Deena Remiel-Sizzling Summer Reads!

Sizzling Summer Reads!


Gavin and Nora both know from past experience that breaking their own rules ends in tears, but sometimes breaking the rules feels so good. Will they be able to control themselves, or will they surrender to their desires and live with the consequences, however disastrous those consequences might be?

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I can’t control myself when I’m near her…
She’s too perfect.

Her body’s too banging.

She was too ready to take my full length.

She was ready at a moment’s notice.

But there was one problem…

Tasting her could ruin my career.

It would definitely ruin my reputation.

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way… and a psychopath.

James White’s life could be called glamorous by some, or a fairytale by others. He’s just grateful for good genes and a sharp mind for business. Both have launched him to the top of the publishing industry as a much sought-after cover model and entrepreneur, right into the spotlight for grand opportunities and unforeseen dangers.
Those opportunities will have to wait, as James finds himself targeted by the wrath of a spurned co-worker. He’s dealt with overzealous models in the past, but this time is different. She is different, special. One might say… supernaturally gifted. To him, her talents are a curse; her revenge, evil and deadly.
Playing a hero on a book cover is one thing, but can he be one for real when the life of the woman he loves, as well as his own, are on the line? 

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