Crowded Fire Theater August 2018 – Presents CHURCH Take a peek at who’s on board!

Take a peek at who’s on board!
We are excited to announce the cast of CHURCH by Young Jean Lee! Directed by Mina Morita, this slyly subversive and surprisingly moving work will feature (from left to right) Lawrence Radecker, Jordan Maria Don, Nkechi Emeruwa, and Alison Whismore. In CHURCH, Young Jean Lee transforms her lifelong struggle with Christianity into an exuberant church service. A traveling group of earnest reverends testify through narrative, song, and dance, testing the expectations of religious and non-religious alike. Come lose, gain and question your faith all in one night.
Reserve Tickets Now!
Support CFT and win amazing things!
We hold a fundraising salon and auction once in a while – for CHURCH, we had some AMAZING PACKAGES come in, and we knew that we had to give everyone a chance to win!
We’re collecting proxy bids for the two packages below now – let us know your max bid, and we’ll designate a CFT Resident Artist to bid on your behalf.

Your support for Crowded Fire will allow us to provide subsidized tickets for CHURCH and support hundreds of artists through our mentorship, new play development, and mainstage programs.

Bid NOW, through 8/17!
The winner of this package will receive a Warriors Party hosted by CFT Board Member and Super-Fan, Tina Brier! You and a friend will spend the evening with Tina and her husband David watching an away game on her big-screen TV in Moraga, and you’ll receive:
  • a SIGNED and framed Klay Thompson photograph!
  • Zaza Pachulia bobble head!
  • Warriors dog collar!
  • Dinner, and pre-game discussion & snacks!
  • David’s specialty Warriors martinis!
  • Warriors t-shirts!
A convenient date will be arranged for

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PM PRESS – Hobo Literture

New from PM Press
$27.95   |  544 Pages
ISBN: 9781629635187
Iain McIntyre

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From the 1870s until the Second World War, millions of Americans left their homes to board freight trains that would carry them vast distances, sometimes to waiting work, often to points unknown. Congregating in skid rows, socializing around campfires, and bringing in the nation’s crops, these drifters were set apart from conformist America by a lifestyle possessing its own haunts, vocabulary, and cultural, sexual, and ethical standards. Alternately derided and lionized for their footloose ways and nonconformity, hoboes played a crucial and largely neglected role in the creation of not only America’s infrastructure, industry, and agriculture but also its culture, politics, and music.
The first anthology of its kind, On the Fly! brings forth the lost voices of Hobohemia. Dozens of stories, poems, songs, stories, and articles produced by hoboes are brought together to create an insider history of the subculture’s rise and fall. Adrenaline-charged tales of train hopping, scams, and political agitation are combined with humorous and satirical songs, razor sharp reportage and unique insights into the lives of the women and men who crisscrossed America in search of survival and adventure.
From iconic figures such as labor martyr Joe Hill and socialist novelist Jack London through to pioneering blues and country musicians, and little known correspondents for the likes of the
Hobo News, the authors and songwriters contained in On the Fly!run the full gamut of Hobohemia’s wide cultural and geographical embrace. With little of the original memoirs, literature, and verse remaining in print, this collection, aided by a glossary of hobo vernacular and numerous illustrations and photos, provides a comprehensive and entertaining guide to the life and times of a uniquely American icon. Read on to enter a world where hoboes, tramps, radicals, and bums gather in jungles, flop houses, and boxcars; where gandy dancers, bindlestiffs, and timber beasts roam the rails once more.
“This book is a tantalizing boxcar ride back through the history of the hobo, all told from the hobo’s point of view. What more could anyone ask?”
—-Paul Garon, coeditor of What’s the Use of Walking If There’s a Freight Train Going Your Way? Black Hoboes & Their Songs and author of Blues and the Poetic Spirit
“On the Fly! is indispensable for understanding not only the hobo life but also the on-the-ground history of our urban industrial order.”
—-Todd DePastino, author of Citizen Hobo: How a Century of Homelessness Shaped America
“A wonderful and definitive collection of hobo prose, poetry, and song. Iain McIntyre has painstakingly collected a rich array of hobo writing that together speaks to the rich and varied lives these itinerant travellers inhabited along the iron highway.”
—-John Lennon, author of Boxcar Politics: The Hobo in U.S. Culture and Literature, 1869-1956 
Iain McIntyre is a Melbourne-based author, musician, and community radio broadcaster who has written a variety of books on activism, history, and music. Previous publications include Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture from the 1950 to 1980 (PM Press, 2017), How to Make Trouble and Influence People: Pranks, Protest, Graffiti and Political Mischief-Making from Across Australia (PM Press, 2013),
Wild About You: The Sixties Beat Explosion in Australia and New Zealand (Verse Chorus Press, 2010), and Tomorrow Is Today: Australia in the Psychedelic Era, 1966-70 (Wakefield Press, 2006).
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PM Press, PO Box 23912, Oakland, CA 94623
Sent by in collaboration with

