Alan Puckett Author Poet – SECOND MONDAY IN MAY

Second Monday in May

by Alan Puckett

After two years, Fridays still feel good
Conditioned response, I guess
Now it’s the second Monday in May
And warm already
Phone off, I walk along the water
My eyes are going, so I drink in
All I can, while I can
No time for chatter

Those of us who cannot find work
In this time of “full employment”
Despite (or because of?) our years of experience
Walk briskly
Some stick to the paved path
Others prefer the dusty trail closer to the water
It requires more of us—we have to watch our step
But who wants to stay on the sidewalk, really?
A few make eye contact and share a smile
Others wear earbuds and carefully avoid looking
Anywhere but straight ahead

No headset for me
I like to hear the birds
And can always turn on the noisebox
Back at home
Listen to the braying ass
Whom most of us voted against
Again proclaim his own greatness
But why would I want to hear that?
We all know he lies like a cowpie

Bald eagle on a rock, beset by crows
Eyes the skyline across the bay
Last summer I saw one take a duck
Right off the water, just about here actually
The duck and I were both surprised
You never know, huh?

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One response to “Alan Puckett Author Poet – SECOND MONDAY IN MAY

  1. Michaela Robertson

    That is great!

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