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Ruminate Magazine-The 2017 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize $1,500

Contest closes May 15th
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Friends, distill that moment.

 “I like having a phrase lying around to get poems started.
It’s like having a key.”  — Shane McCrae

If you’re like us, you have poems everywhere—half-hidden in files and folders and titled things like “Renewal,” “Family,” or “Conflict.”  They creep into margins, install themselves in the pages of your notebooks. And sometimes, you can watch them crystallize around a single photo, a single phrase, a single second.

Our finalist judge, Shane McCrae thinks of these phrases as keys, unlocking the truth hiding in that moment. The poem that forms around those phrases makes that truth accessible in a way no other form can—it invites the reader to experience it for themselves.

So return to that poem, the one that is only partly done but already rings true. Sit with it. Return to the phrase that created it and unlock that door.

The 2017 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize closes May 15th, with a $1500 cash prize and publication in Ruminate awarded to the winning poet and $200 and publication in Ruminate awarded to the second-place poet.

Please, accept our invitation to submit your poems.  It’s time to share that truth.



Kristin George Bagdanov

Poetry Editor
Ruminate Magazine
P.S. Want to submit but don’t know where to start? Get our Poetry Prize Bundle!
Poetry Prize Bundle
Our days are often busy and loud, yet we feel empty and asleep. Storytelling and art reminds us to slow down and live more fully awake with compassion, creativity, and curiosity. 

Subscribe and join our community—let’s stay awake together! 

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Mattie Lennon Irish Author- ON RAGLAN ROAD


By Mattie Lennon

“Only in you my song begins and ends.” So wrote Philip Sidney.

 When we are intrigued, uplifted or moved by a song how often do we know where it began?

  Most Irish love-songs were inspired by women. But who were these women? When you listened to Luke Kelly belting out “Raglan Road” or Brendan O Dowda’s rendition of the haunting “Gortnamona”did you wonder who the objects of the composition were?   Gerry Hanberry’s latest book “On Raglan Road – Great Irish Love Songs and the Women Who Inspired Them”   gives the story  of the unrequited love in Patrick Kavanagh’s life when the   Medicanl Student, Hilda Moriarty admired his talent but didn’t want any romantic involvement with the 40 year old poet.  This  inspired the poem   “Raglan Road”.  The book also tells  the stories behind of thirteen  other Irish love songs and in-dept biographical accounts of their authors..  We are told in great detail who the real “Galway Girl”,Nancy Spain” and “Grace” were.  Thin Lizzy’s  “Sarah”, Mick Hanly’s “Past the Point Of Rescue”  and  Johnny Duhan’s  “The Voyage” all have strong and beautiful  women behind them.  The devastating death of Percy’s Frenh’s first wife at a  young age prompted him, in his grief, to compose “Gortnamona”. Whatever about every good man having a woman behind him does every good song have a woman behind it?  

      GerryHanberry has published four collections of poetry to date and also a biography of the Wilde family,  “More Lives Than One – The Remarkable Wilde Family Through the Generations”  and four collections of poetry .   In 2000 he won the prestigious  Originals Short Story prize in Listowel Writers’ Week.     Having won the  Sunday Tribune/Hennessy Award in 2000 he went on to win the  Strokestown Prize 2003 and RTÉ’s Rattlebag Poetry Slam  also in 2003.  In the Summer of 2004 he  won the Brendan Kennelly*/Sunday Tribune Poetry Award  and he also  won the Galway City and Co. Council’s Poetry Award for National Poetry Day 2009 and  he has been shortlisted for many of Ireland’s top poetry prizes .  Apart from his writing he is acoustic guitarist and vocalist with the great Rock, Country, Blues band The Atlantic Rhythm Section.

   He has been invited to read and deliver workshops at many literature festivals and been broadcast on Lyric FM, Galway Bay FM, Newstalk, Midwest Radio, Cape Cod Radio in the US, Ireland’s RTÉ and in Australia.   He holds an MA in Writing from the National University of Ireland, Galway, where he teaches a Creative Writing course to undergraduates. He is also a teacher of English at St. Enda’s College, Salthill. He was a journalist during the 1980s and 1990s, writing a weekly column for the Galway Observer under the name “Joe Barry”. In addition he performs regularly as a singer-songwriter. He runs  creative writing and poetry appreciation workshops and delivers talks on his non-fiction works around them .  He is available to give a reading or talk, sing or play  and can be contacted at ;

*P.S.  I hope Gerry doesn’t mind me using the following; In 2004 Brendan Kennelly wrote “ Raglan Lane “, a celebratory  “poemsong “ that gives Patrick Kavanagh a moment of happy fulfilment rather than a climax of disappointment.

