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Deborah J. Ledford Author- CRESCENDO

      by Deborah J. Ledford
You love a great mystery novel so I wanted to give you the heads up about my new project, to produce and distribute the audiobook version of my latest book, CRESCENDO. In order to make this project a reality, IOF Productions Ltd. has launched the NatAmGoGo campaign on Indiegogo (similar to Kickstarter).
CRESCENDO will be narrated by TV and film actress, Christina Cox (The Chronicles of Riddick, Better Than Chocolate, Dexter, NCIS, Blood Ties, Defying Gravity, Castle, 24, Nikki & Nora), recorded at Costa Mesa Studios this November for a late December release.
But NatAmGoGo isn’t only about my audiobook project—this will also benefit the Blue Feather Corporation, a Native American language and culture nonprofit foundation. I’m part Eastern Band Cherokee, as is the leading lady in my books, and I believe the urgency to help ancient societies survive is crucial. I hope you do too.
You may be particularly interested in the book-related packages at NatAmGoGo, including: book downloads, signed editions of my printed books, the entire unabridged recording of CRESCENDOwith a booklet signed by Christina Cox, name a character for the next book in the series, and jewelry hand-crafted by renowned Navajo, Hopi and Taos Pueblo artists. All contributors will receive a download of book one of the series, STACCATO.
I really need your help. To see the packages, discover complete details, and to watch the video which explains my desire to make this project a reality, please go to the NatAmGoGo page:http://goo.gl/Y1H9ZP.
Also, please help spread the word about this worthy cause to your followers and friends who love the written word as much as we do.
Thank you so much.
SNARE – The Hillerman Sky Award Finalist
NM-AZ Books Awards Finalist

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