then we would have no trouble getting back on track and, yes, finishing it.   Oh, yes, it ‘s often the simplest things that make a difference.

      So I should be able to pick up and start over all my old unfinished projects. My biggest hurdle is procrastination and fear, yes, all kinds of fear. Okay, so I need to be fearless and not care so much. You’ve heard this from me before.

      Randy Ford

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