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George R. R. Martin Author- A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE


by George R. R. Martin

from The Quill Sisters

“We love this series of books by George R. r. Martin on two separate fronts.  The books are filled with thrilling battles and love and betrayal and huge wolves and- holy crap- dragons.  This is epic story telling in the vein of Tolkien.  Who wouldn’t be sold?  Martin constantly keeps you on your toes by killing off main characters.  Amylynn has been a fan since before the HBO show and now there is a whole new set of fans for her to gush with.  You want to know why the HBO show is so good?  It’s because, despite the necessity of editing the inches thick books, the series follow Mr. Martin’s work very closely.  The casting is superior and sets are awe inspiring.  Do yourself a favor and get the first book- you’ll want to read more.  Then tun in to the series.  start at the beginning.  Peter Dinkle is Tyrion personified and Amylynn has a real soft spot for the Hound.  We discovered that Mr. Martin lives very close to Albuquerque and now we’re looking into the restraining order laws in the state of New Mexico.    Don’t be alarmed, Mr. Martin.”

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by Geoffrey Notkin

Geoffrey Notkin’s first book, METEORITE HUNTING: HOW TO FIND TREASURE FROM SPACE won a 2012 IPPY Award as one of the best independently-published science books of the year.  His second book, ROCK STAR: ADVENTURES OF A METEORITE MAN, is his autobiography, and was published last summer.  It has been favorably reviewed by numerous publications.  “In my spare time, I am still a columnist for  I’m currently working on a feature film that scheduled to commence filming in July:–2

Also, I’ve been on the road for most of the last three years, working on my TV series, Meteorite Men, which airs on Science Channel in the US, and Discovery and other networks worldwide.  For more details visit”

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42.  No.3  June/July 2013

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Well my film is here for all to view. After achieving international recognition, I was finally OKd to upload my feature length documentary (96min) to youtube, for the world to view on line. Of course it only took 6 years to produce and 48 hours to upload. I decided to premier it on line in my blog at the Tucson Citizen, but there is a link at the bottom of my blog to go direct to youtube. That’s one chapter of my life complete, now back to the gallery and the world of fine art.

The Untold Truth about the American/Mexican Border (watch the complete 96min documentary on line here at the Tucson Citizen) – Living on the Border

Thanks to all.

Karl W Hoffman
Documentary Film Producer
Freelance Photojournalist
Multimedia Reporter
P.O. Box 759
Arivaca, Arizona 85701-0759

For information on photography exhibits and prints, lectures, interviews, photo usage, border tours and to order the documentary on DVD and view Living on the Border documentary trailer please visit:

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Dan Baldwin Author- FIND ME


by Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin’s “As Told To” book FIND ME is the basis for a documentary shot for Looking Up Productions of New York. POUNDING THE GROUND tells the story of FIND ME, an international group of psychics and retired and active law enforcement personnel who search for missing persons and solve crimes. Also featured is the group’s sister organization Arizona Search Track & Rescue, a highly-trained group of volunteers working with scent, track and cadaver dogs. The documentary has been shot and is now being edited.

Baldwin is a co-founder of FIND ME. His skill is pendulum dowsing. He also accompanies AZSTAR on search and rescue/recovery missions as a “ground pounder.” FIND ME is a volunteer organization and does not seek or accept reward money. They work only at the request of or in full cooperation of the appropriate legal authority on each case.

The book FIND ME is available for download through Amazon and as a paperback through CreateSpace. A trailer for the documentary, including interviews with Baldwin, is available at

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 41. No. 5 October/November 2012

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by Ifa Bayeza

Sunday, September 16, 3:00 pm, Chiego Lecture Hall Trinity University

Written by Chicago playwright Ifa Bayeza, THE BALLAD OF EMMETT TILL is a beautifully told story of a boy who sparked the civil rights movement of the 1950s. Directed by Vincent Hardy, five San Antonio actors capture the simple joys and powerful truths at the heart of the story, creating a work of poetry and theatricality you will remember for the rest of your life.

Following the reading, Vincent Hardy, Assistant Professor, St. Philips College, and Jody Blake, Curator, Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts, lead a discussion along with the cast.

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Mattie Lennon Irish Poet- “YELL VOTE FOR ME ” A Mini Play

by Mattie Lennon

Set; A cottage door set in a whitewashed wall with a small window on either side is facing the road .
A nearby telephone pole, to the right, has an election poster attached with a picture of a young handsome man and the caption “Number One for Barton.” Tim, an elderly pipe-smoking man wearing a battered hat is leaning over a half-door, looking towards the poster and talking to himself. He has all the hallmarks of a small farmer and has a habit of spitting mid-sentence.

TIM; I told them in 1937 ‘ vote for the constitution and you vote for your own downfall’. But would they listen? No. Too many of them knew too bloody much. Ah yes,
“ . . . The Irish nation hereby affirms its inalienable and sovereign right to choose its own form of Government . . “ Sovereign right me arse. What right have we now? Sovereign or otherwise. Oh, they may wipe their arse with article33 now. “There shall be a Comptroller and Auditor General to control on behalf of the State all disbursements and to audit all accounts of moneys administered by or under authority of the Oireachtas.” And then , “ . . every citizen without distinction of sex who has reached the age of twenty-one years, and who is not placed under disability or incapacity by this Constitution or by law, shall be eligible for membership of Dail Eireann.” Aye , “eligible”. No wonder we have the shower o’ gobshites that we have above in Leinster House. The lord have mercy on the old people. I remember before the foundation of the State. . .

