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Drew Aquilina Cartoonist- GREEN PIECES: GREEN FROM THE POND UP & Cartoonist Receive the 2011 New York Book Festival Comics Award

Green Pieces Cartoon Studio is pleased to announce that Drew has received yet another* literary award for his cartoon strip Green Pieces and the compilation GREEN PIECES: GREEN FROM THE POND UP. This time The Pond Friends head to New York City where Drew will receive the 2011 New York Book Festival Comics division Runner Up award. Drew is equally honored to celebrate the winner of the Comics division, his mentor and friend, Brian Walker. Brian won with his amazing book, Doonesbury and the Art of G.B. Trudeau, the retrospective of the 40 years of Gary Trudeau.

As many of you know, Brian wrote the Foreword for GREEN FROM THE POND UP. What you may not know is the prequel to this continuing endearing story of two extremely talented cartoonists. Many years ago, when Drew was just starting his cartooning career, he entered a comic strip contest sponsored by The Danbury News-Times in Connecticut. The contestants were competing for valuable placement in that well-known newspaper. Drew’s strip Green Pieces won second place or Runner Up in the contest, besting several well-known and established comic strips, and securing a coveted spot in the News-Times. Coming in first place … yes, you may have guessed … was Brian Walker and Hi and Lois!

20+ years later and Drew finds himself in that very familiar spot, right behind Brian. Knowing him as we do here at Green Pieces Cartoon Studio, Drew could not be more proud or more honored to once again share the spotlight with his friend, mentor and our generation’s quintessential cartoonist and cartooning historian.

Brian and Drew will be honored at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan on June 10, 2011 at 7pm.

Congratulations, Drew and Brian!

*Drew and Green Pieces: Green From the Pond Up has also won:

~ 2011 Green Book Festival Comics/Graphic Novel of the Year

~2011 Paris Book Festival Wildcard Book of the Year

~2011 San Francisco Book Festival Wildcard Honorable Mention.

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