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Neil Bernstein Tweets Mexico USA Border Art

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  2. C.I.A. Communications Operant signs “The Great Wall (Ark) of The United States” at University of Arizona

  3. University Professor Discusses C.I.A., Congress for Cultural Freedom, WPA and Butterflys with “Great Wall-Ark of The USA”

  4. University Professors sign “Great Wall Ark of USA”! Creative Department of Defense

  5. Cold War Patriot Missile Vets sign “Great Wall-Ark”

  6. Asians and Cowboys Sign “The Great Wall-Ark of The US” Together. Re-Unite America! Creative Department of Defense-On YOUR Side

  7. “Great Wall-Ark of U.S.A.” Calling For U.S. Unity on National Television. Creative Department of Defense

  8. Virginia Patrioy Signs “The People’s Wall-Ark”

  9. Asians and Cowboys Sign “The Great Wall-Ark of The United States” Rolling Petition For Unity! Creative Department of Defense

  10. Censored Video Returns! Called “Politically Dangerous” by Police ☆☆☆ Creative Department of Defense Comedy

  11. “The Great Wall-(ARK) of The United States of America ” Launched from U.S. Border and graffitied by The People ☆☆☆☆☆

  12. Direct From The US Border Crisis! “The American Ride”

  13. “THE GREAT WALL (Ark)☆ of The United States of America ” is now under construction at the Arizona Border! …Creative Department of Defense loves Our Great Nation…

  14. I liked a video The American Ride

  15. NBC, Telemundo, Univision NEWS: Vandals Attack Immigration Bridges at US-Mexico Border!

  16. NBC, Telemundo..IMMIGRATION NEWS: Tombstone Marshall On US-Mexico Immigration Bridges by 9/11 Artist

  17. Immigration Bridges by 9/11 Artist Destroyed at US Border

  18. 9/11 Artists Immigration Bridges Cause Vigilante War at U. S. Border # Trump

  19. Controversial Latino Immigration Art caused vigilante war at U.S.-Mexico border.

  20. Architects Immigration Water Bridge Sculpture Starts Vigilante War at U.S.-Mexico Border

  21. Cold War Veterans Morning Coffee ” Creative Department of Defense at Fort Wachucca Arizona

  22. This Land is Our Land… Thanks Dan. Creative Department of Defense

  23. WWII Piolet Bombed Nazi Germany in 1944.signs Lincoln Veterans Memorial Bernstein architect

  24. These colors don’t fade. Creative Department of Defense shirts now available

  25. America is burning ” California Bound

  26. Before, during and after 9/11/2001. Creative Department of Defense. Protecting American Culture since 1976.

  27. WWII and Korea Veterans signing Lincoln Veterans Memorial . President Trump signs $200 million dollar VA funding.

  28. Remembering our Friends in Huston. Loma, Bart Trotter

  29. Remember Berlin. Creative Department of Defense Eastern Europe

  30. Washington DC verses California. The New American Culture War is On!

  31. “Reunite America” Rock now on tour Creative Department of Defense

  32. President Trump “Checks China” 10′ x 14′ 2017#checks

  33. “Hashtag Hollywood ” paintings cause upset during Emmys

  34. Hashtag Hollywood” military operations paintings cause upset in California

  35. NBC News : Hurricane Art Hits Louisiana

  36. Providing and protecting American Culture since 1976. Creative Department of Defense thanks WWII Veteran Colonel Larry Farnum.

