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Gatherings of writers, paid or free, for education and enlightenment

Raven Grimaldi-

Raven Grimaldi-

 Writing, editing and proofreading services

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    Raven provides writing, editing and proofreading services for business writing, fiction and non-fiction writing. Raven has been in the writing business for more than …
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    About Raven. Welcome. This is a site dedicated not just to writers and readers – but to the dreamers, the curious, the creative and anyone who enjoys sailing away …
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    Good morrow, gentle readers. As some of you know, I have eclectic tastes in fiction, but one rule remains clear: it must be well-written to make my recommended list.
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    Raven Grimaldi | Wordsmith, Writer, Editor, Raconteur, Master Gardener and Mother.Raven has been in the writing business for over 20 years.

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Gecko Gals Ink, LLC

Authors who are “Differently Expertised”

PO Box 35271, Tucson, AZ  85740-5271

We offer writing workshops for those who wish to compose, whether for private use or publication.

Sign up for our newsletter at our blog:

Mark your calendars now for the ALL-ZONA BOOK FEST  Sunday, October 12, 2014

St. Francis Cabrini Church

3201 East Presidio Road

Tucson, AZ 85716

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Catherine Ann Jones Author – an inspirational two-day workshop -THE WAY OF THE STORY presented by Catherine Ann Jones

Catherine Ann Jones Author – an inspirational two-day workshop -THE WAY OF THE STORY presented by Catherine Ann Jones

Join award-wining writer Catherine Jones for an inspirational two-day workshop

“We’ve become lopsided living only in our heads.
Writing, in order to serve the soul, must integrate outer
craft with inner world of intuition and feeling.”
-Catherine Ann Jones, New York Times

April 26th, 27th 2014
at Rancho del Malibu

I attended Catherine Ann Jones’ workshop on the
top of a mountain in Malibu on a glorious Indian
summer day. Ms Jones has the knack of saying
just the right words to bring out your dreams, desires,
hopes and failures through the writing process.
Oh, and the food the setting are divine!
Linda Lee Bell

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Autographs  .  Memorabilia

Alan Bean art  .  Exclusives  .  Artifacts from astronauts  .  Signings  .  Books  Photos


Annual conference of astronomers, astronauts, artists, exhibitors, public


original art  .  giclee prints  .  litho prints  .  posters  .  minis  .  world’s best artists

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Mattie Lennon Author- COME HOME TO KERRY (North Kerry Reaching Out Festival)

By Mattie Lennon

I’ve always felt that Kerry people have a more profound sense of place than anyone else.

I’m sure the Lisselton writer Maurice Walsh was thinking of Kerry specifically when he wrote, “A place acquires an entity of its own, an entity that is the essence of all the life and thoughts and griefs and joys that have gone before.”

The late John B. Keane once wrote that if you spin a Kerryman around, three times, in any part of the world, when he stops rotating a certain one of his appendages will be pointing to Mount Brandon.

North Kerry Reaching Out (NKRO) is a coming together on a voluntary basis of the villages of North Kerry with a view to promoting and preserving our culture, heritage and history. It covers the parishes of: • Listowel • Ballyduff • Lisselton / Ballydonoghue • Ballybunion • Asdee • Ballylongford • Tarbert • Duagh • Lyreacrompane • Lixnaw • Moyvane/ Newtownsandes • Knockanure • Finuge and Kilflynn.

I’ll bet you won’t find one of the above place names that haven’t produced a poet, playwright, songwriter, novelist or philosopher. (Words are the tools of Kerry People and North Kerry is the home of the lateral thinker. Ireland’s greatest living man-of-letters, Kerryman, Con Houlihan, who says of North Kerry children ‘You would have a better chance of winning a duel with a Moore Street trader’ tells the story of how, when he was teaching in Renagown, he said to a young misbehaving child, I’ll kill you.” The reply? “If you kill me, sir, you’ll have to bury me.”) Wherever a Kerry person goes in the world he or she won’t usually lose the run of themselves; perhaps Bryan McMahon’s advice, all those years ago, to “Always keep one foot in the cow-dung” was unnecessary after all.

As one committee member buts it, “We are inviting people . . . to come and enjoy a week among their own people . . . . Join us in a magical journey through the towns and parishes that your ancestors left in centuries & decades past.”

However, if you, or your ancestors, are not from any of the places mentioned, don’t worry. The good people of North Kerry will look after you. And if you are famous and have North Kerry forebears you are in good company. The ancestors of world renowned figures as diverse as Thomas Moore and Kylie Minogue were reared on the banks of the Feale. When North Kerry Reaching Out Heritage Project (NKRO) invites the Irish Diaspora worldwide for its ‘Week of Welcomes’ it means it. Kerry people can give a welcome like nobody else.