                                               RAGLAN LANE.

In Raglan Lane, in the gentle rain, I saw dark love again,

Beyond belief, beyond all grief, I felt the ancient pain,

The joyful  thrust of holy lust, I stretched on heaven’s floor,

One moment burned what the years had learned and I was wild once more.

The years’ deep cries in her sad eyes became a source of light,

The heavy gloom  and sense of doom changed to pure delight,

And as we walked and talked we knew one thing for sure,

That love is blessed togetherness and loneliness is poor.

Then I grew rich with every touch, we loved the whole night long,

Her midnight hair bon the pillow there became an angel’s song,

Her happy skin, beyond all sin, was heaven opened wide,

But as the dawn came slyly on, I slept and she left my side.

Why  did she go? I’ll never know, nor will the gentle rain,

Her up and go was a cruel blow, and yet I felt no pain

For I had known her body and soul, in my own loving way,

So I lay and thanked the God of love at the dawning of the day.

Mattie Lennon

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The Writer Studio-Cash and Awards for Dyslexic Students & College Scholarships— $40,000 will be awarded in 2017 & Writing Classes

Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so. — Doris Lessing
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Update For Potential Students and Others Interested In Our School
Cash and Awards for Dyslexic StudentsYoung writers age 7-17 Creative Writing Awards. Deadline is January 21, 2017. Cash Prizes:


Also, College Scholarships— $40,000 will be awarded in 2017:

A Good Week to Join Us For A Reading in NYCSunday, January 22, 2017, 7 p.m.

Writers Studio Level III and IV Students

Readings by Maria Galeano, Hani Omar Khalil, Corey Sabourin and Emily Stutz

KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, New York

Free (1 drink minimum)

Complete calendar of readings here.

Last Call For Winter Classes
Click any underlined text for more info and to register or call us 212-255-7075 <you many enter a class up to two weeks late>Online I starts
January 14
January 17NYC I in the West Village starts
January 18
January 23 NYC I in Brooklyn starts
January 19 
Hudson Valley Workshop starts
January 17Tucson Workshop starts
January 17Amsterdam Workshop Started
January 9 < you may enter up to 2 weeks late>

Calling All Poets

If you have an MFA in Poetry or have taken four or more post graduate poetry classes, take one of these classes:

NYC Advanced Poetry in the West Village Started
January 9
You may enter either class up to 2 weeks late.  Use discount code onlinepo for $30 discount

Tutorials Start Whenever

More info is here.
Not Afraid

“The emphasis on the persona narrator keeps me focused on the emotion and not disconnected. Also I have learned to take risks and not be afraid to embarrass myself.” — Catherine Wolf, Online Advanced Poetry student

Read more student feedback here.

Forward to Someone
Inspiration, Opportunities
Events, Offers
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. — Martin Luther King, Jr.
NYC – Tucson – San Francisco – Amsterdam   Online – Kids Write – Hudson.

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On January 19th, 2017 at 5:30PM in each time zone across the country, inspired by the tradition of leaving a “ghost light” on in a darkened theater, artists and communities – and all of us at PF – will gather outside theaters to creae a “light ” for dark times ahead, and to make or renew a pladge to stand and protect the values of inclusion, participation, and compassion for everyone,regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Please join us!

In San Francisco, we’ll gather outside A.C.T.’s Geary Theater at 5:15pm for a 5:30pm start on the eve of the Presidential Inauguration.


January 19th is a moment of gathering within a larger resistance to intolerance at all levels. We aim to create brave spaces that will serve as lights in the coming years. We aim to activate a network of people across the country working to support vulnerable communities.

Tell us who you are and what you fight for!


Share your sign on social media using
oject #allarewelcome and #bealight


Ana here’s the Facebook event to share:


Playwrights Foundation uses Vendini for ticketing, marketing, and box office management.Playwrights Foundation – 1616 16th st, Ste 350, San Francisco, CA, 94103, (415) 626-2176
Vendini, Inc. – 660 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, 1 (800) 901-7173


View as a web page.