  37. Disaster Artist

  38. Controversial 9/11 debris, political and intelligence works in Los Angeles. See entire exhibit

  39. American Culture Machine gets wings… Creative Department of Defense

  40. Dangerous Art Critique calls “Erasure of culture”…Creative Department of Defense

  41. Dangerous Art Critique “Erasure of culture”…Creative Department of Defense

  42. Live From Nogales “Something For White People To Think About Comedy” Creative Department of Defense Mexican Border

  43. Dangerous Art Critique at Tucson Museum of Art. Creative Department of Defense

  44. Remember The Iron Curtain America. Creative Department of Defense Eastern Bloc Europe 1976-2003

  45. Remember demolition of The Iron Curtain. Creative Department of Defense Eastern Bloc Europe Top Secret and Engineers operations 1976-1990

  46. Remember The Iron Curtain Commander.

  47. Remember The Iron Curtain My Demovan

  48. Remember The 1 Kilometer Zone America. Creative Department of Defense Europe

  49. NBC, Telemundo News: Immigration Bridge Sculpture causes Vigilante Violence at Arizona Border

  50. NBC, Telemundo,; US Mexico Immigration Bridge Sculpture Causes Nazi Violence On Border

  51. Telemundo News: Mexico Immigration Bridge Sculpture Causes Violence At US Border

  52. America On Fire New Rock Opera

  53. I added a video to a playlist Copy of NEIL BERNSTEIN ARCHITECT immigration water U.S. MEXICO BORDER

  54. I added a video to a playlist NEIL BERNSTEIN ARCHITECT immigration water U.S. MEXICO BORDER GOLDEN

  55. I added a video to a playlist NEIL BERNSTEIN ARCHITECT immigration water U.S. MEXICO BORDER GOLDEN

  56. Immigration Bridge Sculpture Causes Violence at Arizona Border

  57. NBC News, Telemundo: “US-Mexico Gold Border Bridges Artworks Cause Vigilante War in Arizona

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Odyssey Storytelling – Heroes & Villains have face off

Odyssey Storytelling <>
Apr 26 at 11:10 AM

Next Show: Heroes & Villains
Thursday, May 2nd, 7pm
Sea of Glass Center for the Arts
330 E. 7th Street, Tucson AZ 85705

Heroes & Villains have faced off since the beginning of recorded history. Moses and Pharaoh, Beowulf and Grendel, Batman and The Joker, SpongeBob and Plankton; we love’em, we hate’em. Sometimes a single character can be a hero to some, and a villain to others. Do you know or have a hero? Do you know, or are you a villain? Has your life ever been impacted by one or the other? Let’s hear all about it at Heroes & Villains.

Curated by Steve Braun

$10 General / $7 Students
7-9pm Doors open at 6:30


Ryan Bravin
Pat Davis
Terry Ahearn
A.J. Flick
Shanin Williams
Ana Gastin
Molly McCloy

For more information and bios, visit

Buy Tickets

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Odyssey Storytelling – Tucson

Buy Tickets Now

Odyssey Podcast!
Now you can listen to Odyssey Stories from our recent shows and archives!

2019 Dates and Themes

January 3 – Magical

February 7 – Red Hot

March 7 – Journeys

April 4 – Extra

May 2 – Heroes and Villains

June 6 – Dissent

July 11 – Fireworks

August 1 – Half-Baked

September 5 – Disaster

October 3 – Spirits

November 7 – Second Chances

December 5 – Chill

Would you like to be a storyteller for one of these themes?
Email us – –  with your story idea and a brief bio!

Thank you for all that you do to keep our community connected.  We look forward to seeing you at the shows.

Odyssey Storytelling:
Creating Connections One Story at a Time


Support Our Work

Your donations have helped us continue this work of bringing live storytelling to Southern Arizona since 2004.  Thank you for your continued support.  Odyssey Storytelling is a project of StoryArts Group, a 501c(3) Non-Profit Arts Organization.

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http://www.odysseystorytelling.comOur mailing address is:
PO Box 40422
Tucson, AZ 85717

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Mattie Lennon Irish Author – SENSLESS CENSORS


By  Mattie Lennon

Flann O Brien had a burning ambition to have at least one of his books banned. When he invented the character Fr Kurt Fahrt he said, “  The name will cause holy bloody ructions. It will lead to wirepulling behind the scenes here to have the book banned as obscene.”           But the book wasn’t banned, which brings me to sensors.

