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Kore Press -2013 Auction Most Successful to Date THANK YOU TO THE 53 ARTISTS & 2014 Kore Press Short Fiction Award Winner Myha T. Do & Art Work Grants

Kore Press -2013 Auction Most Successful to Date THANK YOU TO THE 53 ARTISTS & 2014 Kore Press Short Fiction Award Winner Myha T. Do & Art Work Grants

korepress / lifting up the voices of women and grrls since 1993
2013 Auction Most Successful to Date
who donated work to support women writers
VOLUNTEERS & HOSTS for helping Kore commemorate
20 years on November 10, 2013
2013 Auction
Jennifer Camano excited about her winning bid!
2013 auction — Vicki Brown on violin
2013 auction—Mayor Rothschild (Tucson) signs autograph after praising Kore’s work for women and girls.

With over 180 tickets sold and 100 items for auction, Kore Press supporters (including
40 business sponsors and 42 volunteers) raised upwards of $22K last month to celebrate
the 20 year anniversary of the organization. Mayor Rothschild led the ribbon cutting
ceremony to mark the occasion, proclaiming November 10 Kore Press day in Tucson. Performers included Kore co-founder Karen Falkenstrom (Japanese drum), To-ReéNeé McCardle (vocals), Mitzi Cowell (bass), Vicki Brown (violin), Heidi Wilson (saxophone),
Maggie Golston (guitar/vocals), and TC Tolbert (poetry). The bidding muse was Tucson
artist Simon Donovan.

Congratulations 2014 Kore Press Short Fiction Award Winner Myha T. Do

Myha T. Do, of Davis, CA, has won $1,000 plus publication by Kore Press for her short story “To Boil Water,” selected by Kate Bernheimer. Myha earned her BA in English and Comparative Literature from UCB, her MFA in Creative Writing from St. Mary’s College, and her MA in English Literature from Mills College, and is currently a PhD candidate of Comparative Literature at UC Davis.
Bernheimer says of the winning story: “To Boil Water” is so iconoclastic, so elliptical and so very mystic—I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. This story channels Yoko Ono via Franny Glass; it’s a prayer: an occult and traditional meditation on loss that lives in the past and future at once. I found myself reading it over and over again, as if I myself were alive inside of its word—this story contains eerie wisdom. It has a concrete, tale-like abstraction, expressed with the handmade quality of careful hushed phrases. I admire the author’s direct engagement with words. . . ”

Congratulations to the finalists:
Polly Buckingham’s “A Year of Silence”
and August Evans’ “The Mythology of the Wife”
The contest is open annually to female writers for a single, short story.Thank you to all writers who submitted, to the contest readers, judge, and hard-working editorial staff of Kore Press!

Kore Press Receives Its First NEA
Grant for Publishing!

NEA Senior Deputy Chairman Joan Shigekawa announced yesterday that 1,083 grants totaling $25.8 million will be awarded to organizations and individuals across the country for grants in the categories of Art Works, Challenge America, and Creative Writing Fellowships. Kore Press is among them. “The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to support these exciting and diverse arts projects that will take place throughout the United States,” said Shigekawa. “Whether it is through a focus on education, engagement, or innovation, these projects all contribute to vibrant communities and memorable experiences for the public to engage with the arts.”

Art Works grants, of which Literature programming is a part, support the creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence: public engagement with diverse and excellent art, lifelong learning in the arts, and enhancing the livability of communities through the arts. The Art Works grant program supports projects in 13 artistic disciplines. Art Works grants, like all NEA grants to organizations, require a 1:1 match with non-federal funds.

The NEA received 1,528 eligible Art Works applications, requesting more than $75 million in funding. Of those applications, 895 are recommended for grants for a total of $23.4 million. Grant amounts range from $10,000 to $100,000 with an average grant amount of $26,154. Kore was awarded $15,000.

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