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Keith Marshall Jones III Author & Publisher- Connecticut Colonel Publishing Company

Keith Marshall Jones III Author & Publisher- Connecticut Colonel Publishing Company

Connecticut Colonel PublishingCompany  was established in 2000 as the home of select American micro-histories from the inquisitive pen of Keith Marshall Jones III.   Working with historical societies and foundations, Connecticut Colonel produces scrupulously researched non-fiction publications.

Work in Progress:

In Hamilton’s Shadow: John Laurance, New York’s Other Founding Federalist.  Seminal biography of the sixteen-year-old English immigrant who crashed pre-war New York’s exclusive legal fraternity, became George Washington’s Judge Advocate General, prosecuted Benedict Arnold and Major John Andre, then went on to become New York City’s influential first Federal Congressman, Alexander Hamilton’s legislative right-hand man, Federal Judge, Senate ramrod for President John Adams’ defense build-up during “quasi-war” with France, and wildly successful land speculator!.  Planned publication date: Spring 2015.

New!  Revised Third Edition of  Farmers Against the CrownOur definitive account of the April 27, 1777 Revolutionary War Battle of Ridgefield came off the press April 1,  just in time for the bloody day’s 237th anniversary.

71 East 77th Street

New York, New York 10075

Email: Ctcolonelpubco@comcast.net        Website: Ctcolonelpubco.com

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Dan Aadland Author- IN TRACE OF TR A Montana Hunter’s Journey


A Montana Hunter’s Journey

by Dan Aadland

As a student of American history, as a hunter, horseman, and former Marine, and as someone passionate about the West, Dan Aadland had long felt a kinship with Theadore Roosevelt. One day, on a single-footing horse, lever-action rifle under his knes, Aadland set out to become acquainted with TR as only those who shared his experiences could.

University of Nebraska Press


800-848-6224 publishers of Bison Books

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Libby Fischer Hellmann Author- SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE


by Libby Fischer Hellmann

A stand-alone thriller from the author of the Ellie Foreman/Georgia Davis series

From Allium Press of Chicago

December, 2010

#978-0-9640676-5-7 Trade Paper

#978-0-9640676-6-4 Hard Cover


“A tremendous triller, sweeping but intimate, elegiac but urgent, subtle but intense…”- Lee Child

“Top-rate…a jazy fusion of past and present, Hellman’s insightful, politically charged whodunit explores a fascinating period in American history.”- Publishers Weekly

“Haunting…Rarely have history, mystery, and political philosphy blended so beautifully…could easily end up on the required reading list in college-level American History classes.”- Mystery Scene Magazine

“Hellman has indisputably crossed into the realm of great crime fiction writers…”- Crimsepree Magazine

“Hellmann has done a superlative job with the 60’s Chicago setting… She makes the entire time come alive, recreating a historical time in perfect detail.”- Reviewing The Evidence

And don’t miss Libby’s other award-winning crime fiction:






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by Gwyn Ramsey

First Edition July 17, 2008

Treble Heart Books

ISBN 978-1-932695-74-8

JOURNEY TO TRACER’S POINT is a historical family saga during the 1849 gold rush. The story typifies how people went west in search of their dreams of gold, many dying on the way. It tells of the loneliness and dangers involved of traveling west in a covered wagon during the mid 1800’s. The old adage that if you worked hard you’d have a chance for success.


“JOURNEY TO TRACER’S POINT takes the reader on one long adventure, from the hills of Virginia to the gold fields of California. For anyone who enjoys American history, Ramsey has done considerable research. A good read!”- Gail L. Jenner, author of ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS, Winner of the 2002 WILLA Literary Award, Women Writing the West

“I don’t know which I liked best- the engaging cast of characters that Ramsey has created or the exciting adventures she sends them on. JOURNEY TO TRACER’S POINT is filled with the kind of details that make the story of traveling acorss America in a covered wagon both real and exciting. I didn’t want to see the story end and have to leave the characters behind.”- Margaret Coal, author of BLOOD MEMORY, Berkley

“Ramsey has a descriptive writing style that is very visual. Her debut novel is a bittersweet journey of the heart, an authentic depiction of the tribultions of a family as the traverse to California during the gold rush.”- Cynthis Leal Massey, author of THE CABALLEROS OF RUBY, TEXAS, Farris Literary Agency

Read praises for JOURNEY TO TRACER’S POINT at http://www.gwyramsey.bogspot.com

Order a copy from Treble Heart Books at http://www.trebleheartbooks.com

Order a copy off the internet at Amazon.com

Order a copy through your favorite bookstore

Or contact the author at http://www.gwynramsey@yahoo.com

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