It has been said that every editor should have a brother who is a pimp. To give him (the editor that is) somebody to look up to.  Should every censor have a similar sibling?

There is a World Day Against Cyber censorship. It is celebrated every year on the twelfth of  March. (Next Tuesday.)  Should there be a world Day against the other sort of censors?     My namesake,  the critic Michael Lennon wrote that Ulysses was,” . Not so much pornographic as physically unclean……” I am not in a position to agree with or contradict him. Because despite numerous attempts over the years I have not yet got to Molly Bloom’s “Yes I said yes I will yes.”   Of course contrary to popular belief  Ulysses wasn’t ever officially banned in Ireland   so  ninety-seven years after its publication I can’t blame the censor for my lack of erudition in that area.

However, though I am reluctant to use the word “victim”,   for more than three score years I have

been a soft touch for “censors” of various hues.  Although in most cases I took Sam Goldwyn’s advice to, “Don’t even ignore them.”

As a bus inspector I once submitted a report on a complaint from an irate passenger.  I had transcribed, verbatim, his objection which included many expletives, known in polite society as “the vernacular of the soldier.”  My Divisional Manager asked me to change the wording,   explaining, “I can’t ask the girls to type that. “

As   fifteen year old,  due to strict parental supervision, I was obliged to devour the exploits of The Ginger Man,  Sebastian Balfe Dangerfield , and his fantasies about Miss Frost,   in the semi-darkness of the cow-house in remote  west Wicklow.  While “the shelves of Patrick Kavanagh’s library” were the hedges of his small farm at Shankaduff my book collection  was kept on   the wall-plates of a thatched byre  which lacked diurnal illumination  By the time I got my hands on “Goodbye to the Hill” a neighbour had moved out, his cottage was empty and I could savour the carryings on of Paddy Maguire around Ranelagh and Rathmines  in relative comfort.

A wise man once said that if you want something to last for ever you should either carve it in stone or write a song about it. Although I grew up within spitting distance of Ballyknockan granite quarries I am no stone-cutter.  But I did on  occasions make a feeble effort to record local happening in ill metred verse. Court cases were threatened more than once  but , sadly,didn’t materialise . And before you ask .  . . I haven’t ever been prosecuted under the Obscene Publications act.

My verbosity didn’t escape censure either. My olfactory organ, you will have noticed,  has a Grecian bend. And what, you may well ask ,has that got to do with censors?  I didn’t acquire my nasal fracture through walking into a wall, falling down, or being hit accidently. No. It happened in Blessington  fifty-five  years ago when a civic-minded man, head-butted me on the grounds that I had been using un- parliamentary language in the company of females. The ultimate in censorship I think you will agree.

When my one-act Play,  “A Wolf by the Ears” was staged by an amateur drama group in Kildare the producer removed just one line. “In case there would be somebody sinsitive in the hall “, he said.

I have no way of knowing when I will be finished with censors but I know when it started. I was eight years old and it was 1954. The year that Sean O Faolain was commenting on the powers that were and their criticism of crossroad, dancing,  V-necks, silk stockings and late dances.  To this list of debauchery was added mixed bathing and advertisements for female underwear. And either close dancing or bikinis was a passport to Hell.  One Sunday my  mother arrived home from first Mass with news. The curate, in a stentorian voice only a few decibels below that of a Redemptorist  Missioner had warned the congregation against “turning over the pages of the rags of Fleet Street.”   Despite her less than perfect eyesight  my poor mother managed the decipher the small print on the back pages of my Beano and Dandy which showed that they were printed  at D. C. Thompson’s outpost in Fleet Street. Dennis the Menace and The Bash Street Kids weren’t actually banned from the house but my father reckoned it was “the thin end of the wedge.” 

My parents were unanimous in their belief that the relatively young Curate was well qualified to set the moral compass for the youth of west Wicklow. And why wouldn’t he; wasn’t his father a Guard in Bray?

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