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by Adele Seronde

Let us return to our native place…

Is it too late to save the Earth? Gloom may fill the news of the day but not the pages of Adele Seronde’s OUR SACRED GARDEN: THE LIVING EARTH. Her book is at once a search and discovery as Seronde draws upon a lifetime of art and activism, of discovering spirituality and learning the secrets of nature.

She writes of a growing new movement that is transforming this gloom into simple and loving ways to heal our strange and wonderful planet and ourselves, ways to connect once again with nature and to explore with one another the power of the creative spirit which binds us together.

Because of that premise, a significant market exists for this book with people of all agges and backgrounds. For it will be individuals in working communities everywhere that decide to live in harmony with the Earth, our sacred garden, and to get involved in solutions. Offering examples of visionaries and people involved with solutions, this book is divided into sections, beginning with the definition of what a sacred garden truly is: does it mean an oasis? Cloisters connected to a church? Is it a garden that’s always been dedicated to a spiritual energy in a site proclaimed as holy by a shaman, or a priest? Today, it could be a garbage-filled vacant lot in Phoenix or Manhattan, transformed into vegetable and flower gardens, a beloved place, nurturing to all.

Other sections contain her poetry, art, photos and examples of visionaries among us, none famous, who are working for change; also are examples of active and passive healing that result from allowing the beauty and fragrances to envelop their entire being.

Serond’s OUR SACRED GARDEN: THE LIVING EARTH shows that, if we choose to co-create with nature, the result will be a renewed and transcendent living Earth. Only then, will our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to carry it on. If we ignore the voices of change, such as are featured in this book, then what about them?

Adele Seronde

Gardens have been an enduring part of Adele Seronde’s life since she was a child in New England. Born in 1925, daughter of a statesman father, artist mother, and grandparents who were all fervent gardeners, she spent many childhood weekends on the family farm learning how to plant, weed and harvest flowers and crops. Her father’s words during those early years still ring in her ears: “If you have ideas, you are responsible for bringing them to life.”

That advice and those early gardens have been the force behind many of Adele’s life’s accomplishments as a poet, painter, mother, and grandmother, all the while creating gardens of her own, and weaving nature’s colors into her poetry and paintings.

The idea for this book began to germinate in 1987, when Adele joined a group on a tour to visit the Chalice Gardens in Glastonbury, England. So profoundly moved was she by the meaning and beauty of the Chalice Well that she felt her lifetime of loving nature had cristalized into a mission: to help emulate and create such gardens of the spirit around the world and to create this book of paintings, photos, poetry and text. The essence of this book is to show how gardens of the spirit can grow through the hearts and hands of enlightened communities.

Meantime, in 1995, she started Gardens for Humanity, based in Sedona, Arizona, which is still flourishing and has spurred the creation of community gardens across the U.S. In her heart, Seronde believes that today more and more people are awakening to new love…an responsibility…for our sacred garden, the Earth.

To order, contact: National Book Network . custserv@nbnbooks.com or 1-800-462-6420

ISBN 13:978-09843754-5-5 . 0-9843754-5-7 . $26.95 pb . 200 pages

Sanctuary Publications, Inc.
PO Box 20697
Sedona, Az 86341

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Reuniting us with Nature

by Adele Seronde

“Adele’s the kind of person you would love to sit and talk with for hours on end, and reading OUR SACRED GARDEN: THE LIVING EARTH is the next best thing.”- Kris and Joe Neri, Co-owners of the Well Red Coyote Bookstore, Sedona, Az

Be part of a new movement powered by the creative spirit in all of us that offers exciting ways to reconnect with nature and to heal our wonderful planet and ourselves.

Discover the future in our midst, the visionaries all around us. Celebrate those who are meeting Earth’s new challenges. Adele asks us to leave gloom behind and learn to fall in love with the Earth. It is not too late for our planet, but not too soon to reunite with nature. Her painter’s eye and poet’s heart envision a world of beauty and harmony…Adele makes all the gardens in our lives more sacred.

“This wise and insightful book should be read by every parent and teacher in our schools. Hers is a voice that should be listened to by all.”- Daniel Finn, Vice President, Boston College

“Read it and be.”- Steven Katona, Conservation International

OUR SACRED GARDEN is available from Sanctuary Publications
P.O. Box 20697
Sedona, AZ 86341

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