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8 responses to “My Theater

  1. Frederick Sperberg

    I, too, attended Trinity (class of ’73). Tonight, as I talked about Faulkner with my son’s junior English class teacher, I mentioned Journey to Jefferson.

    I always thought it was McKinney who adapted it, but I see you credit Bob Flynn. My ultimate interest is in trying to acquire a script. Could you tell me how to get in touch with Flynn?

    Thank you,

    F Sperberg

  2. Hi Frederick,
    It’s good to hear from you. Were you connected with Trinity Theater? I would be interested in hearing more about it during your era. Robert Flynn did adapt JOURNEY TO JEFFERSON from Faulkner’s AS I LAY DYING. If I’m not mistaken Baker directed it. It had a very successful tour of Europe and the production was awarded a big prize. I saw the production at the Dallas Theater Center. It was quite something, one of Baker’s signiture pieces, one of many. I will always remember the family, pulling that heavy wagon on the revolving stage. And characters hanging around with straw between their teeth. Robert Flynn has a slick website. Google Robert Flynn Randy Ford

  3. croatiandrama


    Very nice blog. I’m writing about Croatian theatre so if you are interested in it visit my blog:

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for putting me onto croatiandram. It is certainly an impressive website. Croatian drama seems to have a tremendous amount of vatility. I would like to go back to Zagreb. The only time we went through there, we were pulled over for a traffic violation.
    I highly recommend your website: Randy Ford

  5. croatiandrama

    Thank you Randy. It’s exciting time for Croatian drama right now. We have a lot’s of very good playwrights. Hope you gonna read some of them sometimes.

  6. Hats off to Croatian drama.

  7. Hi Randy,

    It appears you have been improvising and teaching as long as I have….

    Have you observed a shift in the popularity and pubic interest in improvisation? The last version to strike the consciousness of the masses was through the popularity of ” Whose Line….”. Since then it seems the curiosity of people and especially young people has waned somewhat.

  8. Hi Cordwood,
    Both as a director and a playwright, improvisation has always been key to my creativity. For me, it is a departure point. I agree with your observations. Keep it up. Randy

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