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Neil Bernstein Artist- AMERICA: 9-11 Art Show Opening

Neil Bernstein Artist- AMERICA: 9-11 Art Show Opening

“AMERICA-9.11 !” “PRESIDENT TRUMP CHECKS THE PLA” FLAG SERIES CREATIVE DEPT OF DEFENSE Begin Friday 13th January 2017 ESPRESSO ART 924 E University Ave Tucson, Arizona 85719 6pm


“PRESIDENT TRUMP CHECKS THE PLA 2017” Navy Distress Flag, PTSD Veterans blood,  TRUMP campaign sign, American Muscle Car (68′ Shelby-Bullit GT) paint, Air Force DD-979 Hazard Tag on canvas fixed to flag.



“ARRANCAR-THE PROMISED LAND FOR THE PEOPLE” Educational centerpiece from THE NEW JERSEY CENTER FOR THE VISUAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Telemundo, Univision, PBS-“Golden Gates Bridge Over Troubled Borders Immigration Gateways to U.S.)







THE NEW LINCOLN VETERANS MEMORIAL will be at the opening for Veterans to sign

click link to see real veterans back to WWII tell their remarkable stories!


PRESS CONTACT:  929-286-3640

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Mattie Lennon Irish Author- FIELDS OF RYE


                                                                          By Mattie Lennon.

  Des Garvin was born and reared in the townland of Shrataggle, County Mayo.  In his recently published book “Fields of Rye”, he uses Shrataggle as a blackboard to illustrate life in all of rural Ireland in the last century and before.

   Traditional music was always one of his passions and he has been a leading light in Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireannn for many decades.   Involved in Peace Groups in Northern Ireland for thirty years his leadership ability became evident as a young teenager.  When Rural  Electrification was introduced to his native heath  the Ground Rents proposed by the ESB was exorbitant. He tells us, “ . . . the ground rent on our house was calculated at £15and that was payable every two months. Today, that is roughly the equivalent of €290, and it was extortion plain and simple.”

   It was highly unlikely that any of  Des’s neighbours would sign up. Out of economic necessity there were forced to say no.  Tony Blair said that the art of leadership is to say no but Des wouldn’t agree.

   The young boy from Strataggle convinced all and sundry to say “yes”  despite the  outrageous price quoted,  “ at least until the lines arrived in the village.”  The result? The ESB was left with no choice but to join the village to the network.  As luck would have it, between the beginning of the project and the houses of Shrataggle being connected the government of the day introduced a subsidy which reduced the ground rent to £2 every two months. The island of Inishlyre, in Clew Bay, County Mayo, was only connected to the national grid in September 2000. Obviously they didn’t ever have a young Des Garvin living there!

   An in-depth genealogical analysis of Garvins, O’Malleys,  Cormacks,  Gilroys and every other family that inhabited Des’s part of Mayo for centuries is a collector’s item.  A photo gallery of 157 images contains pictures – including   “ The Bridge at Sharaggle and Last Rick of Hay”-  that would, otherwise, have been lost but are now moments frozen in time and recorded  for posterity.

  97 year-old   Catherine Garvin, from  Shrataggle, has  been living in New York since 1939.  She educated herself and had a very successful  career in the travel trade and later the legal and banking business. She was one of 40 travel agents on board, in April 1958, when Aer Lingus introduced its trans-Atlantic service with the Seaboard Super Constellation.   A few months ago Des interviewed her for his book. She told him of how she attended secretarial school after arriving in New York and became proficient in shorthand and typing.  ( And . . . whether cutting turf in Mullach Padda Bhain or negotiating with people who were key figures  in the Good Friday agreement, Des Garvin would leave no stone unturned .)  He gave the Shrataggle  nonagenarian  a sentence and asked her to reproduce it in Pitman shorthand .  She produced the result, ” . . .in moments.”

   The author doesn’t go overboard in blowing the trumpet of his own family. Although he does point out that his aunt Anne, who worked as a cook in the Royal Victoria Club in Leeds,  was responsible for introducing chips and Yorkshire pudding to Shrataggle.

  Some years ago  Cllr Joe Mellett, , said of John Healy, that other great writer from Mayo : “He’s a guy that we can associate with especially in bad times. He made the rest of the country aware of what was happening then.”   The comment also describes Des Garvin. Wren-boys, Cillins, Missioners, blasting with gelignite , illicit distilling and travelling shows  feature. It’s all there.

   In my working days Des  was my boss for a number of years  and  am I  glad that I didn’t ever cross swords with him. What would be the point of taking on somebody who, when barely out of short trousers, convinced a stubborn rural community to take action against a semi- State body that would result in an 87% reduction in ground rents?

      Details of “Fields of Rye are  on;

Mattie Lennon

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Mattie Lennon Irish Author- HELLO

 Mattie Lennon

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