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University of Arizona Poetry Center August 2018 – Coming Events

Coming up soon at the Poetry Center.
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August 2018 Events

Whitman Circle Summer Social: Meet Our New Literary Director, Diana Delgado – August 8, Wednesday at 5:30 PM / Come cool off with a cold beverage and help us welcome Diana Delgado, the new Literary Director at the University of Arizona Poetry Center.  Diana will help oversee the Reading Series, the Classes and Workshops program, and more.  A current NEA Literature Fellow, Diana’s first book will be released by BOA Editions in 2019.  Light hors d’oeuvres provided. Free and open to the public. This event takes place at Hotel Congress, 311 E Congress St.

Scholarships for Fall 2018 Classes & Workshops are NOW OPEN!

We’ve had one change to our lineup, so be sure to check our Fall 2018 Classes & Workshops offerings here. Apply today for a scholarship here.

UA Joins Forces with the American Literary Translators Association

We’re excited to join forces with ALTA as they move to Tucson and join the College of Humanities! Read about our partnership here.

Copyright © 2018 The University of Arizona Poetry Center, All rights reserved.
Coming Up at the Poetry CenterOur mailing address is:

The University of Arizona Poetry Center

1508 E. Helen St.

TucsonAZ 85721

Add us to your address book

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Holden & Arts Associates – 2019-2020 touring productions

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Hello! Happy days of summer!

Here at HAA, the hot summer days are flying by and we are looking ahead to the fall with great excitement.

We are so proud to announce our roster for the 2019-2020 touring season. In these offerings, you’ll find incredible productions based on new and classic literature. You’ll find innovative use of technology and opportunities for audience engagement and participation. You’ll find live music, movement, and dance.  And you will find extraordinary stories.

Stories of love and family, like the bond between two male penguins and their baby chick in Penguins from Cahoots NI. Stories of kindness, like when Sophia seeks to help her friend fill her empty fridge in Childsplay’s Maddi’s Fridge. Stories of acceptance, like when a strange alien robot finds a new home, far from her own planet, in Beep from Windmill Theatre Co. Stories with ideas like these are meant to be shared far and wide – a value that is beautifully illustrated in Inlet Dance Theatre’s What Do You Do With an Idea?  

We believe these productions will bring joy to your audiences just as they have to all of us.  Please check out our website, which now reflects the 2019-2020 touring productions and is fully uploaded with materials such as videos, photos, reviews, and more.

We’ll be at the fall regional conferences (WAA #803, AMW #713, and PAE #105) but don’t hesitate to be in touch at any time. Give us a call or email to set up a conference appointment or to start talking about your interests and available dates.

We’re excited to speak with you about all our artists and work with you to build a successful 2019-2020 season for your community.

Best Regards,
Spring, Sarah, Stacy, Theresa and Michael

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THE WRITERS STUDIO – Therese Eiben, whose story “Pass the Baby” was chosen guest judge Anne Tyler as the Honorable Mention winner for the 2018 Curt Johnson Prose Award & Classes & other things

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Mattie Lennon Irish Author- NOTHING RHYMES WITH VOLVO.


By Mattie Lennon.

I’m trying to set up a support group called VOLLOCS; with a V. (Acronym will be explained anon).

You see I owned a Morris Minor in the seventies…Which reminds me. Have you ever noticed, apart from the social possibilities afforded, the literary merit of the MM? Fair play to Christy Moore, Richie Kavanagh, and Micky McConnell – they saw the rhyming potential of the Morris Minor; Dine ‘er, Wine ‘er, Baldy Miner, Recline ‘er. Try working Peugeot, Chrysler, Citron, or Hyundai into a villanelle or a sonnet.