An overweight middle-aged man approaches the door from the right, Tim’s “blind-side”, He is carrying a number of leaflets and and is wearing a rosette bearing the words; “Vote for Jimmy Miley.”

POLITICAN; Good morning to you Tim. It’s younger you’re getting. How are you getting on?

TIM; (Turning round but showing no signs of embarrassment) Ah, I’m middlen’ Jimmy.

POLITICAN; Isn’t it after been rough old weather. . and. . . . isn’t the cost of living terrible?

TIM; I suppose we can’t do much about either of them.

POLITICAN; Well, a change of government would do something about the living cost.

TIM; An’ what about the divil ye know?

POLITICAN; We had some quare promises made here over the years. Do you remember O ‘Reilly the Labour fellow? When everybody in Kylebeg had to carry water uphill in galvanised buckets he spent his whole career promising to get a well sunk and a pump for them.

TIM; The well always dried up after the election.

POLITICAN; Every one of his after-Mass meetings would finish with the punchline, “An’ the Kylebegs will have their water.”

TIM; That was well put . . .in one way. But sure no one can do anything for anyone now unless they’re told to do it beyant in Europe

POLITICAN; I’m after getting the pension for old Johnny Doyle.

TIM; Isn’t Johnny over 66?

POLITICAN ; No matter what age he is nobody got the pension for him before.

TIM; I suppose it’s better late . . .

POLITICAN; (Cutting him off)If I’m elected I’ll look after the people of Kylebeg. Wasn’t all belonging to me reared in it. I know you’ll give me your number one Tim but do you honestly think I’ll be elected.

TIM; Of course you will; ye’ll walk it.

POLITICAN; Do you think so?

TIM; I do. Sure didn’t you say that it was the poor that elected you the last time . . an’ isn’t there twice as many of us now.

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Jerry Yudelson Author- DRY RUN: PREVENTING THE NEXT URBAN WATER CRISIS & Green Building Consultant Releases “Water Wars” Videos


by Jerry Yudelson

Green Building Consultant Releases “Water Wars” Videos

Sustainability planning, green building and water efficiency consultant, Jerry Yudelson, released a three-part video series aimed at preventing future urban water crises

Noted green building expert, author, water crisis guru and sustainability planning consultant, Jerry Yudelson has released a three-part video series entitled “Water Wars” on the YouTube playlist,, and on his YouTube video channel, The total runtime of this visually stunning, message-rich video series is about 11min.

The videos are based on Yudelson’s book, DRY RUN: PREVENTING THE NEXT URBAN WATER CRISIS, which outlines how cities can prepare for a coming era of water scarcity throughout the US and much of the world, brought about by global climate change, increasing urban populations and a growing “water footprint” from human activity.

The green building consultant spoke about the “Water Wars” videos, by saying, “What we are trying to accomplish with the video medium is a new way to reach large numbers of people, so they can develop an understanding about how to prevent future urban water crises, which have become annual events in parts of the United States.”

The videos consist of three parts: first, an introduction to the water supply problems facing us over the coming decade; second, a discussion about the importance of changing the way we build our homes, buildings and cities; and third, action steps people, institutions and political leaders can take right now to prevent future urban water crises in their community.

“I’ve designed these videos,” said Yudelson, “to provide an understandable introduction to preventing future water crises, at a level that can promote community dialog about viable water futures. I find that much of the professional discussion about water issues is simply too complex for the average person to grasp. These videos fill a much needed gap in public education and are designed to spur people to action.”

Yudelson said, “With this larger audience in mind, I decided to take a creative approach with the videos. I wanted to avoid your typical talking-head piece. I decided to partner with a local artist, Jodi Netzer. I thought her creative perspective would perk up more ears and demonstrate how art, engineering and public policy can work together.”

The videos were produced by Jodi Netzer, a Tucson-based graphic designer, community arts organizer and performing artist, who has been the chief organizer of Tucson’s annual Water Festival, at which Yudelson spoke this year. Netzer created Tucson Arts Brigade’s water awareness and civic engagement event “The Water Festival: Synergy of Art, Science, and Community,” and Yudelson says he believes that this title expresses how the three need to be linked to come up with creative solutions to persistent water challenges.

A professional water engineer and experienced sustainability consultant, Yudelson has been involved with promoting the LEED green building rating system and sustainable design for more than 15 years. He is the author of 12 books on the subject of green buildings, green homes, green marketing, water conservation and sustainable development. In 2011, the US Green Building Council named him to the first class of LEED Fellows, in recognition of his efforts over many years to promote sustainable building practices, including water conservation.

About Yudelson Associates
Yudelson Associates is a leading international firm in sustainability consulting, designing with water and green building certification. The founder, Jerry Yudelson, a LEED Fellow, is widely acknowledged as one of the nation’s leading green building and sustainability consultants and is an internationally recognized keynote speaker. In 2011, Wired magazine dubbed him the “Godfather of Green.” He is the author of 12 green building books and served for two years as Research Scholar for Retail Real Estate Sustainability for the International Council of Shopping Centers, a 70,000-member international trade organization. Yudelson is a frequent green building speaker at industry and professional conferences worldwide and chaired the country’s largest annual show, Greenbuild, for six years through 2009.

For more information about the videos, please contact Jerry Yudelson, or visit

Graphic Design • Video • Performing & Visual Arts
520.791.9359 (home/office)
267.334.7857 (mobile)

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