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Randy Ford Author- Thomas Wolfe, Angna Enters, and Me

      “He did not write nine-page reviews on ‘How Chaplin Uses Hands in Latest Picture’- how it really was not slap-stick, but the tragedy of Lear in modern clothes; or on how Enters enters; or how Crane’s poetry can only be defined, and generally exposited in terms of mathematical formulae- ahem! ahem, now!”- from YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN by Thomas Wolfe  p.485

      This week I have been reading Thomas Wolfe’s YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN and stumbled upon the quote about Angna Enters.  In 1962 I took her mime class at Baylor University, and it seems to me as if we spent the whole semester working on Entrances.  So I experienced Enters entering.  At the same time I was studying Laban’s Work Efforts with Rudolph Laban’s daughter Juana De Laban.  Imagine both women working at the Baylor Theater and the Dallas Theater Center at the same time.

      “In 1924, Enters borrowed $25 with which to present her first solo program at the Greenwich Village Theater.  Her solo program,”The Theatre of Angna Enters,” toured the United States and Europe until 1939 and was performed, though less often, until 1960.”

      “YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN is Thomas Wolfe’s final novel, published postimumously in 1940.  It is the sequel to THE WEB AND THE ROCK, and brings Wolfe’s hero George Webber back to the United states from a European sojourn on which he had learned that “you can’t go home again” but must go forward to a new future, not a dead past.” 

      “Thomas Wolfe remains as colorful and controversial a literary figure as modern America has produce.  Born in 1900, wolfe was educated in his home state of North Carolina and at Harvard.  Following a period abroad he taught at New York University until 1950, when his first novel, LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL, was published.  Thereafter he devoted his whole time to his writing OF TIME AND THE RIVER, the sequel, fulfilled the promise shown by the first book and established Wolfe as on of the major American novelists. 

       One of Paul Baker’s most memorial accomplishments at Baylor Theater and The Dallas Theater Center was the adaptation and production of OF TIME AND THE RIVER.

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