The Writers Studio -Writing Classes, Philip Schultz will welcome guest Alice Quinn, former poetry editor of The New Yorker and Executive Director of the Poetry Society of America

The Writers Studio
The Original School of Creative Writing and Thinking, est. 1987
If You Have Taken Time Off
Return To Writing 

Take the class you qualified for when you left, or return to the level that feels most comfortable. Register for a winter class here. And please use the discount.
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$15 Off Winter 8-Week Writing Classes 
Use Coupon Code: create18
Register here.
Discount must be taken at time of registration online or by phone (212) 255-7075, may not be combined with any other offer, expires 12/20/18.
You May Give A Writers Studio Gift

class, partial credit towards a class, some selections from the Craft Class Archive, atutorial consultation, or a full tutorial. Write to Liz Kingsley <> administrative director, and she will make your gift-giving dreams come true.
For People New To The Writers Studio
Online Level 1
Our Online Level I workshop is an introduction to The Writers Studio that brings together students from all over the U.S. and the world to explore the myriad possibilities of narrative in fiction, poetry and memoir. Every aspect of the workshop — the weekly typed chat, the posting of assignments and critiques, and informal discussion — takes place in our dedicated online classroom, which is easy to use. Students form a supportive writing community over the course of the eight-week class and receive feedback from their peers and professional teacher every week.

Online Level 1 starts 12/11.  More info and registration here. <4 spots open>
Online Level 1 starts 1/7, info and registration here. ❤ spots open>
Online Level 1 starts 1/19, info and registration here. <half-full>
Online Level 1 starts 1/13, info and registration here. <New section. Chat meets Sundays 11 AM in New York/ 4 PM in London>

Online Advanced PoetryStudents at this level are writing poetry with an increased focus on creating an individual voice and emotional richness. The exercises include a range of free and traditional verse, as well as traditional forms like the sonnet, villanelle, sestina, and pantoum. Many students are finishing exercises and publishing poetry in literary journals and anthologies.
Open to students who have completed Level II or upon the recommendation of the teacher.

Poets who have an MFA in poetry and/or have published in several recognizable journals may apply for a spot in this class. If you are new to The Writers Studio, please contact Rachael Nevins at to apply for this class.
Online Advanced Poetry starts 1/7.
More info and registration here.

For New And Continuing Students
Online Over-50
If you’re 50 or older and write — or want to write — fiction, poetry or memoir, this online workshop is for you. This class meets online once a week for six weeks.
Online Over-50 Workshop starts 12/4.
More info and registration here. ❤ spots open>
For Students Continuing Or Returning To The Writers Studio
More Online Classes Starting Soon

Online Level 2 starts 1/7 and 1/8.  More info and registration here.
Online Level 3 starts 1/9, info and registration here.
Online Advanced Poetry starts 1/7, info and registration here.

For NYC Area People New To The Writers Studio
NYC Level 1

In NYC Level 1, our short weekly exercises are designed to stimulate students’ imaginations while also teaching a lot of nuts-and-bolts narrative strategies. Students learn that a narrative voice is born out of conscious creation and is not merely the voice we use when speaking or keeping a journal. We encourage students to turn autobiographical fragments into publishable work by using different narrative personas to tell their story in fiction, poetry, or memoir.

NYC Level 1 starts 12/3 ❤ spots open>. More info and registration here. 
Brooklyn Level 1 starts 1/9 <half-full>. More info and registration here. 
For more January NYC Level 1 start dates, click here.

More NYC Classes
NYC Level 2 starts 1/7 and 1/9. More info and registration here.
NYC Level 3 with Lesley starts 12/5. More info and registration here.
NYC Level 3 with Doris starts 12/12. More info and registration here.
NYC Level 4 with Lesley starts 12/5. More info and registration here.
Reading Time
Winter Craft Class Starts December 4
This session, Philip Schultz will welcome guest Alice Quinn, former poetry editor of The New Yorker and Executive Director of the Poetry Society of America, to discuss her career editing, publishing, and writing about poetry.

Alice Hatcher, will discuss her novel, The Wonder That Was Ours, in a Craft Class led by Renee Bibby and recorded in Tucson. Alice will talk about how her novel grew out exercises she did while she was a student in The Writers Studio Tucson.

The full reading list is here. If you are enrolled in a winter workshop or plan to take one, register at a discount here. If you are taking the Craft Class without a winter workshop, register here.

Please Use It 
$15 Off Winter 8-Week Writing Classes 
Use Coupon Code: create18        Register here.
Discount must be taken at time of registration online or by phone (212) 255-7075, may not be combined with any other offer, expires 12/20/18.
e Friends of Heraclitus
by Charles Simic. Listen to the poet read the poem here.
Opportunities for Writers
Vestal Review
Flash Fiction
“Launched in March of 2000, Vestal Review is the world’s oldest magazine dedicated exclusively to flash fiction.”  Currently seeking Flash Fiction written by immigrants and also by everyone else. Deadline 11/30. Details here.

Borrowed Solace

Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction
We are looking for fiction that artfully tells a story and reveals truths about humanity….We are looking for artful and thought provoking poetry that makes us fall in love with language all over again….We are looking for creative nonfiction that tells a true story in a unique and creative way.  Make us want to keep reading!”
No deadline. Details here.

Burningword Literary Journal
Flash Fiction, Flash Nonfiction, Poetry
“We’re a collection of independent writers and visual artists looking to explore the (seemingly empty) space between ourselves and the other, whether it be another person, the natural world or maybe even another plane of existence.”
Deadline 12/5. Details here.

The Anderson Center
Retreat For Writers And Artists
“As a fully accredited member of the Alliance of Artists Communities….the Anderson Center provides retreats of two to four weeks duration from May through October each year to enable artists, writers, and scholars of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment to create, advance, or complete works-in-progress.” Deadline 2/15/19. More about the center in Red Wing, MN here. Application details here.

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