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Haiku Expo Arizona-Inspired Japanese Poetry

Haiku Expo Arizona-Inspired Japanese Poetry

Free online entry

In the spirit of raising awareness of the arts and culture of Japan, we challenge you to write your own Arizona-inspired huiku poem.  This a new event at the Arizona Matsuri, a Festival celebrating Japanese arts, culture, food, music and dance at Heritage and Science Park in downtown Phoenix on February 21-22, 2015.

This event is open to all residents of Arizona and our sister of Himeji, Japan.  A select number of outstanding entries will be displayed online and at the Arizona Matsuri Festival.  Visit us online to learn about haku, entry guidelines, lesson plans, and submit up to 3 original haiku per person free of charge.  Entry Deadline: Feb. 7, 2015.

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Ron Wick Author- GOLD COAST MURDER & New Short Fiction Contest

New Author, New Release, New Short Fiction Contest


GCM_200I’m pleased to announce that yesterday, we released Ron Wick’s new mystery, Gold Coast Murders. The murder of Hailey Cashland, a Gold Coast Academy teacher who’s leading a double life from childhood sex abuse to the skin industry and multiple loves, exposes a sordid affair. Smart and sassy Seattle detective Michelle “Mitch” Santiago deals with personal issues paralleling the victim’s life while searching for the killer, now a predator with two victims. This is the first in the Santiago Mystery series. Since you’re reading this newsletter, you can Get Your Copy Today in Kindle, Nook, Apple, or PDF format for 50% Off at Smashwords. During checkout, enter coupon code ZP94A (not case-sensitive) to get your discount. Get your copy today! This book is also available at Amazon, but it’s regular price there.

Ron Wick_300Ron Wick is a retired teacher, principal and poet from the Seattle area, now living in Arizona. As an educator he also worked with police and court authorities involving many criminal issues, ranging from juvenile delinquencies to suspected pedophiles. One of his students was alleged to be a Green River murder victim. He is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all humanity and will donate 10% of his royalties to Lions Clubs International Foundation, the charitable arm of the association of which he has been a member and officer for 35 years.

We invite you to drop by StoneThread Publishing and check out our other titles as well. We have some really great authors. You’ll never find a bad story at StoneThread Publishing.

If You’re a Writer of Short Fiction you might be interested in our latest Short Story Competition.

For this one we’re seeking hard-nosed stuff: detective, mystery, thriller, psychological suspense, police procedural, etc. Anything from the hard-working gumshoe working homicide in Detroit or Chicago or New York to an interdimensional being tracking a bail jumper through time to your best female sleuth, you know, sleuthing and stuff. If it moves the reader to the edge of his chair or makes him shrink back in fear, send it.

Winners receive cash prizes plus publication. Visit our Contest Page for complete details.

In the meantime, if you know anyone who would like to sponsor a StoneThread Short Fiction contest, please have them contact me at

Finally, if you’ve finished that novel or short story collection and you’re seeking publication, why not give us a shot? If we accept your manuscript for publication, you’ll be in some really great company. Just take a look at our About and FAQs pages, and if we seem a suitable match for you, check out our Submissions Guidelines.


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Gail Gibbs Author- Short Story “The Hung Gun” First Place Winner in the Jim Martin Memorial Writing Contest

“The Hung Gun”

by Gail Gibbs

Gail Gibbs’ short story “The Hung Gun” was the First Place Winner in the Jim Martin Memorial Writing Contest held by the Arizona Mystery Writers. The award included a cash prize, and a special publication of winning stories in the MYSTERY MANIA. Gibbs encourages all those interested in mystery writing to check out the Arizona Mystery Writers, and to watch for the next contest in the spring of 2012.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 40. No. 4 Aug/Sept 2011

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Blank page

blank page

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The Poetry Center- Solar Poetry Contest

      The Poetry Center and The Arizona Research Insitute for Solar Energy (AzRIZE) presents a university-wide Solar Poetry Contest.  The contest is presented in celebration of the University of Arizona’s upcoming participation in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, an international student competition to build a house fully powered by the sun. 

      The Poetry Center invites all UofA students and benefits-eligible staff to submit a sonnet about the sun to Solar Poetry Contest. 

     Three $500 prizes will be given for the best Petrarchan, Shakespearean, and Non-traditional Sonnet. 

      Judged by US Creative Writing Professor Alison Hawthorne Deming

     Deadline for submission is May 15, 2009

     Winners will be announced in August 2009 and will have the opportunity to read their work at the public viewing of the solar house on August 28.

      Sonnet Forms

      A Petrarchan Sonnet (also called Italian Sonnet) has a two-part structure; an octave (8-line stanza) and a sestet (6-line stanza).  The break between the two stanzas is called the volta, or turning point, and at this time something in the poem’s argument changes.  There are several variations of the Petrarchan rhme scheme-especially for the last stanza-but it tends to be: abbaabba in the octave, and cdcdcd or cdecd in the sestet. 

      A Shakespearean Sonnet (also called Elizabethan or English Sonnet) is comprised of three quatrains (four-line stanzas) and one couplet, and its rhyme scheme tends to be: abad cdcd efefgg.  The closing couplet marks the Shakespearean Sonnet’s volta, or turning point.

      A Non-Traditional Sonnet is written in free-verse, which means it need not be written in an particular meter, and it most likely does not rhyme.  A non-traditional sonnet will also always still be 14 lines and contain some sort volta, or turning point, but it need not be broken into stanzas of specific length; it might not be broken into stanzas at all. 

      To enter, please review guidelines:

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      Connie Spittler’s story “Universal Language” appears in the July released CUP OF COMFORT FOR CAT LOVERS, Adams Media’s national best selling series.  The book celebrating feline friends is available in bookstores or from Connie.  She read from the the CUP OF COMFORT, as well as from her book THE DESERT ETERNAL at the Humane Society’s Adopt-A-Thon Fair on August 2nd.  When Connie read to a group of children there, she noticed one girl about ten years old, hanging on every word.  The child’s eyes widened with the story’s events, and she frowned when appropriate.  The girl also whispered little comments, like “Oh, no,” and “Aw” to add to the reading and flashed a bit smile afterward.  About half an hour later, the little girl came back and whispered, “would you read me the story again?  Of course that is exactly what happened.  It was Connie’s turn to smile, because it’s truly one of the reasons that writers write, isn’t?

      At this same event, Connie sold a copY of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE GRANDPARENT’S SOUL, which contains her story, “Through a Windowpane,” the true tale of a granddaughter and a baby quail.  The purchaaser had her son with her and a neighbor child.  The woman told Connie the book would be a gift for the little girl’s grandparents, who were adopting the child after her parents disappeared.  That book received a very special inscription, indeed CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE GRANDPARENT’S SOUL is available through Amazon. 

      Recently Connie rewrote the story, “Through the Windowpane” and called it, “The Nest.  Recently she received word that it was selected as a finalist in the Enviornmental Protection Agency competition called the Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder Contest.  Only stories that were intergenerational were considered.  Results expected sometime in the fall.

      Taken from the October-November 2008 THE WRITE WORD the newsletter of THE SOCIETY OF SOUTHWESTERN AUTHORS

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