Have you ever heard anyone stand up at a Fleadh to sing; “The Toyota Camry Car?” And an ode to an Isuzu or a Renault would be utter Philistinism. I suppose you could rhyme something with KA, but who’d want to?

I digress. As I said, I owned an MM in the seventies and I sustained a lumber-disc-lesion (slipped disc to you) in the same decade. I contracted the latter in the back of the former during nocturnal post-dance activities around Lacken and surrounding areas of the Wicklow Mountains. I claim the Morris Minor designers/manufacturers were, at least partly, negligible through providing front seats which tilted forward making certain pelvic roll-back activities possible, if uncomfortable, in the rear. There are many places in our towns and cities, where the outside of a building describes an internal right angle, contagious to the thoroughfare. Have you ever noticed that, in such corners, there is sometimes a convex railing, with a spiked top, in position? This was a Victorian device for the purpose of discouraging erotica while parallel with the perpendicular. Why couldn’t Sir Alec Issigonis have designed, if not spikes then, some form of deterrent in the back seat of the MM?

But instead of inhibiting they subtly advertised the added facility. A promotion leaflet from fifty years ago reads; “…relax in perfect comfort in the rear seat of the Morris…the seat is extra wide and deep and there is extra leg room…deep pile carpets pad the floor…” More recently Paul Skilleter, in a Technical and Historic analysis of the Morris Minor, says it;”…gave a standard of ride-comfort such as had never been experienced in a small British car before…is more than a car…it is a familiar, dependable friend that does everything asked of it….has well planned accommodation inside.”

And what did the late Ian Nairn mean, when he wrote, of the MM, in the Sunday Times,; “…there is no way I can see a comfortable solution to a passionate embrace in the back seat?”

Bad back or no bad back it would be sharp practice on my part to take legal action against the designers of a machine with such attributes; and anyway, Sir Alec Issigonis didn’t leave forwarding address. Of course I mightn’t fare very well in court anyway; and it would be less than prudent to call a witness.

I see, now, where the British inventor, Cris McGlone, has applied for a patent for the “Posture Perfect”; a buzzing leotard. If the wearer adopts a wrong posture an alarm will go off. I wonder…

A friend of mine, a shopkeeper, claims the aforementioned alternative gymnastics are not possible in the MM. (This man once owned a Morris Minor, but it must be said he has a perfect back) “I’ll show you how possible it is,” says I ” Get me a Morris Minor and a…” Then I remembered the words of Nicolas Boileau; “Chaquee age a ses plaisirs…” (every age has It’s pleasures) I am anno-domino-barred. However I felt obliged to point out to my friend, the shopkeeper, that when Dermot O’Leary was promoting “The Oldest Swinger in Town,” it wasn’t a Prefect or an Austin Seven he used on the posters.

I’d swear the ancient Romans knew the erotically appealing properties of the MM; do you remember that little red car in the background in Ben Hur? It certainly wasn’t a Romeo or a Lada.

Remember the character in Lee Dunne’s “Does Your Mother” who was conceived in a watch-mans hut; he was called “Watchbox.” Now wouldn’t Morris Minor make a better name for a person than, say, Ford Orien or Opel Vectra?

A University-of-California study has found that men whose initials form negative acronyms e.g. P.I.G. or B.U.M. die 2.8 years younger than those with initials like V.I.P. or W.I.N. It would hardly be conducive to longevity to be called Volvo Diesel or Saab Turbo.

And speaking of longevity; the next time you see some fellow walking with difficulty (I would have every sympathy with him, he is in pain) but, ask him what’s wrong with him. He will quote all sorts of erudite specialists and tell you we evolved too quickly. We weren’t intended to stand up straight, he’ll tell you. Then you’ll have to listen to all sorts of fancy terminology; Scoliosis, Lordosis, Lor…this and Lor..that. Just listen to him for a while and then innocently ask; “Did you ever bring a Morris Minor to a dance?”

If you happen to see my old Morris Minor on the road (the Reg.No. is 7440 IK) have a look at the current driver. If it’s male and walking in the manner described above, there is a good chance he didn’t heed the warning on the faded bumper-sticker; PRACTICE SAFE SEX, AVOID THE BACK SEAT.

Oh, I nearly forgot the acronym.


Mattie Lennon

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