In its few short months of existence NKRO has developed a network of followers throughout the world, whom it has helped trace their roots in North Kerry. Lewis Mumford said, “Every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers.”

Whether or not you revolted against your father NKRO, through its Genealogy Programme, will ensure that you get the opportunity to make friends with your grandfather and his grandfather and his . . .

The next step on its journey of discovery is the hosting of its first welcome home festival in the first week in August 2012. Activities planned for the week include ‘A Day in the Bog’, workshops in genealogy and local history, trips to places of beauty and historic importance as well as opportunities to learn a few Irish dance steps and how to wield a camán.

If you come to a place that produced George Fitmaurice, Brendan Kennelly, John B. Keane, Bryan McMahon, Dan Keane, Professor Alfred O Rahilly and Sean McCarthy you won’t be disappointed. Our Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan, has found a connection between Listowel and, no less a scribe than, William Shakespeare. This is interesting because Professor Paul Myers of the Theatre Department of KU, Kansas, points out that some words in “Midsummer Night’s Dream” don’t rhyme if delivered in an English accent which prompts the question if Helena and Lysander were played by two Duagh people would the rhythm be more pleasing to the ear?

And a small corner of this green and misty island which can hold such international events as the Dan Paddy Andy Festival, The Brendan Kennelly Festival, the Sean McCarty Weekend and Listowel Writers Week, now in its 41st year, must be doing something right.

“Plans are currently being finalised for our week-long festival in August and we are looking forward to welcoming our many guests from throughout the world to experience life in North Kerry”, said Ger Greaney, Chairman of the Group. “We are delighted to say that we have already received several bookings from as far away as the USA and Australia. Irish people too are welcome to join us. We would love our group to be made up of North Kerry people from near and far.”

The package will include;
• Transport from airport
• Transport to and from events
• Entry to all events (such as turf cutting lessons, bog walking, traditional Irish music sessions and more)
• Transportation to visit your ancestral home in North Kerry.
• Concessionary prices from certain businesses within our locality
The detailed Programme of Events is available from the Group’s website which also includes a direct booking facility for the Festival.

Cara Trant, Secretary,
North Kerry Reaching Out,
C/o Seanchaí – Kerry Literary & Cultural Centre,
24 The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry.
Tel. +353 (0)68 22212

Mattie Lennon

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by Ron Mead

. Order from or

. See Ron’s PBS’ TV interview:
(1) Google: Ron Mead PBS. (2) Click on “Arizona Public Media PBS HD Block that methaphor!”

Improve Your Writing Quickly!

What spell check and grammar check can’t do for you, this book will.

This book is an invaluable resource for editors, authors, technical writers, middle, high school and college teacher, students, journalists, bloggers, broadcasters, public speakers, and for writers in the public and private sectors.

“Ron has distilled some of the worst and most common errors in to this readable little book.”- Arizona Daily Star, January 2, 2011


. How to correct the most common errors

. Clear, concise explanations

. Numbering system makes answers easy to find

. Easy-to-read format. For example:
13. Correct Use of Quotation Marks, Underlining, and Italics
A. The comma and the period always go inside quotation marks.
No: One of Hamlet’s most famous lines is “To be or not to be”.
Yes: One of Hamlet’s most famous lines is “To be or not to be.”

Schedule a Grammer Refresher workshop:
Office: (520) 306-2057 or (520)390-5041



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Catherine Ann Jones Author- THE WAY OF THE STORY Writing Workshops For 2011 & 2012

Catherine Ann Jones THE WAY OF THE STORY Upcoming writing workshops 2011- 2012

For online courses:

Nov 11, 2011 Ojai, CA Finding Your Voice in Memoir

Nov 12 Ojai, CA Heal Yourself with Writing

Nov 18-20 San Francisco, CA, The Way of Story,
Feb 4, 2012 (Sat) Los Angeles, CA, Gate Story Conference/ Keynote Speaker, Wadsworth Theatre

March 10 (Sat) Encino, CA, Joseph Campbell Roundtable

April 7 Ojai, CA, The Way of Story

April 29-May 4 Big Sur, CA,, The Power of Story: The Healing Art of Focused Journaling
Aug 21-26 Big Sur, CA, The Way of Story: the craft & soul of writing

?Nov Cruise to Viet Nam & Ang Gor Wat

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