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Opening the Akashic Records
Meet Your Record Keepers and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose
Maureen St. Germain offers a simple manual of precise instructions for accessing the Akashic Records, tuning to your Akashic Record Keepers, and confirming the accuracy of the information you receive. She also explains how to become initiated into the 5D mindset and how to ask your Record Keepers questions.
$16.00 (US) • Paperback • 176 pages • 20 b&w illustrations
Witchcraft and Secret Societies of Rural England
The Magic of Toadmen, Plough Witches, Mummers, and Bonesmen
Drawing on scholarly research and personal contacts, Nigel Pennick describes the secret rites, folk customs, and magical traditions of guilds and rural fraternities of the British Isles, such as the Shoemakers, Horsemen, Plough Witches, Free Gardeners, Toadmen, Mummers, and Bonesmen, revealing how these secret traditions still live on.
$16.99 (US) • Paperback  • 224 pages • 60 b&w illustrations
Natural Compresses and Poultices
Safe and Simple Folk Medicine Treatments for 70 Common Conditions
Christopher Vasey explains how to use the hands-on natural healing method of compresses and poultices for 70 common ailments. He details how to apply the treatment hot or cold, where to apply it, and for how long. He also discusses why these remedies are effective for acute as well as chronic conditions.
$14.99 (US) • Paperback • 144 pages • 6 b&w illustrations
Living a Life of Harmony
Seven Guidelines for Cultivating Peace and Kindness
In our very busy world it’s easy to get lost in the details and demands of everyday living. With these 7 simple yet powerful guidelines, Darren Cockburn reveals how to find balance and harmony in our overloaded world as well as cultivate a peaceful mind and spread kindness and compassion.
$16.99 (US) • Paperback • 192 pages
Shamanic Alchemy
The Great Work of Inner Transformation
Revealing the connections between shamanism and alchemy, Endredy recasts the 7 stages of the alchemical “Great Work” as a transformative shamanic journey and initiatic experience. He provides instructions for 18 shamanic alchemical practices for inner transformation and explores the healing art of spagyrics as well as recipes for basic tinctures and “plant-stones.”
$18.00 (US) • Paperback • 288 pages • 40 b&w illustrations
Instructions for Spiritual Living
Providing instructions to guide one’s development on the spiritual path, Paul Brunton explores the process of emotional purification and offers transformative wisdom to help learn and grow from the challenges that arise as you develop spiritually. He also explains how to break free from the ego, follow your intuition, and tap into inner inspiration.
$16.99 (US) • Paperback • 256 pages • 1 b&w photograph
Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine
Creativity, Ecstasy, and Healing
Exploring the connection between feminine consciousness and altered states, the contributors investigate the feminine qualities of the psychedelic self. They explore the female roots of shamanism, goddess consciousness, how altered states tap into the female archetype, feminist psychedelic activism, and embodied paths to ecstasy. Includes contributions from Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage, Carl Ruck, and others.
$19.99 (US) • Paperback • 368 pages • Includes 16-page color insert
Healing Body Meditations
Healing Body Meditations
“We all know what it feels like when our thoughts flit restlessly around worries. Meditation can help us to calm the inner swarm—or storm—by taking us back to a simple awareness of being.”
Read the Full Excerpt Here
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OR Books – Book Sale Catalog Events About OR Books

MAY DAY SALE: 50% off EVERYTHING! Offer ends on Sunday*

Welcome to OR Books

A radical, exciting response to Amazonian hegemony. —Dazed

OR Books is a new type of publishing company. It embraces progressive change in politics, culture and the way we do business. More


April 26, 2019“ I doubt there’s another journalist quite like her. Even the valiant Marie Colvin had a fixed address in London. Not only that, but Fernández’s prose is so incisive, pithy, powerful, and often funny, I feel like an interloper when trying to convey her words using my own.”—Counterpunch on BELÉN FERNÁNDEZ’s EXILE

April 24, 2019“ Tackling contentious questions about rock and pop music, forcing us to look deeper into our relationship with music; how we shape it, and how it shapes us.” —Showcase on SETH KAUFMAN’s METAPHYSICAL GRAFFITI

April 19, 2019“ You’ll find yourself plunged into the contradictions and swirling through the vortex where that question—what is the law?—is on everyone’s mind all the time.” —Portside on MICHAEL STEVEN SMITH’s LAWYERS FOR THE LEFT

April 18, 2019“This is hardcore, down-dirty travel and travel writing. A personal  Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. A new and powerful form of nonfiction, a primer.” —The Eurasia Review on BELÉN FERNÁNDEZ’ EXILE

April 5, 2019“Like a con man who can lift a wallet in the middle of a melee, Trump thrived amid the chaos” —MATT TAIBBI, author of HATE INC. on Russiagate and Trump’s weaponizing of disarrayed media in Rolling Stone



CBD! 3D cover

in spite of you cover

a year inside ms-13 cover

Hate Inc cover

exile cover

the black consciousness reader cover

people get ready cover

exile cover

the hidden history of the balfour declaration cover

dream or nightmare cover

A New hope for mexico cover

pride cover

truth will prevail cover

against trump cover

the enchanted prince cover


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